A love to die for update Wednesday 2 February 2022

A love to die for 2 February 2022: Deep says why are you playing this game? Mr. X says I will take everythin from you. DEep says you think you can do that? Mr.X says there are bombs everywhere in this house. Arohi says we are not scared. Arohi says you will pay for what you did. Deep comes to a room. There is a chair. Deep turns it back but there’s dummy on it. Lights turn on. deep and arohi are in their own house. deep says we were in our own house. Mr. X made it look like somewhere else. Arohi says he played a very big game.

A love to die for 1 February 2022

They see Wasu fainted. Deep says we have to find out who that Mr. X is. Arohi says I am sure abhi is behind all this. Deep says it could be virat or tara too. Arohi comes to Abhi and says you are behind all this. I know you did all this. You go with deep then tara virat and then me. What games are you playing? Aroi touches him. He is fainted. Deep comes and says Tara and virat are fainted too. Aroho says doesn’t mean they are innocent. Deep says it could be you too. Arohi says ou are doubting me? I got you out of jail. Arohi says it could be you too. He says anyone can be.

Someone calls Virat. He says why are you here? It could be dangerous. She says I will find out who are you with Virat. Guru ma calls abhi and says could we win after so much or not? He says everyone here is my puppet. Virat comes to room and says to a girl why are you here. It is Opasna. Arohi recalls she was stabbed in the party. She sees them. Arohi says what happened. She steps back and touches the door. Virat comes out to check but Arohi hides.Wasu sees a photo’s one half. She says where is rest of it. Guru ma comes. Wasu says what are you doing here? Guru ma says this storm has to come. Arohi comes in. Guru ma runs. Arohi asks wasu what is yoru relation with her? Tara picks a packet Guru ma left. Arohi sees her taking that. She comes to Tara’s room to look for it.

Tara comes and says how dare you touch my things without my permission? Arohi says you picked this out of ma’s room. She tries to snatch it from tara.Deep and Arohi are kidnapped and taken to a place. Mr. X is there with a mask. He says you have to do what i ask. Deep says we wont do anything now. He says your house will blast with a bomb. I am your yesterday and tomorrow. You have to steal that diamond from your mom for me. Deep hits him. He snatches the gun.Arohi picks a gun too. Deep says time to take off your mask Mr.X so we can know who is behind this playing this game with us? He takes off the mask but Mr. X is weaing another mask. He says hello home you like my face. There are many faces above mine Someone throws flash lights in deep’s eyes. When he opens eyes everyone is lost. Deep says arohi? Where are you? Arohi is locked in a place. Deep looks for Arohi. she is inside his room behind a wall but he can’t see her. She can see him. Arohi says deep why can’t you hear and see me? It is an unvisible and sound proof glass.

Mr. X comes to deep. Deep says where is Arohi? he says what a love. If you want her back, you have to pay the price. Deep hits him and says I will kill you if you harm her. He says if you touch me, Arohi will be harmed. You have to do a lot of things for me. I want 50 crore in 48 hours. Deep says who are you? And what have I done to you? He says time is running. If you wanna see Arohi alive, give me the diamond. Deep says in heart for you arohi, I will bring that diamond.Deep goes out of his room. Tara says see what I do now deep. Arohi will die.Abhi is going out. Guru ma says when will you take revenge from deep? He says deep has to die from my hands. She says what happened on your hand? He says please go ma. Deep sees wound on abhi’s hand. He hits Abhi. He says you are playing a dirty game. You are Mr. X you are wearin the same coat. Where is Arohi? He says I am not Mr. x. This is all your game.

Arohi is suffocating. She screams for help. Deep fights with Abhi. A letter falls there. Deep reads it, it says Deep you don’t have time. Arohi is suffocating. Deep wonders who threw it. Tara gives deep an injection. He says deep you will stay here and that Arohi will die there.Arohi screams for help. She is fainting because of low oxygen.
Deep opens hie eyes. He is ropes in the room. Deep says what is this? Let me go. Tara dances in front of him.Mr X sees Arohi, he says your deep can’t save you. Deep breaks the ropes. She says you will soon know everything tara. He gives her injection and she faints. Deep comes to a hall. Mr. X says therre is the diamond. You have to pass the lasers around it. It will burn you. There are bombs under every tile.

Virat wakes up Tara. She says deep left me again. I did so much for him and he left me here for that Arohi. She never dies. But not this time I will kill her. Opasna claps. Virat says what are you doing here? she says I would be where you are. There are so many secrets in this house that I have to come here. You have such complicated lives. You have nothing a good police officer does. I have heard this house is under Mr. X and there is a secret trunk in this house. Opasna says there is so much confusion. Tell me where is Abhi? Arohi is faintiing. Mr. X comes there and says deep doesn’t care about you. He didn’t bring the diamond but I brought water for you. Deep tries to steal the diamond.

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