A love to die for update Friday 6 May 2022

A love to die for 6 May 2022: Arohi says you made me do this. I never wanted to do this. Wasu comes in. She says what did you do to my son? deep.. Nothing can happen to you. Arohi says he is q do this. Someone faints wasu. Netra and Ranbir come in. Arohi says Netra please give me my precious thing. Door knocks. Netra says go it’s here. Arohi opens the gate. It has a big box. Netra says he is inside. Arohi open the box. A smoke comes out and Arohi faints. Netra says its time for you to go to your destination.

Arohi is tied with ropes and labors are building a wall in front of her. Netra says this must be fun right? Ranbir says stop Netra. What is this? Netra hits Ranbir. He faints. Netra says no one can come between me and my mission. Arohi says what are you doing. For you I killed Deep. You did this? You fooled me. Netra says you deep and Tara were my culprits. I had to take my revenge and punish you both. arohi screams for help. She says deep.. Netra says he is dead. He can’t come to help you. Arohi says see who is here. Deep comes in. Netra says Deepp you can’t be alive.

Deep said to Arohi I know Netra made a deal with you to kill me. can you do that? arohi said yes I will kill you for my precious. Deep said you are making a mistake by trusting Netra. Deep says to Netra you thought you could fool me. Netra says I will punish you for your sins and I will. I will kill you. You have to die from my hands if not Arohi. Netra says Arohi you fooled me and lost your chance. Deep only deceives people. After tara deep has to die. ARohi says you killed taara? Why?

Arohi asked her papa I don’t know who to trust. He said your decision will be right. Ranbir came there. He said Tarank told me everything that’s going on in that house. she found out Netra’s plan. ARohi says I don’t know who to trust. Tarank said Netra is upto some other mission. Ranbir gets up. He puts gun on Netra and says time to go to jail. Arohi picks her gun and puts it on Netra. Neta says Arohi deep is fooling you. Arohi says you used me for your revenge. Netra says I will tell you everything truth. Everyone puts gun on Netra and she puts towards deep. Lights turn off and someone shoots Netra. She falls down dying. Netra says don’t trust Deep Arohi. Arohi wonders who shot.

Ranbit puts gun on Deep. He takes Arohi and goes underground. They come out of street. Deep says you think I wont know you called police. Why do you play smart. Arohi says what about your promise. You told me I will meet him. deep says you did you shook hands too. It was the masked person during the theft. He says I feel jealous you love someone mroe than me. Arohi says what.. He is there.. His life can be in danger.Ranbir arrests all the guards. He goes in. One gaurd in inside. Ranbir says take off the mask from your face. Arohi hits ranbir’s head. He faints. The person runs. Arohi runs after the person. She says stop please. Don’t run from me. It took me very look to fund you. It’s a girl. She throws something towards Arohi. She says go from here. You are my nothing. Aorhi says I am your sister.

Wasu says why did you let Arohi meet her sister. Deep says she can see her but never have her. arohi’s life is in my hands. My mission is to become the most powerful person on earth. Until then I want.

Arohi says I am your sister. She says I have no family. arohi says Kiya please. She is about to hit Arohi with a rod. Papa comes and stops her. She says I hate you. You all are dead for me. He always loved you never loved me. arohi says I tried finding you for so long. Deep says like Arohi Kiya will only do what I want.Deep calls Kiya and says there is a bag there bring it. arohi says was it deep? Dont listen to him. He is using you and playing with your life. Kiya throws sand in their eyes and runs.Ranbir tels Tara the story of deep and arohi from beginnging. Arohi lost er family. Lost her family. she was deprived of everything. There are a few things we still don’t know. arohi calls Ranbir. She says I need your help. Deep is using my sister. Ranbir says what.Arohi comes to deep and says stop using my sister. He says I did all this. She hates you, she will do what I ask. Deep says you dont’ know whats in the bag she is going to deliver. arohi says what’s in it? He says her death. You have only 10 minutes to save your sister.

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