A Magical Love story Update Sunday 29 August 2021

A magical love story 29 August 2021: The Episode starts with Aman and Roshni cutting the cake and celebrating. Aman takes care of her. Roshni coughs and asks for water. Aman feeds her water. Chotu asks Locha to give the clips. She says you gifted it to me, I will show it to my friends. He says its not for you. Parveen says I m fine because of the angel who gave me the kidney. Roshni says if you are happy, she will be happy, I mean, we all are happy.

Aman picks a muffin and goes to feed the food to Roshni. He recalls her words. Everyone looks on. Parveen asks when did the best son become the best husband. Roshni says 10 mins back, I m mean he is asking me to eat food since 10 mins. She asks Aman what face is he making. She calls Chotu and tells the same to explain Aman. She says I m feeling very hungry. Aman jokes. Roshni troubles. He feeds her chilli. She screams. Everyone asks what happened. Aman says food is spicy, get water. Roshni says I got tears seeing our love, we should celebrate it. Parveen says yes. Everyone dances happily. Bhaangra paale….plays…. The red moon princess lands on a white moon and walks in. Everyone stops dancing and sees her at the door.

Roshni recalls the guard’s words and says she is red moon princess, what is she doing here. The princess asks did you break red moon. Phupi says we didn’t even break a bulb. Aman says I have done it. Roshni says me too. Shehzadi says you don’t care for it, you knew that my sleep will break if the tower bells ring, even then you have done this. Roshni says we did this for our family, we will do it again if needed. Shehzadi gets angry. She opens arms and hugs them. They get shocked. Shehzadi says thanks, I was in sleep since a thousand years, you freed me from my sleep. Phupi jokes.

Roshni says we did this for our family. Shehzadi asks how can your family hate you. Aman says so you have met Kabir. She says Zehraal made me reach you to punish you. Chotu asks did you come to punish us. Shehzadi smiles and says no, I came to give an advice, my family is protecting red moon, we punish anyone who dares to see it, think what will we do with one who has broken it. Saima asks did you forgive us. Shehzadi says I can stop myself, but others will punish, I can’t stop them, I can’t tell more, but I will help.

Aman says whoever will come will be after us, we broke the red moon, Tabeezi take everyone. Imran says I will go. Roshni says Imran was with us and if anyone attacks him, then family will be in trouble. Imran jokes. Aman asks do you have powers. Imran says no. Aman asks can you fight them. Imran says no, I don’t like blood shed. Aman says that’s why, no one will tell Roshni and Imran’s story. Parveen says we won’t go anywhere. Aman asks what are you saying, I can’t risk your life. Dadi says we can’t leave you alone. Sara says our family is strength. Roshni says we will hide Chotu. Sara says I know a place to keep him safe. She drops Chotu to tuition class. Chotu gets scared seeing a boy. He says I m not safe here. Sara says I spoke to your teacher, you will be safe, go and study. She goes. The boy scares Chotu. Chotu rubs the lamp and calls Locha. Locha is sleeping inside. He asks her to come out.

Shehzadi says attack can happen any time, you have to stay in different rooms. Parveen says we are strong if we are together. Shehzadi asks them to keep an eye around. She drops some light balls. Everyone takes that in hand. She says keep the bubbles with you, they will shine when danger is close, close eyes and hide. Sara asks why. Shehzadi says I don’t have time to say, just do what I say.Shehzadi asking everyone to close eyes when the danger is close. Roshni says your foot print is of moon. Shehzadi says its such foot print of our family. Roshni asks does this moon change size also like real moon, you are so talkative, come. Imran says I think I should be with you. Aman asks did you hear him. Roshni says yes, he is a gentleman, he doesn’t want to leave a girl alone in trouble.

Shehzadi leaves everyone in different rooms. Dadi worries for family. She sees the black clouds. Imran says your face matches with my friend Surbhi Jyoti, she is also beautiful like her name, what’s your name. She says Laila. He says I m Imran, but my friends call me Majnu. She asks him to get silent. She sees the clouds and says it will begin now, just go and close eyes when the stones shine. Imran goes.Saima and Phupi get scared. They see the black clouds. Aman says I m going out. Roshni says Laila asked us not to come. He asks who is Laila. She says red moon princess. She stops him and says Laila made a plan to save us, trust someone if you can’t trust me. Aman says she just woke up from sleep, we shouldn’t put all responsibility on her. She says your male ego is hurt to take help from a girl. He says I believe girls are strong, maybe you are not strong so you are here. They argue. Saima says my stone fell down, I will go and see. She gets the stone and sees its shining. She turns into stone. Phupi gets shocked and shouts. Aman says we have to go out, our family is in danger.

Phupi shouts Aman, come soon. Everyone comes running and sees Saima frozen. Shehzadi/ Laila says the attack has begun. Aman asks how to make her fine. Laila says you have to win this fight. Roshni asks how will we win if we don’t see the enemy. Phupi says I told Saima to close eyes, she didn’t listen. Aman asks her to recall if she has seen anyone. Phupi says no. Roshni says you would remember something. Phupi says I was lying under the table and had closed eyes, I saw some smoke. Laila says this doesn’t matter, he is here…. Aman asks who.

Chotu tries to wake up Laila. The boy bullies him and says no one will come to save you. He throws the lamp. Laila says if attack has happened, then there will be some mark, don’t waste time, come with me. Roshni sees Aman and asks what is he thinking. Aman says nothing. Roshni asks him to say. He says Laila knows who did this and hiding it, I doubt her. Roshni says maybe there is some reason. Laila says we have to find in every corner, I will go and check, where is Aman and Roshni. Imran jokes. Laila says I m going alone, light is my slave, I don’t need any light. Imran says you need some support. Laila asks Phupi to come along. Roshni says I think you should trust Laila, she is helping us, she is a princess. Aman asks is she your childhood friend that you are defending her, I don’t trust her. She says we should go to family first. They see Imran sitting. Aman asks what are you doing. Imran says I m finding clues. Aman jokes on him.

He says Laila has separated the family. Roshni and Imran ask him not to say anything about Laila. Roshni says her nose ring is cute and her swag also. Imran says her maroon dress is nice, she has no attitude. Roshni says some times 5mins are enough to know someone and some times even two years fall short. Phupi asks what are we doing here. Laila says we are finding some clue. Phupi asks who are you. Laila says I m red moon princess. Imran says she is a Mallika. He sings Laila O Laila…. Roshni dances. Aman looks at her. Imran says she is so pretty, when danger was coming, she asked me to go and hide inside cupboard. Aman asks where was she then. Imran says we are not close to hide in same cupboard, maybe she got hidden somewhere else. Aman says it means she wasn’t with you. Roshni asks him not to doubt on her. He says we would have stopped her if she came as enemy, so she came as friend. She says she didn’t attack. He asks who attacked then.

Phupi sees the stone shining and worries. She sees Laila gone. She closes eyes. Someone holds her. Phupi turns and opens eyes. She also turns into stone. Aman hears some sound and asks where is Laila. Imran says Laila is with Phupi in basement. Aman runs. Laila says Phupi has turned into stone. Aman says you were with him. Laila says the attacker is strong, come with me. Aman says I have a plan, Roshni. He says we won’t listen to you now. Laila says just I can protect you. He says enough now. She says I m not your enemy. He says friends don’t have secrets, tell us the truth. She says I can’t say, I can just help. He says I don’t see difference between friendship and enmity. She says I m protecting you. He says we also have powers, we will be together from now.

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