A lockdown love story update 22 February 2022

A lockdown love story 22 February 2022: The Episode starts with Suibhadra telling Pratap that she will not go anywhere and asks him to go wherever he wants. Pratap tells that her stubbornness is the basic problem of their relationship and asks her to try to understand, tells that he has arranged the basic pass with much difficulty and asks her to understand that this is the best time to go, they are busy in the drama. He says if you don’t want to go then I will leave with the kids. He asks Tanu where is Sonam? Sonam is standing on the terrace wearing PPE and mask and tells Krishna that she has come to talk to him. Krishna tells that he will not go anywhere.

Everyone says Sonam. Sonam says ok, don’t go and asks if he ever go to hospital? Krishna says I know what happens in hospital and says it is better to die rather than going to hospital. Sonam says you are afraid of the curable illness and tells that if he jumps off from here, then his bones will be broken. He says you want to get admitted to the hospital forever rather than admitting for 14 days and tells that there is full chance of recovery. Pratap and Subhadra comes there. Pratap asks who has sent my daughter there. Dhruv’s brother tells that she went by herself, we didn’t send her. Police comes there and tells that they will take Krishna. Dhruv asks him to give 5 mins to him and says he will bring both of them down. Inspector says if they don’t come, then Krishna will go to hospital and Sonam will go to jail. Sonam tries to convince Krishna to go to hospital. Krishna says I will not jump, but that doesn’t mean that I will come down. Sonam asks him why is he playing with his family members’ lives and says disease will spread and they will think you selfish to spread the disease. Krishna tells that his mother and wife know him and says if anything happens to him then who will take care of them. He asks her to go. Sonam tells that this is her mohalla too and tells that she was about to marry Dhruv. Krishna says I would have come to your marriage, but what to do. Sonam tells that their marriage is broken. Krishna asks her to go.


Media tells that there is first patient in Prayagraj and now he is very scared and climbed the terrace. Reporter says there is a girl standing with him, but who is she, what is her relation with him. Inspector tells that 5 mins is over, Soham couldn’t bring him down. Nutan asks Shashikant if he is seen Sonam’s work, she is inviting Corona and asks if he is seeing what media has said. Inspector asks Krishna to come down.

Dhruv runs, takes the speaker from Police and climbs on the car. He tells Krishna and Soham about telling them about another. Krishna says she told me that you both are broken up. The media appreciates the girl….Dhruv tells Sonam that he took the speaker to say sorry to her and says sorry. He then tells Krishna that he shall give the details whom he met and asks him to come down. Krishna asks him to take Sonam and tells that he will not come down. Krishna’s wife Ganga comes there and asks him to come down, if she scolds him infront of him. Soham tells that Krishna is afraid that if something happens to him then who will take care of you all. She asks her to forgive him. Ganga tells that Inspector will take her also now.

Krishna says I will not let you go alone and will come with you. He cries and wipes his tears. Dhruv says you have said best thing and asks him to come down. Sonam gets down. Ganga thanks Dhruv and tells that Sonam is one in lakhs. Reporter tells that Dhruv and Sonam convinced the Corona patient came down and asks the viewers to be with them to know about Dhruv and Sonam’s relationship status. Sonam comes there. Ganga thanks her. She goes to Krishna. Soham comes to Dhruv. Dhruv says sorry. Sonam says you are always playing at wrong side and asks him to make the wrong as right. Dhruv hugs her infront of everyone. Everyone gives mixed reactions. Some of them claps. Shashikant claps and asks Nutan to claps.

Reporter says when love is strong then nobody can separate them. He asks when are they getting married? Nutan signs Dhruv not to say anything. Shashikant says 5 days later, inside the house. He says lockdown wali Shaadi…Dhruv gets happy and lifts her. Reporter tells that Sonam will become Dhruv’s bride and asks the viewers to maintain social distancing. Lockdown song plays….Everyone gets inside the house. Amber asks them to decide what they want to do and says Dad had talked to Doctor also. Shashikant asks them to forget the past and says they shall think how the new morning will be. Subhadra says we don’t have time to think anything, we have to start the rituals now. Dhruv and Sonam smiles. Dhruv’s sister tells that we can’t buy clothes due to lockdown. Bua tells that they have to do the marriage somehow.

Nutan says all my desires are unfulfilled. Subhadra asks which ritual to do today. Sonam tells that Paa said that we shall think about future, but I want to say something to mummy ji. She asks do you still feel that Dhruv and I are not connected well. Nutan says now Reporter has also announced you as bahu and says she will not back off. Sonam and Dhruv gets happy.Dhruv thanks Nutan and says he knew she would agree for wedding for his happiness. Nutan says she is okay with anything for his happiness. Sonali says if prewedding rituals will continue. Dhruv says yes and let us rock. Sonam excitedly jumps in happpiness and hugs Bua. Bua comments Nutan that this mad girl is becoming his daughter-in-law/DIL. Sonam says she will organize all the dress themes, it would be a fusion for both families.

Shashikant says he didn’t understand her plan, but its good. He asks Dheeraj to open his suitcase to get his best dresses and asks Nutan to get her best saris and jewelry. Nutan gets into her room and checks her jewelry when Bua walks in and asks if she gave up and accepted Sonam as bahu. Nutan says she hasn’t and will try to break this alliance till the last moment. Bua praises her and peeps at jewelry. Nutan locks her jewelry and leaves.Sonam decorates house for prewedding shoot. Ankita praises her skills. Sonam says she will give matching dresses for Ankita and Dheeraj and make them look like Virat and Anushka. Tanu says they look more like Ranveer and Deepika. Dheeraj says let it be, after years of marriage, wife looks like maid and husband like gardener. Sonam asks about Dhruv and walks to his room.

She searches him and opens bathroom where he is bathing and shouts in shock. Dhruv hides his modesty nervously. She closes door and jokes that that there is no use now as she already saw what she has to see. He drapes toweel around him and walks out. She insists to tell what he is wearing for prewedding shoot. He says she will be surprised and locks door.Amber adjusts his camera for prewedding shoot. His and Sonia’s nok jhok starts. Nutan gets angry, but Shashikant stops her. Sonam walks down wearing a beautiful dress. Everyone praise her. Nutan applies black dot saying she will not get nazar/bad eye. Dhruv walks down next. Sonam stands mesmerized. Dhruv asks how is he looking. Subhadra says handsome and applies him black dot. Ankita says he is looking like a prince. Nutan says he is a prince. Amber starts prewedding shoot. Sonam and Dhruv sit hesitantly at a distance. Amber asks them to come closer. Shashikant senses their hesitation and takes all elders away. Dhruv and Sonam them start shoot sitting closely.

Back to Nutan’s room, Bua continues brainwashing Nutan. Subhadra walks in and says she wants Nutan and her to exchange their saris to strengthen their bonds. Bua jokes if bhauji will wear samdhanji’s pant. Subhadra says she brought even saris and seeing Nutan’s face asks if she is still angry. Nutan says rituals are missing in her son’s wedding. Subhadra asks her to describe in detail. Nutan says dowry ritual, leaving Subhadra shocked.

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