A magical love story Update Thursday 8 July 2021

A magical love story 8 July 2021: The Episode starts with Roshni scolding Aman. She says next time, you think of your respect before calling you, else you will get insulted. She leaves. Aman turns into a devil. Dadi asks him to calm his anger. He stays normal. Roshni comes home and hugs Salma. She cries and says everyone just see the past, not present, if you don’t have money, anyone can insult you, when I have my own bakery, everyone will respect us. Salma says yes, tell me what happened there. Roshni says nothing, we won’t talk about that man again. She goes. Aman asks Parveen to talk, nothing will happen to her.

They see Parveen’s pic burning and disappearing. Dadi says we have to call Tabeezi and show all this right now. She calls Tabeezi and asks her to come fast. Tabeezi asks how can I come so soon. Dadi asks her to come from some door. Tabeezi gets the magical door and chants. She enters the door and comes to Aman’s house. Aman looks on.He asks what’s happening with my mum. Tabeezi says your mum is dying. He says there would be any way. She says just you can save her, you need to marry Ayana. Dadi says Ayana had come here, we had sprinkled water on Parveen by her hands, but it couldn’t help us. Tabeezi says she needs to become part of this family, Jinn’s powers will get high, if Aman doesn’t marry Ayana, then this house will face many problems, you need to marry Ayana before sunset. Aman says no, I can’t marry Ayana. Tabeezi says your hatred for Ayana doesn’t matter, your love for Parveen matters, think again.

She leaves. He recalls Parveen and comes to Roshni. He sees Roshni’s mehendi going on. He sees Roshni and Sameer’s wedding invite. He meets Sameer. Sameer asks how can I help.Aman says just refuse to marry Roshni. Sameer laughs and asks him to go with his broken heart. Aman says its about someone’s life and death, please understand, I need to marry her. Sameer asks him to get out. Aman says if I don’t marry Roshni, then my mum will die. Sameer says if I don’t marry Roshni, then I will die, we love each other, please go. Aman sits in the car. A lady comes and asks is Sameer marrying again. He asks what, is he married. She says yes, he even has a child.

Aman sees Sameer with his wife and son. Dadi calls him and says Parveen will die if the signs reach her head. She worries seeing Parveen. Aman comes back to Roshni. Salma asks him to just leave. Aman says I came here to save Roshni’s life, that guy is married.Salma says so what, he is a rich guy, Roshni will be happy, she knows it, she is so happy, Sameer gave much money to marry Roshni, he is passing her bakery loans also, its good if she marries a rich guy, he promised to leave his wife and son after marrying Roshni. Aman gets angry. Salma asks him to just leave. Salma makes him out. He gets Dadi’s call. He says don’t worry, nothing will happen to mum, I m going to marry Roshni. Dadi asks where are you. Sameer arrives with baraat. He says Roshni’s baraat has come. Dadi asks is she getting married. He says yes. Dadi says we have to find some other way, we can’t break her relation. Aman says her relation is only with money, she is marrying a married man just for money, she is a house breaker. Dadi cries. Aman says I m just doing this for my mum.

Farah saying Roshni, the baraat has come. Roshni says just two mins. She gets shocked seeing the magical doorway appearing. Aman comes in. Roshni gets shocked. He calls Baazigar. Roshni shouts. He chants the spell. He says you can shout, your voice won’t go out, try more if you want. She tries to run. She gets shocked seeing the magic. Aman turns the windows into walls. Roshni worries. He takes her into the door. Farah comes to call her. Aman gets Roshni somewhere. She asks what do you want. He says you have to marry me right now. She says I have to marry Sameer, its my mum’s dream, don’t break it, don’t go magic, I will go. He stops her. He says your tears don’t matter to me, I know your and your mum’s truth. She asks what truth do you want, you call yourself decent, its not decency to kidnap a girl and force her to marry. He says I m rich and can get away with you, I can do anything.

She says even I can do anything. He asks what. She hits a stone at him and runs. He jumps over the car and runs to reach her. She hides behind the car. He calls Baazigar and chants spell to lift the cars up. Roshni gets shocked. Farah says Roshni isn’t in her room. Salma worries. Sameer comes. He asks what happened. She says Roshni isn’t in her room. He gets angry and throws sehra. He scolds Salma. He says you won’t get any money, I will come back to take revenge. Aman asks Roshni to come to him. She gets scared. She signs no. He starts dropping the cars. She goes to him. He says I have no work to waste, you want money. She signs no. He says just reach to the location, I will give you a blank cheque, write any amount with extra zero, I don’t take anything for free, I pay its price.

She asks what if I don’t come. He says you can’t reject this offer, I know you will come. He goes. Roshni packs her bags and says that guy is a Jinn, not a human, we shall leave fast. Salma says don’t make stories, tell me, where did you do, I feel I did a mistake to get you home, you didn’t think about me. Roshni says we won’t stay here, that guy is after me, he said he can do anything, he wants to marry me, he said he will give me blank cheque, I can write any amount on it. Salma says how will I get another relation, you will get defamed. She faints. Roshni rushes her to the hospital. Roshni cries. Doctor comes and says I think its a heart attack, deposit 50000rs for the treatment. She thinks to sell her bangles.

She says I will arrange money in some time. She goes and sees people throwing things out of her house. Roshni says stop. Landlord says you have run away from the wedding, you can’t stay here now. She locks the door and goes. Roshni looks for her bangle in the bags. She doesn’t get it. She recalls Aman’s words. Aman comes home and does a magic to get the cheque signed. He recalls Roshni. Roshni asks doctor to start the treatment, she will pay money by tomorrow. He says fine, you should pay it by morning. She thanks him. She cries for Salma. Aman thinks I m doing this for my mum.

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