Blue venom girl update Thursday 14 April 2022


Blue venom girl 14 April 2022: reveals Malay that Kalpana is his dad Harshvardhan Mittal’s second wife. She continues that her manuni/Kalpana would have backed off after knowing Harshvardhan is already married, but Nandita in her superego and arrogance tried to kill her whole family. She with her brother tried to kill her real mother thinking her as Kalpana and he saw her mother paralyzed since 20 years. She then tells how Nandita tried to kill her via her brothers and they buried her alive on her marriage day, then she killed them all completing her revenge and made Nandita wheelchair bound like her real mother. She says took her revenge and it is up to him to decide if she did right or wrong.

Malay goes home and reminisces all the words Apu told. In the morning, Vardaan asks if he did not sleep whole night
and says just like it was difficult for him to listen truth, it was difficult for Apu to tell truth. He says he has decided to correct things and asks if she is with him. She says always.Apu tells Kalpana that she told truth to Malay and did not take revenge though, now she wants to go far away from everyone. She walks out with her bag when Malay comes and stops her. Malay takes Kalpana and Apu to Mittal mansion. Kumkum asks if he is out of his mind, why did he bring these 2 problems back home. Vardaan calls reporters in. Harshvardan also comes in. Reporters discuss Harsh was had for physical therapy in a rehab unit, he is back. Malay addresses reporters that Mittal industries is India’s #5 company and he is giving 51% company shares to Kalpana Ghosh.

Nandita and Kumkum are shocked. Reporters asks why is he giving 51% shares to Kalpana. He says Kalpana is his father’s second wife and his step mother. Reporters laugh that Malay himself degraded his dad’s character.Kalpana taunts Nandita that her son broke her sin pot. Reporters ask Nandita how is she feeling after knowing her husband’s truth. Kumkum says didi is ill. Reporters question her next. She angrily takes Nandita from there. In room, Kumkum yells how can Malay insult their family like this. Nandita gets up and says god gave her second change, now she will complete her 20-year-old revenge and kill Kalpana. Apu thanks Malay for getting Kalpana her right. Malay says it was his duty and gifts Apu a rabbit. Apu gets happy but then afraid reminiscing rabbit dying before with her scratch. Malay says nothing will happen now as he knows she will not harm anyone. Vardaan comes and gets happy seeing rabbit, says Apu she has to share this rabbit with her.


Apu apologizes for separating her from Malay and says she will get them remarried lavishly. Malay then brings Kalpana and Apu’s bags. Vardaan shows Kalpana’s room and says she has to perform all her duties and teach her making bengali sweets like she taught Apu. Kalapana emotinoally says yes. Malay brings bags to room and asks Kalpana and Apu to rest.Vadaan goes to kitchen. Malay follows her and hugs her from behind. He asks to kiss him and she shys. He is about to lip kiss her when Kumkum yells outside who kept things in the middle. Vardaan shyingly runs out and Malay acts as drinking water and leaves. Kumkum silently enters kitchen and takes knife. Then at midnight, Nandita with Kumkum walk into sleeping Apu’s room and thinks she will kill Apu to take revenge from Kalpana. She raises knife to stab Apu when Vardaan holds her hand and drags her out and asks if she can walk and talk. Nandita says god gave her strength again to take revenge from Kalpana. Vardaan asks she made many mistakes and it is time to correct them.In the morning, Nandita tells family that they are going to temple to thank god for her recovery and bless Vardaan and Malay.

Apu tells Kalpana even she has to go. Kalpana says they cannot trust Nandita. Apu says her only enemy is Kasturi and now Vardan has kicked her out of house, so she need not worry.Mittal family goes to temple. Nandita asks Vardaan and Malay to sit for pooja and not get up. Kumkum acts as slipping and twisting her leg and reminisces speaking to Kasturi at night and planning to kill Apu. Nandita asks to bring mata ki chunri/god’s veil. Apu goes to buy chunri. Kasturi disguised as vendor sells gunpowder smeared chunri and walks behind her to push her in fire. She pushes Apu and Apu falls down, chunri falls on fire and catches fire. Apu wakes up and confronts Kasturi that her gunpowder smeared chunri did not work. Their fight starts. Nandita repeatedly looks at them.

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