A love to die for update Thursday 24 march 2022

A love to die for 24 march 2022: Deep comes close to Arohi. He says we are alone without each other. Arohi cries. Deep says you never trusted me. I tried saving your life. Arohi hugs him in tears. She was dreaming all this. Arohi says deep.. She says that man is just using me. Deep is asleep. Aroh comes to him and says your tea. He was dreaming all this too. Arohi says I wont let his love weaken me.
Netra comes to deep. Se says you are here. Deep says who were you speaking too? Who is keeping an eye on you. SHe says Arohi makes me worried. She keeps an eye on us. She wants to part us. Deep says no one can come between us. She says I wanted to start my life anew. Deep says we think alike. This is love. He hugs Netra.

Arohi comes to a place. Tara is there too. Tara says our paths always cross. Arohi says maybe who you think is friend might be enemy. A friend who stabs from back is worse than an enemy who stabs from front. Arohi leaves. She says I know Netra is upto something.Netra meets a man and says no one should know what our plan is. We have to keep an eye on everyone. Tara comes in and claps. She says I knew you were fooling me. You told me a fake story.. Netra said to Tara deep is using me. I want to take revenge from he. He did the same to you so we can be on one page. We can shake hands. Tara ropes NEtra and says get ready to die. Arohi is there hidden. She says Tara still doesn’t know what netra is updato. Netra released her hand. The guy comes and says she came here too. Netra says we should focus on our mission. Deep shouldn’t get that sword. It is precious.

The event starts. Deep says to Jatin I can do anything to get that sword. He goes in disguised as an arab. The party starts. All girls are there is veils with their faces hidden. Host introduces Deep as an arab man who will buy the precious sword. Host says we have three dancers for you. All three girls dance on the song laila. Arohi comes close to Deep. Netra asks her man to keep an eye on everything.

Host introduces everyone to raja sahab. He owns the sword. Tara mixes something in drinks. Watchman says what are you doing near food? She says I am blind. I don’t know where I am. Arohi sees the sword. Guard asks her to go away from it. Arohi wonders who this Arab is. Raja says I have another precious thing. This ring. If anyone licks it can die. Deep tries taking it. arohi realizes he couldn’t see it and he is deep.Everyone takes juices. Tara says my work will start when they faint. Why are you they not faintintg? Netra’s man says I changed the juices. She says keep an eye on it. Deep says to sheera we have to start our plan. Tara looks at Arohi and says I know it’s yu. I saw your face when your veil fell. Auction starts. Netra faints Tara.

A smoke fills the room. Everyone coughs. Arohi comes near it. Deep holds her hand and says don’t touch this sword. Guard comes to Arohi. Arohi shoves them. Arohi faints with smoke. Deep says Arohi open your eyes. Nothing can happen to you. Deep picks sword and Arohi.

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