A love to die for update Tuesday 1 February2022

A love to die for 2 February 2022: Abhi and Deep fight in the jail. Virat comes and says you pay a price for this. Constables come and take deep somewhere. Deep is taken to a dark place.Deep says welcome to jail boxing ring. Our player is coming. It’s deep. Deep comes there. Arohi tries to get out of that place. She breaks the ropes and runs towards deep.Tara says to Virat if something happens to deep here they would blame you for it. Virat says this is freestyle game. There are no rules. It’s villains vs hero. DEep is shoved in the ring. Tara gives deep a capsule and says this will give you energy. Deep pretends to eat it.

Wasu comes to temple. Guru ma is there. Guru ma says finally.. Wasu says what are you trying to do/ You have ruined my life. What do you want? Forget what happpened. Guuru ma says you will be punished for your sins. Your life would be ruined. Wasu says you would never be successful. How can you handle what’s next. She leaves. Wasu is scared. Se says I hope deep gets out of jail.Deep starts beating the prisoners. They try to beat deep but deep hits them. Virat comes and hits deep on head. He throws something in deep’s eyes. Virat says I knew you would do something against me. Virat says you can’t fight.

Arohi is outside disguised as a worker. She spreads gas. All police officers faint.Virat says to Abhi go do what you wanted to do with deep Abhi says I want that thing in my eyes too. It should be equal. Viat gives it. Abhi puts it in his eyes nad says now deep it would be even. THey start hitting each other.Virat says tara why is deep’s pill not fainting him.Tara says this fight would never end. Spmeone hits deep from the back. Abhi says no one would kill hom but me. Deep says it’s the same ting. Prisoners rope deep and start hitting him. someone comes from top. It’s Arohi. She picsk deep. Te floor cuts and they go underground. Abhi is dazed. Deep says you came.. She says you eyes are cclose. He says but my feelings aren’t

Deep and Arohi are locked in a cage. He says I think you did this. Arohi says no we have to get out. She is fainting. The fumes are fainting them. A masked person sees Arohi and Deep on TV and laughs. Chakor sees Deep and Arohi there. Chakor says you are here too? Arohi says I don’t know who locked us here. A voice asks them to get ready and dress up. They come out There is a party goin on. Tara dances on the floor. Arohi wonders what is happening there. Deep says what is all this? She says you will all dance with me. You all have this band in hands. Deep says what is this gadget? A Santa comes there. Deep says who are you now? He says I wanna give you all happiness. Santa says that beast Mr. X has taken my family. They all wonder that is. Santa says please help me save my family from him. Chakor says don’t worry. Arohi says what can we do? He says you have to do what I ask. The game is musical chair. He starts musical chair.

Some thugs come and detain them all. He stabs a girl. She screams.. He says this is a game. The knife was fake. He says let’s start the next round of the game.Santa says in this game, you have speak truth only or you will get killed. He asks what all girls are scared of. A girl says i am not scared of anything. Santa shoves her on the floor. He stabs her. Chakor says she is injured what are you doing. Deep says she has died. Santa screams. He says she was lying. Deep hits him. He says enough of all this. He beats him. Deep hears someone screaming. He rushes upstairs. Wasu is detained there. deep says you here. Virat comes there. Deep says yoplanned all this? Deep comes near his mom. A voice says stop. Don’t go near her or all will die. Virat says we were called here too. We don’t know who is doing all this. arohi says to abhi I doubt you. He says I have no idea. The voice says you can’t recognize me. A man with masked people comes. He says I am Mr. X and now your fate is in my hands.

Deep says don’t touch my mom. The man says there’s a bomb under your mom. There are bombs on every stp. You will be turned into pieces. Go down now.Arohi and deep go down. The party is going on. Arohi and deep dance. Lights start sparking. Arohi and deep rush out of there. Deep and Arohi save Ovi and Ajin. The voice asks them to go to the hall. Deep and arohi look for the bomb. Mr. X asks them to entertain him. They dance on bachna ae haseeno. Arohi sees Abhi going somewhere. She goes after him. Floor opens. DEep and Aroi fall underground. arohi feels cold. Deep gives her his coat. He hugs her to keep her warm. Tara says I have to save deep. His life is in danger. Mr. X said if I solve this puzzle I can take him out. Tara solves the puzzle. Deep comes out with arohi and deep. Mr X says you saved them Tara. DEep says who are you? He says okay let me fulfill your wish. Curtains go down. There are many mirrors. Deep says what joke is tis? he says I am death deep.

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