A lockdown love story update Thursday 24 march 2022


A lockdown love to for 24 march 2022: Episode starts with Dhruv asking how did you snatch my love, mothers stand by child’s love, Subhadra is one such mother, she stood by Sonam. Nutan cries and says she is better than me, oh, you know her well, you trust her, I don’t believe her, I know just my son and family, I will do my duty, I will do what’s right for you. He asks why, if you are wrong, will you repeat it. Shashi says Nutan, you won’t leave your adamancy, mend your ways, else you will lose your son and house also. He says don’t say this, its my love for my son, I can’t let him become a puppet, Milky is innocent, I forced her to sit there.

Dhruv says whatever you did, the reason is, you are the culprits, you are the liars, just Sonam is true here, I have been proved a liar because of your lie, my love turned lie for Sonam. Sonam cries. Dhruv apologizes to Sonam. He says forgive me, I m sorry from everyone’s side. Milky says no, I didn’t do anything wrong, they forced me to do this. Sonam says you did this because you love Dhruv, everything is fair in love. Milky says whatever, I m Dhruv’s wife, that’s the truth.Dhruv says I never regarded you my wife, just get to side. Milky says I m your wife until we get divorced, no second woman will come between us. Sonam says I won’t come between you two, I just came to clean the stain from my name, I had come to prove that I know making relations. She says I wanted to accept new relations, I had tried and failed, you just be as you are, stay happy, I will go from here. Dhruv gets shocked.

Ankita asks why will you go, you are innocent. Sonam says I had kept a fast to pray for Dhruv, its my love for Dhruv, it will not end after leaving from here, never. He says you won’t go anywhere, love won’t end, right. Subhadra says explain Dhruv, things aren’t in our control, one has to move on. Shashi says yes, we should let Sonam go away, she can’t be here to share her love, the relations will get bad. Dhruv says you always stopped Sonam here, you want her to go now, I m here to fix relations. Sonam says sorry Dhruv, I think we should get separated, you were there before also when you made me leave.

Subhadra says things won’t get fine, I m Sonam’s mum, I can’t leave Sonam here in this confusion. She asks Sonam to come. Dhruv says I won’t let Sonam go. Sonam says its too late Dhruv, move on. Sonam and Subhadra start leaving.Dhruv comes in front and says Sonam, if you go, then I will die, I beg you, forgive me Sonam, I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t know my family will stab on my back. She says Milky is your wife, if you see her sindoor, you will know why I should leave, by what relation will I stay here. He says I will give you a relation, a new life to our relation, I don’t accept Milky as my wife, I will marry you. Everyone gets shocked. Ankita smiles.Nutan signs no. Dhruv asks Sonam to do anything, but not go away. He asks Dheeraj, Ankita and Sneha to arrange a mandap and prepare for a puja. Milky says wow Dhruv, if I didn’t study in Mumbai, won’t I understand this, you can’t marry Sonam. Dhruv asks Dheeraj to call pandit.

Dheeraj says fine. Ankita says call him fast. Nutan says don’t insult sindoor. Dhruv shouts which sindoor, I will clear it. Nutan stops him and slaps. She scolds him. .He shouts keep the sindoor with yourself, marriage is kept with vows, new thinking, change, my relation is such with Sonam, I will marry her. Sonam says no, I don’t want this. Dhruv and Sonam cry and see each other. Dhruv saying I will marry Sonam, she was mine, she is mine and she will always be mine, my love vows are just for her. Nutan says no. Sonam says no, I don’t want this, I just want to go, you got late in supporting me, don’t stop me now. She says congrats Nutan, you got your player bahu, you won, you just keep playing with your bahu. She turns to go. Nutan claps and I knew you will do this, there is another player in this game, you have to stay with him, wish him as well. She asks Subhadra to say. Subhadra signs no.Sonam asks what is she saying, what does she mean.

Nutan says let it be, I will say, your dad is the other player in this game. Everyone gets shocked. Nutan asks did anyone see such dad before, who had ruined daughter’s marriage, you think we did wrong, your dad is also wrong, this happened on his advice. Sonam says no. He asks Dhruv to ask Subhadra, she is really good, she knows it. Sonam says Nutan is lying. Subhadra says I m sorry. Sonam cries.Dhruv says our parents should have stood by us, they doubted our love, don’t go Sonam, else our love will make fun of us, its a battle for love, fight it against anyone, our love will win, don’t run away, we are not the culprits, they are wrong, why should we lose, we will marry her in front of them.

Dhruv says either become a target of their conspiracy and run away to make our love lose, or fight for our love. Sonam cries. She asks Dheeraj to call the pandit. Dhruv smiles seeing Sonam. Nutan, Sheetal and Milky get shocked. Everyone smiles. Dheeraj calls the pandit. Nutan signs no to him. Dhruv holds Sonam’s hand. He takes her to the temple. Nutan says I won’t let this marriage happen. Dhruv points gun at himself and says I will shoot myself. He shouts Sneha, get puja items, marriage will happen here. Ankita and Sneha arrange the havan kund. Pandit comes online. Sneha does the gathbandhan. Dhruv asks pandit to start. Milky says stop it, do anything you want, but shoot me first. Dhruv says I will shoot myself, you have conspired a lot, now I will marry in front of everyone. Pandit starts the mantra.

Dhruv says you came here for the marriage, you have seen the dream, its time to fulfill it. Sonam thinks of her marriage. She holds Dhruv’s hand. Milky cries. Dhruv kisses Sonam’s hand. Milky goes to room and ruins it. She cries and recalls Sonam’s words. Dhruv asks Nutan to step back. He takes rounds with Sonam. He says I give you a vow, I will never have any disbelief, I will always trust you. Sonam smiles.Milky says I have to do something to stop Dhruv, I can’t lose him. She goes out. She sees them marrying. She goes to the kitchen. She throws the things in anger. She takes kerosene and burns her saree. She screams. Everyone hears the scream. Nutan runs to see. Everyone goes. Dheeraj opens the door. Everyone goes in. They get shocked seeing Milky lying unconscious. Sonam holds Dhruv.

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