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Curse of the sands 9 July 2021: Sia wakes up Ram. She wears a helmet to hide her face. Ram gets angered seeing her. He says just you can do this, let me sleep, just go. She pulls the curtains and says sorry, I will do something.

He says you broke my sleep, you will stand here as curtain until I sleep. She stands there to block sunlight. He asks her to stand there until he says. He sleeps. He gets up. She removes helmet and moves aside. He asks are you mad. She says sorry and runs. He asks her to stop. She says forgive me, I did a mistake. He runs after her. She slips and holds him. They fall down the stairs. Mohini comes there. Ram complains about Sia. He says Kali will make me mad. Mohini says relax, I will explain her, sit here, I will get a drink for you. Ram feels restless. Mohini doesn’t find any alcohol.

She asks her team to find alcohol. She says don’t know where did scotch bottles disappear. Ram slaps her. He scolds her and calls her useless.
Mohini gets angry. Sia looks on. Mohini says I can arrange alcohol by magic, but he doesn’t like it. She orders the scotch and says it will take two days, I have to make sure that he always stays drunk, I will not tolerate if he goes out of my hands. Sia says I will make Ram quit drinking. Sia is sleeping. Vanraj comes there and sees her sleeping. He thinks of Sia and his moments. He smiles and lies beside her. Mai tumhara….plays… Sia recalls Mohini’s words and wakes up. She gets worried and goes. Vanraj hides from her. Sia goes to spy on Mohini. Mohini gives food to Devki in the secret door and then locks it. She goes. Sia hides and thinks who is inside, I don’t see anyone there.

Vanraj sees his dad. He says I m coming from the jungle. His dad says I m worried for Sia, this is your madness, you will make Sia land in troubles. Vanraj shouts I won’t let anything happen to Sia. His dad says your love is selfish. Vanraj says I m not pandit like you, I m an animal, I will get what I want. He roars like a tiger. A lady hears his roar and says Vanraj… this tiger has come here, send someone to take care of him. Jhumri says I asked you not to see horror movies, that’s a sack, come and sleep. The lady asks where did Vanraj and his dad go. Jhumri says you control him, I will control Vanraj.

Mohini comes to pacify Ram. Ram asks her to go and get drink for him. Sia looks on. Mohini says I have to do this. She uses her powers and gets alcohol. Sia thinks if Ram drinks this, my hardwork will fail. Ram feels restless. Mohini serves him the drink. He spits it on her face. She asks what did you do. He says I don’t like your magical things, you are Chudail, I m not, go and get alcohol for me that’s meant for humans. She says it won’t come until tomorrow. He scolds her and asks her to get lost. She leaves and cries on her insult. Sia looks on and thinks Ram shouldn’t get alcohol.

Mohini recalling Ram’s anger and crying. Sia says I have to change you into Ram, you just can’t disrespect women, you can’t do this. Pandit ji thinks of Vanraj’s words. He says I tried a lot to explain Vanraj, he didn’t understand, just one person can explain him. Sia says just one person can help me. She gets a call from Raj jyotish/pandit ji. She says I need your help, can you meet me. He says sure, I will wait for you in jungle. Jhumri hides and looks on. Pandit meets Sia. He tells how evil powers take on a person, if Ram stays in senses, he will get his memory back. Sia says I have two days to make Ram quit drinking, Mohini has ordered alcohol for him, I need your help. He says sorry, its impossible, I can’t help you. She tells him about Mohini.

He says it means Daima and Ranisa are there, its Chudail’s magic, you have to go there with some Chudail then you can meet Daima and Ranisa. She agrees. She asks what did you want to talk to me. He says Vanraj told me that you risked your life to save Jhumri’s life, I want to thank you. She says no, its my duty to save my people. She leaves.

He says sorry, I couldn’t tell you truth about Vanraj, you are already worried. Mohini beats her aides. She asks where did all the bottles go when there is such a tight security, Rana is taunting me again and again, I wish I was a human, I would have been with my Rana. Ram comes downstairs and breaks things in anger. He asks for alcohol. Mohini asks him to listen to her. He slaps her and asks her to get his drink. Mohini falls down. He beats others as well. Mohini says we can’t get wine. He says I can’t wait now, I want alcohol. He takes a knife and threatens to kill himself. He stabs himself. Mohini shouts no Rana…. Everyone gets shocked.

They see Sia stopping Ram. Ram scolds her and asks how dare you hold my hand, I will kill her. Sia shows the alchol. He stops and takes it from her. Sia says you don’t need to kill anyone now. He sits drinking. Mohini asks how did you get this wine bottle. Devki says it means she has stolen it. Mohini asks Kali did she steal it.

Sia says yes, forgive me, I was missing my husband and wanted to drink some wine, but I couldn’t, sorry, if I hadn’t given wine to him now then… Mohini sees Ram. She says you did good Kali, else don’t know what would have happened, thanks. She hugs Kali. Devki asks what happened to you, Kali had stolen the wine. Mohini says shut up, she is better than you all, she is useful to me, no one should trouble Kali from now on.

Jhumri tells Vanraj’s mum that Vanraj’s dad met some woman. They cry that their life partners aren’t loyal. They console each other. Ram looks for Mohini. Sia sees him and runs crying. She says I can do anything to make him fine, but I can’t lose you, that’s why I had to give up in front of your stubbornness. Sia goes to him and asks why do you drink so much. He asks her to drink once, then she won’t ask him anything again. He asks her to drink the alcohol. He forcefully makes her drink it. She thinks its better that I finish this, so that you don’t drink it. She drinks the wine. He says stop it, the bottle will get finished. She drinks it all and gets dizzy. He asks are you fine. She falls. He says what did I do. A drawer opens by her dupatta. She gets the gun from it. She points gun at him. He gets shocked. She shoots.

Sia points gun at Ram and asking him to dance. Dil cheez kya….plays… Ram dances on her tunes. He asks her to give the gun back. She goes and locks him. She thinks to take DK and other Chudails to dark room.

She troubles everyone by pointing the gun and throws things. Sia shoots around. DK/fake Devki worries. She beats them and thinks they won’t have any other option than to hide in dark room, then I will get to meet my Daima and Ranisa. Ram knocks the door. He calls out Mohini. She comes and opens the door. He tells her everything. They see everyone in bad state. Mohini asks Sia to give her the gun. Sia doesn’t listen and says I m the best here, not this Chudail, I won’t leave DK. DK runs to secret room.

Ram asks Mohini about the secret chamber. Mohini thinks I can’t tell him, if he sees anyone then. She says nothing, its an old haveli, there are many chambers here, come we will go to room. He says Kali will kill DK. She says don’t worry for them, they are Chudail, they won’t die by Kali’s bullet, Kali can never reach the secret chamber. Sia comes and fights them again. DK thinks to hide inside secret chamber to get saved from mad Kali. DK runs inside.

Sia follows them inside the door. She thinks you all will do some mistake again and take me to Daima. Daima says this girl is amazing. DK says enough, I won’t leave you Kali. Sia pushes DK and shoots at her.

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