A love to die for update Thursday 27 January 2022


A love to die for 27 January 2022: Arohi says he lies every time. Why are you playing with my mind every time. You killed my child, you used me so much and now you are saying you love me. You only know how to play with people. arohi hears Virat saying to someone on call I will show deep who rules the jail. His life would be miserable. arohi wonders what is he going to do now.Virat comes to deep and starts beating him. Arohi says what is he upto? Wasu gets a letter, secret you hid for would be out now. whole world will see your face. Wasu says who is this person threatening me? i have to find out. Abhi takes the letter. He says your letter. Wasu takes him back from him. Arohi says Abhi come with me. She asks him where is virat? He says Virat went to jail. Arohi says I have to talk to him.

Virat says to Deep you hit a policeman. You will see now. Arohi and Abhi are on the way. Abhi says why are you worried? She says we have to go to jail. Virat says I will send you to hell today. He is about to hit deep with a metallic ball. Arohi comes there and says stop Virat. Don’t torture him anymore. Let him be punished by law not this way. Deep whispers now wonder who is hunt and who is the hunter.Arohi comes home. She sits down distressed. Abhi says what happened? Arohi says I only loved one person, Deep. And hated one person, Deep. We should go away from here. He says your mission is accomplished you should go away from here so you can live your life.

Arohi books her tickets and packs her bag. Arohi sees her mangalsutra and recalls when she was married to deep. Arohi says I don’t need this mangalsutra anymore. I will return it to you.Arohi comes to jail and sees Virat torturing deep with his constables. Deep says hit me as hard as you can. They hit deep. Arohi sees Abhi in jail. She wonders what is he there for. Arohi comes and says I told him there would be no torture on him. stop it. Arohi says to deep I am going away from this city forever. I have to return you something. This mangalsutra. He says I wont stop you but don’t you wanna know truth? SHe leaves. Deep says you will come to save me.Arohi comes home and looks for Abhih but he is nowhere. arohi sees a kalash. Abhi says what are you doing here? SHe says I wanted to ask if you have anything to do with Deep? Why did you go to jail? He says why would i go to jail? he says we will talk later. Arohi wonders what is ABhi upto. Arohi sees Tara going out of the house.

Tara meets Virat. There is the hoodie man there. Virat says why did you not speak n the house? She says can’t speak in the house. Deep is going to run out of jail. Arohi is listening in.Deep is cutting the walls of the jail. Tara says I gave him a weapon with which he can come out of jail. He told me this plan because he thinks I am with him. Virat says you did a great job. He is a fool man who thinks you are on his side. When he comes out he would know I am on the other side. Virat says why did you cut your hand? She says that was water color.The third person is Abhi. He says no one should know I am with you two, specially that Arohi. Arohi is shocked. Arohi shouldn’t know deep will die in jail. Arohi says deep will die in jail?Arohi sees Tara and Virat talking to Abhi, she thinks that there is some secret behind all this, she slips. Virat asks who is there? They are coming to check but Arohi leaves from there before they can see her. Abhi sees her earring and takes it.

Arohi comes to her room and thinks that Abhi went to torture Deep, what Tara is playing with Deep? I thought she would always be with Deep but why is she with Virat and Abhi? Deep comes there and says you still dont trust me? I told you what is shown is not the truth, you are just a pawn but someone is playing the game, there are facades around you so think what will you do? She recalls Tara and Abhi’s words that Deep shouldnt come alive from jail.. Arohi sees Deep was her imagination and says how will I solve this mystery?Deep tries to find some way out from jail, he drinks water and thinks I have to leave from here to fulfill my plan.Arohi hears Tara talking to someone on call. Tara says I love you now, I always wanted a person who will love me like crazy, Deep is gone from my heart. Arohi thinks who is Tara talking to? is it Abhi? I should talk to Maaji.

Arohi comes to Maaji’s room and sees a paper on floor, she is about to check it but Maaji comes there and says leave from here, you sent my son to jail so dont show your face to me. Arohi thinks that she is trying to hide something, who threw this paper in her room? Arohi comes out of house and sees a woman running from there in veil. Arohi says did she throw paper in Maaji’s room?Deep is digging hole in jail cell. He makes space and jumps out. He runs from jail and huffs but Virat comes there and says you must like to take breath outside but you cant run from my jail easily, I am eyeing you like a lion, I knew you would come out and I would hunt you, its time to take you back to jail. Deep thinks that I thought is happening, its my plan.

Virat brings Deep to jail and says dont try to do anything.Arohi sees that its Guru Maa who threw paper in Maaji’s room and was in veil. Arohi thinks what is happening.Guru Maa comes to Abhi and says Arohi saw me and she has doubt on me. Abhi says she will not remain silent till she finds out what relation you have with Vasundra Ji, I thought she would leave city but she keeps digging things.Arohi comes to Guru Maa’s room and says I have to find the connection between Vasundra and Guru Maa. She finds their photo behind God idol and says they know each other, I have to find out and only one person can answer me.

Arohi comes to Deep’s cell. Deep says you sent me to this situation and now shedding tears? why did you come here? Arohi says I have some questions to answer, Tara flopped your plan, she was ready to kill for you so why she is against you? Deep says I dont care about her love or betrayal as I never loved Tara, what Tara did is nothing infront of what you did, you sent me here, got me tortured. Arohi says you are responsible for all this, she shows him Guru Maa and Vasundra’s photo and asks if you know her? I want to know everything. Deep is stunned.

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