Can you see me update Friday 18 March 2022

Can you see me 18 March 2022: Aarav keeps his hand on lamp and says he wants to feel the pain and burn the girl went through. Suchi comes and removes his hand from lamp and asks what is he doing. Pihu says Gopal let us bring medicine and leaves with him.

Aarav says he wants to feel the pain the girl went through. Suchi says he does not have to and should accept his crime. Aarav says he will and asks her not to punish herself as he cannot see her in pain. She pushes him and asks not to touch him. He walks away sadly. Pihu returns and asks why did Khadoos go, Suchi is really bad to hurt him. Suchi hugs her emotionally. Pihu asks if she is hugging as she went away for so long.

Suchi then sits on bed and reminisces Aarav telling he will surrender himself to police. Pihu comes and says she is very hungry. Suchi says she forgot nobody is at home and goes to prepare food. Pihu asks Gopal why did he ask her to lie when she is not hungry. Gopal says Suchi is under mental tension and may do anything, so Pihu should be with Suchi always.Anandita and Rakhi check Subodh’s call details. Rakhi says there is one numberon which Subodh called daily between 1 and 4 a.m. except his birthday.

Anandita says he had gone to Pattaya on his birthday on business trip during his birthday and reminisces the incident where Subodh asks if she is doubting him. Rakhi checks number via app and finds out it is registered in Mansi Randhawa’s name. Anandita is shocked and says she was right about Subodh and Mansi.Aarav hears sound from a locked room and opens it. A tied mentally unstable woman is seen. Aarav walks to her and calls her Mansi.

Pihu sees Suchi sad and with Gopal cheers her up with puppet dance. Next day, Suchi meets lawyer and says culprit Aarav is ready to accept his crime and surrender. Aarav’s assistant Pooja calls her and asks if something happened between her and Aarav, Aarav has booked 2 US visas without return booking.Aarav tells Babli there won’t be any problems in US. Suchi walks in clapping and shouts at Aarav that he is a lier, he promised to surrender and now is going to US.

How can he be in peace after burning a 7-year-old kid. Inspector enters and says Aarav has surrendered himself. Babli says her son did not murder anyone. Aarav stops her and walks away with police.Anandita asks Subodh if he was having an affair with Mansi, why he was calling her daily at midnight and then suddenly stopped calling after Pihu’s murder. Subodh says she is building up a story. She asks to take Pihu’s oath then. He stands silently. Anandita challenges that she will find out Mansi at any cost and find out truth.

Suchi returns home after getting Aarav arrested. Pihu asks if she fought with khadoos, he is a good man. Suchi says he is a bad man. Pihu says whenever she sees bad man, she feels fear, but she does not with Aarav. Suchi thinks she does not know Aarav killed her. Pihu says they both cannot forget Aarav.People hear news about Aarav being arrested in Pihu’s murder case and his mother protecting him since long. Babli walks on street. People stare at her angrily and one lady stops her from entering car and yells that all mothers are cursing her, even if law forgives her son, people will not. Babli angrily tears newspaper and shouts her son is not a culprit.

Anandita reaches police station pleads inspector to let her meet Aarav. Inspector permits after a bit of hesitation. She walks to Aarav and slaps him shouting why did he kill her Pihu, she now knows that his sister Mansi and Subodh had an affair and he killed Pihu in rage. She continues abusing him. Constables drag her away. Drama continues…Suchi shows Aarav’s photo to Vinayak who is on hospital bed injured and asks if Aarav asked him to cut gas pipe. Vinayak nods no. Suchi asks him to tell truth as it is a question of her Pihu. Vinayak says Aarav no and loses consciousness.

Anandita locks herself in room. Subodh knocks door and asks her to stop her drama. Anandita comes out and says she will get his truth out, he was having an affair with Mansi. Subodh says she does not know whole truth and he will not tell her now, she will never find Mansi.Pihu hears door asks Gopal to open door. He says he will not. She insists. He checks and says it is Suman and Gulgule. Pihu asks how does he know. He says he is god. She says if he is god, then why is he keeping her away from her mom. Gopal smiles and thinks Suchi will find out truth soon.

Babli speaks to lawyer who says Aarav cannot get bail easily. She opens a door and walks towards a mentally unstable woman sitting on rocking chair and calling her Mansi shouts because of her daughter, her son is in jail and her son is repaying for her daughter’s sin. Mansi gets a panic attack and shouts. Babli tries to control her. Suchi walks to Aarav’s home and knocks door. Servant says madam is not at home and closes door. Suchi hears Mansi’s shout and knocks door again. Babli opens door and says she told her that her son is innocent. Suchi asks her to tell truth. Just then, she gets call from home and rushes away.

Suchi reaches home and sees vase broken. Suman says she broke it and protects Gulgule. Gopal says Suman is protecting Gulgule. Pihu asks Suchi not to trust her, Gugule broke vase. Suchi realizes Aarav must be innocent and rushes to police station. She asks Aarav to tell truth who killed Pihu. He says he accepted his crime already. She hugs him emotionally and says she knew he cannot kill Pihu and it is someone else.At home, Guglule’s teacher punishes him for mistake while teaching. Other students laugh. Pihu punishes teacher and runs with his dhoti wiggling his ribs. Teacher is shocked. Dhoti falls down. Suman enters and gets shy, asks who removed his dhoti.

They see dhoti in air and shout bhooth in fear. Gopal smiles. Pihu says she wants teacher to teach students with love and not punish them. Gopal continues smiling. Drama continues.

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