A love to die for update Friday 18 February 2022

A love to die for 18 February 2022: Deep says why are you so worried? Deep says relax Arohi. Guru ma is crying. Tara comes there. She says where is my son? Opasna and Virat are there too. They bring in the casket and open it. guru ma cries and says you can’t leave me.Deep says to Arohi Mr. X is caught. Inspector comes and says an unknown call told us where he is. Arohi says no that isn’t possible. I wanna see his face. Arohi says in heart they are lying. Deep says MR. X is caught. Relax now. He leaves. ARohi is confused.

He recalls he asked a man to be fake MR. and get a lot of money.ARohi sees Abhi’s picture. She says you lost your life because of me. Guru ma does Abhi’s funeral. She is crying. Tara says where is your Arohi? She isn’t here in your difficult time? She got Abhi killed. She always asked him not to kill deep and deep killed him instead. She is responsible for all this.Arohi says where did deep go?Deep wakes up in another cruise. He says how did I come here? Some thugs come in. Deep beats them and goes up. A guy hits him. He is deep’s look alike.Fake deep partied around and killed all the people. He says face over a face. you wont know this secret. But now you will know everything. He laughs.Fake deep calls ARohi. He says come to the beach.

Fake deep says to Arohi I know you are upset because of Abhi’s death. Btu you have to move forward in life with me. He asks her to sit on bike and takes ehr somewhere.Guuru ma is crying. ARohi comes there and hugs her. Guru ma slaps her. She says you are responsible for all this. You saved your husband. Deep says she always tried to save Abhi too. Arohi says you are doubting me. Abhi.. Guur ma says dont’ take my son’s name and get lost from here. Fake deep laughs.Fake deep takes Arohi to a room. FLowers sprinkle on her. She says deep its you right. He says yes its me no one can come between us. He comes close to her. Deep pulls her close. She says I don’t feel right. We can do this later. He says you ever leave me right.. Wasu says deep.. Deep comes downstairs. Wasu does his arti. She says I hope you are always safe. I always prayed for you.Deep goes to room.Arohi gets a letter for deep.

She takes it to deep’s room. Wasu asks fake deep where is deep? He says fine. Arohi hears. Wasu says where is he? Fake sees Arohi and says right here. Deep says my wife is here. Arohi wonders why is he acting so strange.Deep and Arohi get ready. He says I waited so long for this. she says there is the bruise that you had on hand. HE says it healed. He hugs her. Arohi shoves him. Real deep wakes up in dark. He says someone hit me from back. Arohi’s life is in danger. e says open the door. He hits the door. Arohi says to Fake deep I don’t know how I feel so weird. Even when you are near I feel strange. Fake deep hugs her and says be calm. I am here with you don’t worry. She says you are right. Arohi says I feel guilty for Abhi’s death I couldn’t save my friend.Someone throws in food. Deep says open the door. Arohi comes to fake deep adn says where is Virat. He slits her hand from her knife and says better remain in your limits. He shoves her. Arohi looks for deep. Fake deep is in washroom. arohi sees him.

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