A love to die for update 14 April 2022

A love to die for 14 April 2022: Chakor sees Arohi. She hugs her. Chakor says are you okay. Chakor says deep has married someone. Arohi is dazed. Chakor says what are these bruises. She says those thugs want to kill me. Deep comes to holi party with Netra. They meet people. Tara comes and says happy holi. My holi is colorless without you. She says to Ponam we have heard a lot about your holi. Tara says would it be played with colors or.. Anju dances with her friends. Chakor comes to the party. Aroh is the car. Some thugs surround her. She runs.Chakor asks people if they have seen Anju’s parents. She puts color on her face so anju doesn’t recognize her. Tara says why are they not here yet. Mohan comes. Tara says happy to see you here. Now do what I asked you.

A love to die for 13 April 2022

But wait till I ask call you. She gives glass to Mohan and says she will faint when she drinks it. You can take her away from deep and this city. Tara says in heart he is such a fool he doesn’t know it isn’t drink. IT is poison. Arohi comes to the holi party. She puts color on her face. Deep is talking to Netra. Tara asks Mohan to give the glass to her. Deep says she is my wife I will put colors on her first. He colors her face. Netra colors his face as well. The glass falls. Tara says to Mohan you are such an idiot. He says that girl collided with me.

Arohi sees deep and recalls everything. Deep walks past her. Aroi realizes he is bind. Aroh says but who knows if he is or he is not. Deep says Arohi and walks towards her. arohi is dazed. Arohi takes a side. Deep holds another woman’s hand and says Arohi. Tara sees Arohi walking past and says why did I feel like it was Arohi. Arohi sees Netra dancing. Deep beats a drum. Nera dances with him. Chakor is in the party as well. It starts raining. Chakor sees Anju’s mom.

Deep hugs and kisses Netra. Tara comes to the Mohini and says I am your friend because we have same enemies. Tara gives Netra drink. Deep stops her and says don’t drink anything. He throws it away. Anju’s parent says to Chakor we can help you. she says i dont need any help. Her mom says we didn’t want to ruin her life. Chakor says you could tell her about her mom. she says we made her study. We didn’t want to ruin her life and career. Chakor says she hates me. Anju’s ma says no she doesn’t. Chakor says what did you tell her that she hates me so much? Tell me what have you told her?Deep and netra dance in the party. tarra tries ot dance with Deep. Anju comes to room and thinks it is Sameer. She says Sameer why are you not saying anything. It is a masked guy. He locks the door. Anju says let me go.

she screams for help. Mohini says to Netra sorry for what happened. Lets have a good time. She gives drink to Netra. Netra drinks it. Arohi sees Netra and saysI have to save her life like she saved mine. Arohi says to Netra I am here. Come with me.Arohi says it’s me Netra Arohi. she says thanks for saving my life. You saved me but how could you fall in his trap? Go away from his life. He will ruin your life. Netra says you are Arohi. Deep is coming in that direction. Arohi says I have to go. she says please save your life, they will ruin your life. Arohi runs. deep comes to Netra. Netra says to Deep we found Arohi. She laughs. Arohi wonders what happened to her. She is drunk. She says Arohi is there. Tara says that meanr Arohi is back? Tara says to Mohini see there. Your plan failed. Mohin says you came in my plan. Do it for yourself. Tara says you don’t know about me. Mohini says I dont’ need to know you.

You are useless. Anju’s mom says she was a kid. She thought her mother left her. She hated you back then and she hates you now. Chakor is crying. Chakor says why did you send me Anju’s death certificate? Her father says we didn’t send it ever. Chakor says that means someone tried to part me from my daughter. I wont leave him. Can I meet Anjy? Her father says yes. Mohini sees Chakor. Deep asks Netra what did Arohi say? She says she was saying deep depp. Deep asks his man to see if Arohi is there?He says we couldn’t find her. Deep’s man takes Netra home. Tara says I can kill her easily. Tara says now i can easily kill Netra.

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