A Magical Love Story Update Monday 5 July 2021

A Magical love story 5 July 2021: The Episode starts with Roshni thinking what is he doing here. She imagines weird things. She asks why are you after me, you are finding new ideas to follow me, its a house of a rich family. He says its my house. She says so what, is there written that none can come there, do you show attitude to anyone, return my clips and I will go. He says hair clips. She says yes, you have stolen my hair clips, Khan baba. He asks me? She says yes, get my hair clips. He smiles seeing her.

He thinks this girl is mad. He says I don’t have the clips, I will tell you if I find it. She asks sure. He says yes. She says Lord knows best, I know you don’t intend to return the hair clips, you don’t have my number. He asks her to write her number. She says my number is confidential, it shouldn’t leak. He goes. She keeps the paper there and goes. Dadi asks Parveen did she keep the lamp where she said. Parveen says yes. Aman is seen burying the cage. Dadi says Tawizi gave me these flower buds, they will make us reach the girl to Ayana, the girl who will have a heart of an angel. Roshni passes by. Parveen says we know Ada is Ayana. Dadi says its about Aman’s life, this is needed, everything will get fine. Roshni stumbles and removes her shoe. She keeps her foot near the flower bud. The flower buds blossom. Roshni goes. Phupi shows the buds blossoming. Dadi and Parveen smile.

They see Ada at the door. Dadi says Ayana…. They hug.Aman and Ada sit for their Nikaah. Ada accepts the Nikaah. Everyone smiles. Qazi asks Aman if he accepts the marriage. Roshni stops and comes back to see. Aman doesn’t answer. Roshni says why do I feel I should go back inside. Aman gets up and says I need to talk to Ada in private. Roshni asks why am I going inside again. She goes. Ada’s dad says the girl accepted the Nikaah, what do you want to talk now. Aman says its about Ada’s life. Roshni sees the fountain and smiles. She touches the statue and compliments. The statue turns to life and thanks her. A female Jinn enters the house. Roshni plays with water. Jinn gets hurt by the water drops.

Parveen says we can talk about this after marriage. Aman says no, please let me talk. Jinn falls back. Roshni turns to see. She sees the flower pots fallen. She worries and runs. Dadi asks what’s this drama. Aman says I have to talk to her once. Dadi says the buds have blossomed, this girl is Ayana. Aman says even then she should know the truth, I have no objection if she agrees to marry me, we should always do the right. Jinn comes to Ada. Ada gets shocked and asks who are you. Jinn attacks her. She takes Ada’s appearance. Aman comes there. He says sorry for all this, but you have to know this truth first. He tells her everything. He says I m cursed by a Jinn’s shadow. She smiles.

He says I m a threat for everyone, even myself, and now for you also, I don’t want you to marry me, my story has less happiness and more sorrow, I don’t think you should marry me, don’t worry, I won’t put you in awkward position, I will refuse for this. She asks if I want to become a part of your story, then… Ada gains consciousness.The jinn says I fell in love with you, I feel like I have come in the world for you. Aman says you are not understanding, you are putting yourself in big danger. Ada tries to hold his feet. He turns away. Jinn sees Ada’s hand. She says I m ready to marry you. He asks even after knowing my truth. She says yes. He says your heart is of an angel. She acts to faint. He holds her. He asks are you okay. She says yes. She asks him to go. He goes.

Dadi says don’t know what’s Aman talking, Ada may refuse for marriage. Jinn lifts Ada in air. Ada asks what are you doing, leave me. Dadi comes to see. Jinn cages Ada in a glass bottle. She takes Ada’s appearance again. She gets shocked seeing Dadi. Dadi runs. Jinn hits a spell and erases her memory. Dadi asks her to come, everyone is waiting outside for her.Dadi getting the Jinn for the Nikaah. Chotu gets Ada locked in the jar. He gives it to Aman. Jinn worries. Aman doesn’t see the jar and keeps it aside. He accepts the marriage. Roshni stops and feels something. She sees the dark shadow over the mansion. Everyone hugs Raakh Jinn and Aman. Roshni says Khan Baba is very rude and a thief also, but a family also stays here, I don’t want them to fall in any problem. She prays that the family gets a sign that a problem is going to come on them. Parveen gets shocked seeing the fairy idol crying. Roshni sees a women hurt. She cares for her and gives her shoe to her. The woman blesses her.

Landlord lady insults Salma. Roshni calculates the rent amount. She says we will pay the rent. She calls Salma as Tawaif. The jinn asks Dadi to show her the place where she has locked the Jinn in the lamp. Dadi asks her to come. Aman is on the way to his room. Roshni argues with the landlord and tells that Salma is a respected citizen now, she was a Tawaif 30 years ago, not now, my mum just arranges dancers for the functions, she is an artist coordinator. She gets angry. Salma stops Roshni. Aman thinks where are Dadi and Ada going at this time. He goes to see. He comes across a glass jar. He gets shocked seeing Ada caged inside. Parveen and Phupi also get shocked. Aman calls Baazigar and chants his spell to free Ada. Dadi says the lamp is here. Jinn asks Dadi to dig the place. Salma gives the cheque to landlord.

Dadi says the lamp isn’t here. Jinn says liar. Dadi says I m saying the truth. Aman says the lamp is with me. Aman recalls Parveen telling him that something is wrong, keep the lamp with you tonight. Jinn looks at Aman.

Salma asks Roshni to just dance in the party for two hours, she has taken the advance payment. Roshni says I don’t want anyone to call you Tawaif. Salma says I m not asking you to do Mujra, dance is an art, you are educated, you know it. Roshni says I promise, everything will be fine when I have my own bakery. Salma asks her to think about present. Raakh jinn argues with Aman. She catches Aman. He coughs and runs to Aman to get help. He faints down.

Jinn says give me the lamp and save Chotu’s life. Aman gives her the lamp. She frees Chotu. She takes the lamp and disappears. Dadi asks what are we doing here, what’s happening.Salma says I have danced to earn money, so that I could raise you well, you are talking about respect when its your turn to earn, I m doing this for you, I m ready to get helpless. Roshni hugs her. Jinn tries to get the big Jinn out. She gets shocked seeing the lamp empty. Aman says I have changed the lamp, I will fight this alone, I decided to send Ada home for her safety.

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