A love to die for update Monday 9 May 2022


A love to die for 9 May 2022: Arohi says if anything happens to my sister I wont leave you. She runs out. The door is locked. Arohi says give me keys. He says I will lets spend sometime together. You are my wife. Arohi says you are not my husband. give me keys I don’t have time. He says you look so good in anger.Kiya is with the bag. Some thugs are following her. Ranbir and Tarank say we have to catch her at any cost.

Deep comes close to Arohi. Arohi shoves him and says I need the key. He says here is the key. 10 minutes already passed. Your sister must be arrested already. Arohi says yes I am not leaving. Arohi says there is a recording with me that has proof of all your sins police wont leave you if I expose you. Kiya gives bag to someone and says here it is. Ranbir is on the other side. He says I am not who you think I am. You are under arrest. deep comes outside. Rabir takes her phone. He says deep your game is over. Ranbir says give me the bag. Tarank takes the bag from her. Kiya runs from there. Ranbir sees the ba. He says she was running with this bag. arohi comes there. She says where is my sister? Ranbir says police took her. this bag was hers. they open the bag here is nothing inside. arohi says in heart deep took my sister and saved her.

Deep brings Kiya home. He says you are safe here. you should check your pockets for any chips that police might have place in your pockets. She says there nothing. Deep says arohi told police about you. You would have been in jail. Thank God I came there and saved you. Ranbir comes downstairs. Deep comes. Ranbir says you are under arrest. Deep says are you out of our mind? you can’t arrest me. Deep has handcuffed Ranbir instead. Dep says now you see we are distant. I have the keys. Tarank opens the cuff. Ranbir says I have proofs against you. deep says show me. Ranbir says aroi come in. Ranbir says she is the proof. Arohi says you have a misunderstanding. Ranbir leaves.

Kiya is about to hit Arohi in sleep. Aroh says kiya what are you doing. Kiya says you wanted to get me arrested. Arohi says deep is fooling you. He is using you. Listen to me. Kiya shoves Arohi in table.Arohi screams in pain. Papa comes. He says you did it. Kiya runs. she says I didn’t do anything. Deep comes. He picks arohi. He takes out glass from her stomach. Deep asks doctor to come and treat aorhi. He said he wont. Deep kidnaps the doctor and takes him to Arohi.Doctor treats Aorhi. Deep says you cant go anywhere until Arohi is well.

Deep takes care of Arohi. Arohi’s dad looks at them. Deep is in tears..Papa says to doctor deep isn’t home. arohi is better you can go. Arohi says why was he so scared? Papa says deep was so worried for you he brought this doctor here.Deep says to Kiya how dare you harm Arohi. Come and apologize to her. Kiya is hidden in hospital. Aroihi opens the closest and says you are here just like childhood. We all love you. Kiya says no. You have ruined my life. arohi says my life is ruined too. Deep fooled me. Please don’t trust him. Kiya says I hate you. Arohi says you wont have tears if you hated me. Arohi says come hug me. Kiya hugs her in tears. Deep shows trunks to wasu. He says this stuff will get to its right place. I will become richest man on earth.

Arohi meets Ranbir. Arohi says I had to say all that because I was worried for my sister. Arohi comes and says deep is planning something in some trunks. Deep is there as waiter. Aroi comes home with Ranbir. The entire hall is dug. Deep says see arohi there is gold discovered under my house. He says see I got so lucky. Arohi is dazed.

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