A Magical Love Story Update Tuesday 6 July 2021


A Magical Love Story 6 July 2021: The Episode starts with Dadi convincing Ada’s parents to take Ada home. Roshni treats a wounded pigeon. Salma comes and says you think I m wrong, but I worry for you, I will conduct your grand marriage. Aman asks Ada are you fine. She nods. He says thanks for marrying me, it was my duty to protect me, its my mistake. Ada says but… He says I should have refused for the marriage, I know you are scared, it would be better that you go with your parents, I will get you when everything is fine, I will fix everything. Aman doesn’t know that he didn’t get married with Ada or Raakh Jinn.

Salma says its your engagement, we would have lost such a good alliance if we lost this house, once you go to your house, you won’t be called a Tawaif’s daughter. She cries. Roshni says I m very proud of you, you have a golden heart, you accepted me and raised me, you aren’t wrong. They hug. Salma gives an evil look. Dadi asks Ada to take care and hugs. Roshni gets ready and comes. Salma praises herself. Farah comes and jokes on Salma. The groom comes.Parveen says Ada was our last hope, you have let her go. Dadi says this house isn’t Ada’s Sasural. Parveen asks what are you saying. Dadi says this Nikaah never happened, I didn’t tell you, Ada has tolerated a lot, she is still in shock, I will tell them that Raakh Jinn had come for the Nikaah, real Ada was caged in the bottle. Aman says maybe Ada was trying to say this to me. Parveen says Aman didn’t marry Ayana. Aman asks her not to worry. Raakh Jinn appears again. They get shocked. Salma welcomes Sameer and family. She gets glad seeing the gifts. Sameer compliments Roshni. Salma asks Roshni to smile.

Roshni asks are you sure, that we shouldn’t tell past to Sameer and his family. Salma asks her to think about future. Raakh Jinn says if you knew the price of cheating Jinn, you would have not cheated me, I was also a human, I cheated Jinn and became Raakh Jinn, I was getting my life back but you cheated me. Dadi says its not our mistake if you had a deal with Jinn for your greed. Raakh Jinn says none can get saved from the Jinn, he will return for Aman. Sameer asks why did you call me. His wife asks when will you come home. He says I have much work. She asks him to talk to his son. He talks to his son. He sees Salma. Aman says I can take care of myself. She asks who will take care of your family. She keeps a lamp there. She turns into ashes. Aman worries. Salma says so you have a wife and child also, I know this, but Roshni doesn’t know this. He says you are getting 50 lakhs to hide this.

She says then give me the money. She sees the cheque. Aman asks what’s the Sifati Jinn. Dadi says its first Jinn. Aman says they can take human’s face, maybe he is cursed. They see the ashes disappearing. The candle flies and spreads the fire. Sameer says you won’t get money until I marry Roshni. Salma says you can convince her, tell her, you will open a bakery for her. The lamp falls down. Farah says Roshni is so happy that you are letting Roshni open a bakery. Sameer says I m broad minded, I will help her. Roshni says I want to become financially independent. He says I agree. Aman asks Parveen is she fine. She says yes. She goes upstairs and faints. Aman rushes to hold her. They get worried.

Dadi saying just Ayana can cut this spell on Parveen. Aman says the bud will blossom by Ayana’s touch. He takes the buds to Ada. He follows Ada’s car and stops her on the way. He asks Ada to touch the flowers before he takes it to Dargah, its a rasam. He gives the bud in Ada’s hand. The bud doesn’t blossom. She asks is everything fine at home. Aman gets shocked. He says everything will get fine, sorry uncle. He comes back home and says Ada isn’t Ayana, I have made Ada touch the buds. Dadi asks how can this happen. He sees his family pic.

He sees the weird smoke in Parveen’s pic. He asks Parveen to open her eyes. Dadi says Raakh Jinn is capturing Parveen, just Ayana can save her. Phupi asks who is Ayana. Aman hugs the pic. Roshni and Sameer get engaged. Parveen gets up. Aman cares for her. Dadi says we have to find Ayana fast. Aman’s sisters come and worry for Parveen. They ask what happened to mum. Aman says they should know the truth now, there should be no secret in family.Roshni keeps the food for the old lady. The lady asks who is it. Roshni makes cat sound and goes. The old lady gets happy on getting the food and sits eating. She comes home. Farah asks why do you always do charity. Roshni says that aunty lives alone, I want to help her. Farah says if you give food to everyone, your bakery will get shut. She asks Roshni to get an icecream for her. Aman tells everything to his sisters. They say the Jinn is after you, what will he do to mum, he is powerful. Aman says his power is not bigger than my love for my family, Jinn can’t harm my family. Chotu says you are also Jinn, you get scary. Aman says don’t be negative, just think of a new magical life waiting for you. He does magic and gets chocolates for Chotu.

He says just think where your brother is a superhero, anything can happen. They ask what.He calls Baazigar and says life will work by magic now. He does magic and shows them. They smile. They like Aman’s magical powers. Chotu says Aman is a Jinn. Aman says its a family secret, don’t tell this to anyone. Chotu says fine and goes saying the same. Roshni is at her bakery. Dadi says Tawizi said that bud can blossom if Ayana touches it. Aman asks are you sure that Ada has touched the buds. Dadi says no, we have seen the buds blooming and Ada standing there. Aman says it means Ayana is someone else. Dadi says there were many people there, that girl had come one day before as well, so we could cage Jinn. Aman asks who can it be. Chotu comes and says you are Jinn, right. Aman says its our family secret.

Chotu says make me Jinn also. Aman says just I know this magic. Chotu says no, that girl touched the buds and it turned into flowers. Aman asks who.Chotu keeps his cute conditions. Aman accepts his conditions. Chotu asks him to play the video. Aman sees Roshni. He recalls her. Roshni’s cookies get burnt by overheat. She comes back and sees the smoke. She gets the cookies out of the oven. Bakery owner comes and says you have burnt all the cookies. She says its bitter cookies. He asks her to shut up. She asks him not to shout, and not fire her from job. He says come, we will go for items delivery. Chotu says someone else knows magic, so you got jealous. Parveen asks who is this girl. Aman says this girl can’t be Ayaba. Baazigar dances. Aman asks him to shut up. Bakery owner asks Roshni not to bake anything now and just go for the delivery.Roshni goes. The lady asks why did you hire her. He says my bakery was running in losses, she has fixed everything in accounts, she is a calculator. Dadi asks Aman to call Roshni.

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