A love to die for update Wednesday 16 February 2022

A love to die for 16 February 2022: Arohi says why is deep behaving weird? Tara says on call everything is ready. The story that started here will end in Goa. Virat comes and says who are you talking to? She says keeping an eye on me? That opasna provoked you and you started spying on me? I don’t know anything. She leaves. Virat takes her phone. Deep gets on his bike and leaves. Arohi follows him. He gets a packet from a guy and gives him money. Arohi wonders what is he upto. Police comes. Deep catches the guy and says here is your culprit. Arohi wonders what is going on.

Virat says Tara called Mr. X? Opasna says I told you. Your sister isn’t innocent. virat says we can’t conclude anything. Arohi sees Mr. X mask on the arrested man’s jacket.Opasna says here is the proof that your sister is upto something. In a video Tara is talking to Mr. X. She says Tara saw Mr. X’s face and she knows who he is. Deep says if she fooled me she has to pay for it.A man with Mr. x’s jacket runs. Arohi catches him and says tell me who is Mr. X? He says I don’t know. Deep sees Arohi. Arohi sees a guy like deep and follows him. Arohis tops him. It’s Abhi. He says what are you doing here? She says you have been running from me. What are you hiding? I am looking for Mr. X and I will find him. Abhi says I am looking for deep.

arohi and abhi see a masked me. Arohi stops him. He is an unknown man. Abhi says he isn’t Mr. X. He is proxy tell us who is Mr. X. Abhi beats him. ARohi says stop.Tara runs from Virat and Opasna. She comes and sits in a car. Wasu is in the car. Wasu says it is about time we go to Goa. Tara says lets go. Abhi says Deep is Mr. X. Arohi says you are wrong. Deep isn’t Mr. X. He says open your eyes and accept the reality. Deep is doing all this drama. He is Mr. X. Someone in a hoodie comes to a washroom and washes a knife of blood. It is Deep.Arohi says Abhi he is that man. We have to catch him. Deep says someone the hunter becomes the prey here. He shows that person knife. Deep laughs.Wasu is on her way to Goa with Tara. She says you have to go to your destination from here on your own. Tara says when I go there our enemies lives would be shaken. Wasu says look there. Opasna and Virat are there. Wasu says you will go from this way but they wont know.

Abhi and Arohi are running after that man.
Virat and Opasna are looking in the cars for tara. Tara hides behind the cars. Wasy wears a mask Opasna stops here.
Arohi and abhi catch that man. Aroi says why did you lie? You know who Mr. X is. He says I don’t know who he is. I can only take you to the place where he comes.
Virat and Opasna see tara. They run after her Wasu and Tara run.Abhi comes to his hotel. The guy has run. Arohi sees that guy with deep. She asks that man to stop. Arohi says deep why did you let him go? He is a drug dealer. You got him caught now you are letting him go? Deep says are you crazy? I have never met this guy before. Where did you go from beach? Arohi wonders why is he sayin different things. She says we have to find Mr.X. That man has a connection with Mr. X. DEep says I will find him but you wont take any fanger. Arohi says I have to go. Arohi faints. Deep brings Arohi to hotel. He says you don’t have to go anywhere. Rest here I will find that guy.

Abhi comes to Arohi’s room. He sees pillows on the bed. Arohi isn’t in her room. He sees a letter if you want to see arohi alive come to this address. Deep comes there. He says where is Arohi?? He says you tell me. Deep says I left her safe here now you are ere and she isn’t. Deep reads the letter too.Wasu is praying. Guru ma comes there and says people like you never get their prayers accepted. God is with my son and he will kill your son.Wasu says how will you pick dead body of your son? My son only kills. You can’t do anything to him. Better protect your son.Tara stops Abhi. He says what are you doing here. Tara stabs him. Arohi sees them. She screams.. Tara says liked my surprise? A masked man comes there too. He throttles Abhi. Abhi takes off his mask. It is deep. Arohi sees his face. She is dazed.

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