A love to die for update Friday 25 march 2022

A love to die for 25 march 2022: The party starts. All girls are there is veils with their faces hidden. Host introduces Deep as an arab man who will buy the precious sword. Host says we have three dancers for you. All three girls dance on the song laila. Arohi comes close to Deep. Netra asks her man to keep an eye on everything.Host introduces everyone to raja sahab. He owns the sword. Tara mixes something in drinks. Watchman says what are you doing near food? She says I am blind. I don’t know where I am. Arohi sees the sword. Guard asks her to go away from it. Arohi wonders who this Arab is.

Raja says I have another precious thing. This ring. If anyone licks it can die. Deep tries taking it. arohi realizes he couldn’t see it and he is deep.Everyone takes juices. Tara says my work will start when they faint. Why are you they not faintintg? Netra’s man says I changed the juices. She says keep an eye on it. Deep says to sheera we have to start our plan. Tara looks at Arohi and says I know it’s yu. I saw your face when your veil fell. Auction starts. Netra faints Tara.A smoke fills the room. Everyone coughs. Arohi comes near it. Deep holds her hand and says don’t touch this sword. Guard comes to Arohi. Arohi shoves them. Arohi faints with smoke. Deep says Arohi open your eyes. Nothing can happen to you. Deep picks sword and Arohi.

Deep gives Arohi water. Tara and Netra look in. Arohi says why did you save me? He says I could ask you the same question. You saved my life while I ruined yours. Why? He says there is only one reason. You love me. Aroi says I don’t love you anymore. You are a devil who only plays with lives. I loved you took everything from me.. Deep comes close to her and kisses her. Arohi shoves him. She cries and says go from there.

Netra leaves. She meets her man. He says I did everything as you planned. He says why are you worried? Have you developed feelings for deep? She says no I am focused on my mission. I have a plan.
Netra comes home. Deep puts gun on her and says where were you? I had been waiting. Netra says what is this. She puts it up. Deep laughs an says I was joking. She says I called you weren’t here. Netra says why did you leave Aroh? Wy didn’t you kill her.Arohi puts gun on Tara. Tara says we are on one mission. We have to destroy deep. He took everything from me. We are on one side. Go away from here and live your life. Arhi says there is no way out. Tara says I will stay here and die. Either deep will live or I. If you wanna live please go.

Deep says you have to keep your enemies alive. Neta says in heart I saw you saving Arohi’s life. For now, I have to focus on my mission.Netra hears everything deep says. She calls Jon and says I am going where deep has hidden the sword. She comes to a garage and sees a casket. Tara comes out of it and puts gun on her. Arohi comes and puts gun on both of them. arohi says none of you are getting that sword. Netra says I will get the sword and ruin Deep’s life. Arohi says we all have one mission. Let’s look for the sword.

They open a casket. The sword is in it. Netra picks it. Arohi says this is fake. It doesn’t have that code. Tara says where is the real one then?Deep takes out the real one. He says they think they can find it. I am always ahead of them. Deep says only I have right on this sword.Netra says Arohi tell me where is that sword. Arohi says we have to stick together. Tara says deep took the sword. Netra says or you did. Tara says I am not like you. Don’t accuse me. Tara says anyone who deceives this plan will be killed. Netra puts gun on her and says we will see. Arohi says we have to get the sword before all this. We have to unite against deep. They join hands.Netra says deep wants to be the most powerful and rich man in th world. Tara says how do we know where is he keeping the sword? Netra says my man is keeping an eye on deep. He will tell us. She gets a call and says the sword is in the house Arohi says why don’t you go nd look for it? Tara says how did she get this information? She is hiding some secret. Arohi says we have no option but to trust her.

Netra gives deep food. She says I made everything myself. Deep says it smells so good. I will make you eat. She gives deep a bite. He pulls her close. Netra says eat first. Deep says I want to be with my wife first. Deep comes close to her and she faints.Aroh says Netra didn’t call. Tara says I knew she was deceiving us. Arohi says this could be deep too. He might have done something to her. Netra wakes up. Arohi calls her. Netra says deep fainted me. He is taking sword to somewhere at 5. Take it from here. Arohi says we will do our plan when deep steps our wth the sword.Deep steps out of the house. A car hits him. He faints. Netra and wasu run to him. Was cries. Netra says don’t cry mummy ji. He will be okay. Wasu says I asked him not to go out.netra throttles Tara and says we didn’t have to kill deep. Tara says I didn’t do this. You did. Netra says Arohi isn’t here. she did this. rohi comes in. They put guns on her and blame her.

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