A lockdown love story Sunday Update 27 February 2022

A lockdown love story 27 February 2022: Sonam coming to stop Dhruv’s marriage. He fills sindoor in Milky’s maang. Some time back, Subhadra offers help to Nutan. Sheetal says don’t worry, we will manage. She signs Pratap, Nutan, Milky and Tanu. Shashi asks the boys to make the mandap. Batasa says I will surely make a great mandap. Nutan is tensed. She asks how will we make Milky my bahu. Milky says there is no time now, will you get Sonam kidnapped. Sheetal says you have a violent mind, no need to do this, just do one thing, you take Sonam to your mum’s parlour, none should know about it. She winks to them. Milky and Nutan smile. Nutan says Sonam will not even know that she lost. Milky says I m going to marry Sonam.

Dhruv smiles seeing Sonam. Sneha says we should go on the terrace for havan. Nutan asks them to come. Pratap says tell me if there is any work for me. Sonam smiles. Nutan says you also bless now, rituals have started, your daughter will get a life like you want. Sonam hugs Pratap. Dhruv shows his kurta to Sonam and smiles. Sonam smiles. Subhadra says I m glad to see Pratap involving in the marriage, you can also feel Sonam’s presence now. Sonam says seriously, I feel relaxed. Pratap says I m your dad, I m happy for you.

Everyone comes on the terrace. Nutan does the rituals. The women sing. Sheetal asks Milky to go. Milky goes to Sonam and tells about the havan. Sonam says its interesting. Tanu says its fine, but who will do the makeup, it should be there. Subhadra says don’t make it a new tension, Dhruv will get busy in arranging Sonam’s wishes, he won’t be able to enjoy the marriage. Sonam says right, I will manage it myself. Milky says you will need a good makeup, its your marriage. Sonam says yes. Tanu says Milky, you are a local, try to help. Sonam says yes, I will not forget your help. Milky says its tough to manage during lockdown, sorry.

Subhadra says you are making it a big deal, Sonam will do make up on her own. Sonam says I didn’t know that I have to be independent in lockdown. Subhadra says bride’s glow is better than any make up. Milky goes. Dhruv is in the puja. Milky comes to Sheetal and says Sonam asked my help, I refused as you said, why. Sheetal says you provoke Sonam when she is alone, then she will get stubborn, you don’t tell her, she will go, then you will get an entry. She tells the plan. Everyone sees Dhruv ready as the groom. Shashi says we will take baraat, this will be girl’s house, we will come back, you will welcome us at the door. Nutan signs Pratap. Pratap says I don’t know all this puja and welcome rituals. Subhadra says its interesting, if anyone from you stays back and tells us, we will go. Shashi says Batasha will tell you, we will leave now. Dhruv signs Sonam and leaves with his family. Milky insists and takes Sonam with her.

The baraat goes out of the house. The inspector asks Shashi where are they going. Shashi says I m taking Dhruv’s baraat. Inspector says its not allowed to go in groups. Dhruv says we are maintaining distance. Shashi says we are just keeping rasam. Inspector says congrats, but sorry, there is no band, baaja or guests, enjoy the marriage. They see the poster band. Batasa and Hulchul play the band music. They all dance. Sonam asks why did you get me here. Milky says I got you to show the groom, come, we will see our groom. Sonam says he is my groom. Milky says he is everyone’s groom.

Sonam says you mean to say in general. She sees the baraat. Sheetal asks Nutan to dance, its a good day, Dhruv will get saved. Nutan says when he gets saved, then I will get relieved. Milky sees Sonam. Sonam says I wish to just sit here and see Dhruv. Milky says bride will look beautiful when she wears the lahenga, Dhruv will also feel so, tension is about makeup. Sonam says I don’t know what to do, you aren’t able to help me. Milky says I thought of it, I also feel bride won’t look good without makeup, it will be done, my mum is a beautician. Sonam asks what, why didn’t you say before. Milky says she can’t come here. Sonam says like you had come. Milky says police will not allow her to come. Sonam says leave it, forget it now. Milky thinks to give her idea. Milky says you can go to my house for makeup, I won’t tell anyone.

Sonam saying I don’t feel right to go today. Nutan comes and asks do you want to apply make up. Sonam says no, its fine, I refused to Milky’s offer, I won’t do anything that make you feel bad. Nutan says you are right, I also want my bahu to look pretty. Sonam asks how will I go, there is no way. Nutan says no one should know about it, they won’t like to know it, what can we do, tell me. She says you can change the clothes and go, none will know that Milky is under the ghunghat, just come back soon and change the clothes back, I m permitting you to go. Milky says its a nice idea, I know a short cut way. Sonam says love you mummy ji, I will go if you want. Milky makes her away and asks her to go fast.Subhadra and Pratap welcome Dhruv home. Milky sings the song. Everyone smiles. Subhadra does the aarti and tilak. Dhruv walks in. His family also enters the house. Nutan asks Subhadra to take the water for the bride’s bath. Subhadra says fine, I will get Sonam. Amber shows the pot of water. He says girl will add this water in the water kept for her bath, its a ritual here.

He shows Sonam coming for the ritual. Sheetal says Milky will go with Subhadra and guide her the rituals. Subhadra says no need to send Milky with me, I will manage it. Pratap says Milky knows everything, she will manage. Tanu says dad is right. Milky asks for Sonam’s lahenga.She says Sonam will wear the bridal dress after the bath. Nutan says once the havan happens, then Sonam will be gone. Sheetal says Milky’s ghunghat shouldn’t get up. Nutan says it won’t happen, I will make sure. They take the bride upstairs. Milky asks the ladies to come and put some water on Sonam turn by turn. Tanu says my dress will gets spoiled, I will sprinkle water here itself. Milky says fine, stay out, I will give her a bath. She asks Sonam to leave the bath and just change clothes. Sonam says this water is part of rituals, I will have a bath by this water, you just make your hair wet by simple water. Nutan takes Subhadra for a talk.

She says I have to tell you a ritual, ask Sonam to put on long ghunghat, bride may catch bad sight, she should follow customs, everything will be fine, after sindoor daan and mangalsutra ritual, bride can remove the ghunghat. She folds hands. Subhadra holds her hand and smiles. She says I liked your idea, I will explain Sonam, it will give a new look to her. Nutan says I m glad you understood it. Sheetal says we will go, Milky will get Sonam. Milky and Sonam change their clothes. Sonam says you look amazing, I will get makeup done and come back fast, thanks, I will give you a special party after marriage. Milky says I should give you a party, come out when I tell you. Sonam says what do you mean. Milky says just come fast. She asks Sonam to go, then come back to change dress with her. Sonam hugs her and thanks. She goes.Subhadra sees her and asks where are you going. Sonam worries. Milky shouts I will change my dress and come. Sonam smiles and goes. Subhadra turns to see. She sees the bride with ghunghat and says Sonam, I m so happy to see you putting the long ghunghat, I was going to tell you, come with me. Sonam goes to Milky’s house. She thanks Milky’s mum and asks her to do the bridal make up fast. Milky’s mum recalls Milky calling her and asking her not to let Sonam come back before marriage completes. Sonam says just hurry up, do the makeup fast, else your daughter will be caught there. Milky’s mum says I will apply the face pack, then your makeup will look better, just ten mins. Sonam asks just ten mins right.Milky’s mum says yes. Sonam says Milky is sweet and friendly. Milky’s mum applies the face pack. She says she is my life, I wish she gets her hero.

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