A love to die for update Wednesday 13 April 2022

A love to die for 13 April 2022: Netra says to Deep I am really worried for my family. Tara might harm them. Deep says they are our family no one can harm them. She hugs him. Mohan and Wasu come and say come downstairs deep. Deep says to Mohan don’t dare saying a word to Netra.Tara takes out a gun. She says get ready Deep. Your wife is coming to you.The wedding starts. Tara sneaks in with her dagger. Viraat says where is tara. She puts gun on him. Virat says what are you doing here. Tara says let me go in. Virat says okay go but dont’ betray me like everytime. She says I wont. Tara sneaks in.Mohan applies tilak on deep’s forehead. Deep says why are your hands shivering? Your daughter will be happy with me. Tara and Virat come to Netra’s room.

Virat faints her. She falls down. Mohan and ma come in. Mohan says what did you do to my daughter. Virat says we are saving her. You take Netra from here and we will send Tara as briide. No one would know. Deep’s man comes and puts gun on Tara. Virat puts gun on him.Tara comes downstairs with ghunghat. Mohan does all the rituals. Deep takes off the ghunghat it is Netra. Tara was upstairs. Deep whispers to Mohan you thought you are clever than me? Tara wakes up in bed. Virat is there.

Deep comes in. he says you thought I wont know? Virat fainted tara and sent Netra downstairs. Virat says I was always on deep’s side. Deep says go from here now. She can’t take your place but I am marrying her for a reason.Netra is in her room. Tara comes there and says keep this knife before deep makes your life hell. Netra says you are crazy. Tar says you will be too. Tara says deep is only my love. He only loves me. He is fooling you. You don’t know his game. This is his hobby. Tara leaves. Netra sees Deep on a screen. Tara is angry in her room. Deep throttles her and says get out of my life. she says please dont’ do this . Deep says get out of my life and this house. Tara says you can’t do this deep.Chakor asks the principal why am I being suspended from the college. Principal says I can’t help you in that regard.Netra says what should I wear.

She sees Arohi on TV. Arohi is screaming. Netra is confused and scared. sHe says what who is she. The screen shuts down. Netra comes out to look for it. She sees a door closed and says is someone inside? I can help you. Deep says what are you doing here? Netra says who is inside? Deep says are you crazy? no one is inside. Netra says in heart there is some secret behind this door that I need to find out. Deep and Netra get ready for the holi. Netra says what is behind that door. I have to find out she goes upstairs and tries to break the door. Netra goes in. It’s all dark. She says the room is like the one I saw in video. Deep comes and says you didn’t trust me? Now will tell you about this room.It reminds me of my wife Arohi. Netra says I am sorry. I didn’t want to do this. A napkin with blood and something written on it gets stuck in Netra’s clothes.

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