A love to die for update Monday 28 march 2022

A love to die for 28 march 2022: Netra man calls her and says something. Netra says Deep has sold the sword. Te buys has it. Arohi says what.. Who attacked him then. Arohi says we have to stick together to find out where it is. A girl comes to deep and hugs him. He says go before someone sees you. Deep calls Sheera and says we have a meeting with Singhanyia today. He says okay. Arohi comes to the venue of the meeting. Arohi checks in the hotel. Tara comes there as maid and Netra as an old woman. They gather in a room. Arohi says this dolll has to be taken where deep is. Netra says I don’t trust Tara. Tara says we can’t trust you either. Arohi gives both of them bands and says we can keep an eye on her activity with this doll.

Tara comes to Deep’s room as cleaner. she leave the doll there. Tara comes back and says I did what was planned. Singhniya comes to meet Deep. Deep says I am glad you came. I want to make a college for women where they can study. He says such a good plan. Arohi’s band falls.Deep says you have to sponsor in this project. Deep says I am about to tell you the plan. THey can’t hear anything from the doll. Their bands have fallen. Arohi says let me check in my phone. She comes to deep’s office to pick her phone. Deep says who is here. Arohi tries to leave. Arohi says I will find out if you are blind or not. She pours oil on the floor. Arohi lights fire. Deep says who is here. He walks towards fire. Arohi says you have stop this drama today ddep. Deep goes close to fire. Arohi shoves him. Deep says arohi you.. He says kill em if you want to. Arohi leaves.

Arohi opens her eyes. Netra says you fainted in the hall. Arohi says our plan failed. Netra says we will have another plan. Tara says what? She says I will tell you tomorrow. A girl comes to Deep and says we have to be careful. they can play another game with you. Deep says I have no troubles when you are with me. It’s tara. Deep hugs her. She had been telling everything to deep. Deep says keep me informed like this. Netra is walking towards deep’s room. Nettra sees deep and tara together. Netra walks in Tara hides. NEtra asks deep what are you doing here so late? Tara is hidden.

Netra says someone was here with deep but who. She says deep you should sleep. She sees a piece of cloth in the door.
Tara and Arohi meet each other. They put guns on each other and laugh. Tara says two enemies become the best partners. Arohi says we will destroy deep together.Deep says to Netra stay with me. She says you have a bruise on your hand. Netra says in heart Deep who are you. Arohi says if anything happened to deep.. I will take my revenge but not this way.

Netra calls John and says Deep want Singhniya to help him. I want to know what will he do with this money. Someone ruined the whole plan It was Arohi or Tara. Keep an eye on both of them.Deep wakes up at night. Aroh mixes something in his water. Deep gets dizzy and faints. He holds Arohi and gives her an injection. Deep says like you gave me sedative I did to you too. Arohi says you can’t really see? Deep says yes but I understand more than those who can see. She says what can you see in me? He says you love me. Arohi says I hate you. Deep pulls her close. Deep says this is what God wants too. Tara looks at them. arohi says leave me.. SHe tries to go. Deep pulls her and they both fall in bed.

Job says to Netra this USB ahas deep and Singhaniya’s conversation. It stops at the main conversation. Someone calls Netra and says if you want to know who is doing this then stop all this. Someone calls Arohi and says someone is plotting something against you. Come to that street. Arohi netra and tara come to that street. Some thugs grasp Netra. SHe says leave me. Netra puts gun on her. She asks who sent you? He says Arohi. Arohi shoots at them. Netra hides. SHe says arohi you tried killing me? I will answer you back.Deep gets his deal done with Singhaniya. Singhaniya comes and says congratulations on this partnership. Arohi throws water on deep. Arohi dances aorund him and comes close to him. She takes the file and burns it. Deep says what are you doing arohi. It is Netra not Arohi.

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