A Magical love story update Sunday 4 July 2021


A Magical love story 4 July 2021:  Dadi and Phupi tying up Aman. Dadi says we have to tie him for now, we can’t stop him if he changes again. Parveen cries and asks until when will this happen. Dadi says once he gets engaged, the Jinn shadow won’t come over him. Parveen says when he gets conscious and asks us about past, what will we tell him. Dadi says we will not tell him the past. They cry.

Voiceover: Aman’s dad Junaid used to live in Unnao….. The goons beat him and ask for money. Dadi and Parveen handle Junaid. Junaid changes himself. He thinks to become a rich man, at the cost of anything. He says Parveen, I promised you to keep you as a queen, I will fulfill my promise, our children won’t be raised in poverty. He goes to the Jinn to make a deal. He was ready to give any price for getting money. He roves the boat to reach the Jinn. He calls out the Jinn. The Jinn appears.

Junaid says I want to become the world’s richest man, I m ready to pay any price. Jinn asks for his first child. Junaid says I accept, you want my first child, I just want to become the richest. Junaid promises to give Aman to Jinn.

Its morning, Aman wakes up and sees Baazigar. He finds himself chained. Baazigar cries with him. Aman says everything will be fine. Someone throws the keys. Baazigar gets the keys. Aman chants the magic spell and gets free. Roshni and her mum get shocked seeing the wrecked car. Roshni says it was that guy’s mistake, he was some Jinn. Her mum cries. Roshni jokes. Her mum shouts. Roshni runs away. Aman hugs Parveen and says this happened because of me.

She says forget it, think of your engagement, your inlaws are going to come. He asks did you forget what happened yesterday. She says this is only way to protect us. Aman says everything changed now, I want the answers for my change. Dadi says its happening, as Jinn has come close to Aman.

Jinn comes there. Dadi says we will get the proof in Aman’s room. Chotu comes. Phupi asks who is he. Dadi says Saima and Sara went to London to get Chotu. Phupi asks who are they, oh, they are Aman’s sisters. Aman says they shouldn’t know this, you find the sign here. Aman hugs Chotu. Dadi, Parveen and Phupi try to find the sign. Dadi gets a call and says no, we didn’t get anything. They get shocked seeing the fire rings. Dadi says there is…. The lady says fire, darkness comes before night, fire comes before the Jinn. Jinn looks at Aman from the window. The lady says this is fire of Jinn, he is ahead of us, he will come inside the house to take Aman, blow off the fire soon. Dadi runs. The Jinn puts his hand to catch Aman. Dadi, Parveen and Phupi throw water to stop the Jinn. The hand gets back. Jinn leaves.

Roshni goes to bakery and talks to owner about the car flying and falling. She talks a lot. He faints. Aman hugs his sisters. They say we missed you a lot. Chotu teases them. They argue. Aman stops their fight. He asks them to become financially independent, then they will get married. They ask why is he doing arranged marriage, Ada wears boring clothes, say her one quality. He says she talks less.

Roshni asks are you fine. The man says I had much loss, you didn’t come here yesterday. Roshni calculates and says we had much loss. He faints again. Aman says you didn’t get water. Parveen says I m making Sangemarmar water. He says you don’t want to go downstairs. She says I m scared to face the taunts, I did the mistake, I should have not let your dad go there.

Aman says its that woman’s mistake, she was shameless, she knew dad is already married, even then she married him for the richness, stop wasting time, she is no one, these tears are pearls for me, stop thinking about her. She says I can’t forget the taunts. He says I will face them, I will kill anyone who taunts you. He hugs her. She cries.

She says you have grown up now, you used to hold my finger and walk, now I will hold your hand and walk. Ada and her family comes in the engagement function. Aman comes with his family. Parveen hugs Ada. Ada asks how are you now. Phupi says she is fine. Dadi says she had fainted. Parveen says I m fine now, come, we will start the rasam. Jinn appears again. Aman wears the ring. He holds Ada’s hand. Dadi gets a call and goes. She says we have blown off the fire. She comes to Aman’s room and sees the fire again. Aman looks at Ada.


Aman waiting for Dadi. Parveen asks him to make Ada wear the ring. He makes Ada wear the ring. The engagement completes. Everyone claps for him. He hugs his family. Jinn enters the house. Dadi gets shocked seeing the smoke. She tells Tawizi about the smoke. She shouts Aman and runs to him. Everyone gets shocked seeing the smoke filling in the house. The guests run back. Aman and Ada’s families look on. The smoke accumulates. Jinn appears there. They all get shocked.

Aman asks Dadi to get back. Jinn goes to take Aman. Aman gets back. Everyone looks on shocked. Dadi, Parveen and Phupi throw water at the Jinn. He gets back and turns into a statue. He breaks down. Aman runs and hugs his sisters. The rocks start moving. Parveen says he is joining, we have to stop him. She asks Aman to cage the Jinn by his magic. Dadi asks him to do it fast. Aman calls our Baazigar. Jinn gets up again. Aman gets the stick in hand and chants the spell. He tries again and again, but there is no effect. Dadi says try again. Aman cries. He sees his family crying. He falls weak. He says I know you have come to take me, I m ready to come with you, stay away from my family.

Dadi, Parveen, Phupi say its our fight, we will not give up, Jinn can control when person is alone, not when his loved ones are with him, Jinn’s magic falls weak in front of relations. The entire family stands with Aman. They all hold Aman’s hands and chant to make the enemy lose.

Aman tries his magic again. It doesn’t work. Roshni comes there to deliver sweets. Dadi gives Ada’s hand to Aman. She asks him to try now. Roshni steps inside the house. Aman tries his magic and Jinn gets caged inside the lamp. The people forget about the Jinn. Just the people who saw the Jinn’s fire remembers him. Roshni says I had to go to other address. She leaves. Her hair clips fly. Chotu gets the beads and smiles.

Parveen says Ada isn’t an ordinary girl, Jinn got defeated when Ada held Aman’s hand. Dadi says yes, I will ask them to keep marriage tomorrow, I don’t think they will have some objection. Aman asks what are we doing, why are we doing this, Jinn is caged now, Tawizi will tell us where to hide the lamp, Jinn’s story will end. Dadi says no, his shadow will be on you. Aman says I won’t marry an innocent girl for this. Dadi asks him to marry Ada, an Ayana, the girl who can save him from Jinn’s powers. Roshni is seen. Parveen asks him to agree. He says I didn’t say yes. They say you didn’t say no.

Aman gets ready. Roshni comes there to take her hair clips. Phupi asks who are you. Roshni asks her the same. Phupi goes. She asks a lady about her hair clips. The lady says I have seen it with Khan baba, maybe. Chotu plays with clips. Roshni goes in. Aman sees her and recalls. He thinks what is she doing here. She sees something shining. She runs upstairs. She tries to find the clips. She falls down the railing. Aman does magic and saves her, pausing the moment and stopping her midway in the air. She looks at Aman. He holds her in arms. Kahani hamari….plays….. Jinn has a plan B. A lady from the grave jumps out. She gets her powers. She destroys the place and leaves.



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