A love to die for update Tuesday 22 February 2022

A love to die for 22 February 2022: Inspector says we have been looking for you criminal. He says my wife is in danger. Inspector says you are going to jail. Deep says my wife’s life is in danger. Raj says Arohi no one will come between us. He comes close to her. He says I wanna be close to you. I wanna be yours. Arohi feels weird. He says I know you have suffered a lot. I want all of that to go away. He shows her photo of deep and her. Inspector lets deep go. He steals a bike and comes to Mumbai. Arohi says deep why are you torning our photos? Hebsays they are bad memories. This deep gave you pain. You will live with new deep now. He shows her photo of himself with arohi. He brings her close and dances with her. Raj takes Arohi to bed.

  • A love to die for 21 February 2022Deep says Arohi is in danger Raj comes close. Aohi tries to go away. Opasna knocks on door. Virat comes nd hits raj. He says thought you will get me trapped. Raj says you came on wrong time. Arohi says what is happening? Tara says Virat stop all this. Se gives flowers to Arohi. She says I want all this animosity to end. to a new start, she hugs Arohi. Arohi feels odd. Tara says Virat please forget all the hate. I am doing all this fo deep. Raj sys you did right Tara. I am forgiving Virat too. Virat says are you crazy? I wont leave this deep alive. Tara puts gun on herself and says leave all this. She takes Virat out. Raj says no one will disturb us. arohi feels feels. She says why do I feel so odd? They hear Deep saying Arohi..

Virat stops real deep and says tara saved you. But not anymore. Deep says i wasn’t even here. Virat says don’t fool us. opasna says we should inquire from Tara too. Virat says he uses my sister. Come with me. Deep says I am not going anywhere until I meet Arohi. Arohi says to Raj I feel like suffocating. I can’t do this. I am sorry. I don’t know why is this happening. Raj slits his wrist and write I love Arohi with blood. Arohi says what are you doing. He says you are suffocating with me. How else do I make you feel my love? You don’t trust me. arohi says nno I didn’t mean that why did you do that? Raj says I love you and I can do anything for you. Arohi hugs him.Virat and Opasna take deep somewhere.

He goes under the seat. Deep puts gun on Virat and runs. Virat calls Tara and says your deep ran. I was arresting him. Tara wonders how? She says is real deep back. Tara calls raj. His man calls too. His man says Deep ran. Raj says can’t you handle one man? He runs out. ARohi wonders what is wrong. Deep and Raj both are in the house. Tara stops Raj. Real deep comes to Arohi. She says how did you come back so fast? deep hugs Arohi. Raj looks at them.

Deep hugs Arohi. Tara comes there. She says sorry I came here. There are some papers to sign. Deep comes out. He goes to the office. Raj comes to Arohi. Arohi wonders what is all that about.
Deep says where are the files? Let me know when they are here. Raj leaves. Real deep comes to Arohi. Arohi hugs him. She says where were you. I was so worried. Deep sees I love Arohi written on mirror. Tara comes to Raj. He says so easily he came out. He wont be too long. Tara says you are nothing in front of him. Raj says don’t tell me how smart he is. He throttles Tara. ARohi cooks cake for Deep. She takes it to deep. Raj says to Tara I can kill anyone in a moment. Arohi is walking past their room. She hears noises and opens the door. Raj huds in closet. Tara says what are you doing here.. Arohi leaves. Deep isn’t in room.

Deep asks all servants to give him CCTV footage. Arohi says depp.. He says go to room and dont’ come out. SHe says what happened? Deep takes her to room. He ties her to chair. Arohi says why are you doing this? Tara sees this. Arohi says you wrote you love me with blood on the wall. What are you doing now. I wanna know what truth is. He says trust me. You will know truth. Deep locks her and leaves. Deep goes out. Raj comes to Arohi as Deep. He says sorry baby I was out of my mind. He opens her. He says I wasn’t in a good mood. Arohi wonders why is he acting so weird. Arohi comes out of her room. Raj comes where deep is. Deep sees him. Deep says I always knew what game this was. Never cross your limit. raj says you can’t win from me. I am always steps ahead you. You have to go as I ask you. Deep says don’t forget your worth. Raj says I can control Arohi though.

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