A lockdown love story update Saturday 26 February 2022

A lockdown love story 26 February 2022: Dhruv and Amber talking. He asks Amber to call him jija ji. Amber says okay jiju. He clicks Dhruv’s pic. Sonam asks Milky to tell Dhruv’s childhood stories. Milky says I m tired, I will sleep now, I like to sleep on the ground. Sneha gets Dhruv’s pic. Sonam sees Dhruv sleeping on the ground. Sneha says its said that bride and groom should sleep on the ground to get the marriage done without any hurdles, right Milky. Milky thinks I will sleep on the ground until Dhruv marries me. She says no, maybe Dhruv likes it. Sonam says you mean its like tapasya, I will also do, Milky you go on the bed, I will sleep here. Milky says no. They fight. Nutan comes and asks what’s happening here. Subhadra says you had hidden the inhaler, right, don’t worry, I won’t tell the children.

Pratap says you are blaming me. She says enough. He gives the inhaler. He says I was trying to save my daughter’s life. She scolds him. He says you are killing Sonam’s freedom and dreams. They argue. Nutan asks why are you arguing. Sneha says they want to sleep on the ground. Nutan asks Milky to go to Tanu’s room. Milky goes. Sonam thanks Nutan. Nutan goes. Sonam sleeps on the ground. Milky thinks I m sleeping on the ground because I love Dhruv, I will get him. She cries. Its morning, Dhruv greets Shashi and Sheetal. Shashi asks for tea. Sonam comes and asks what does it mean. Sheetal says he is asking to make tea soon. Subhadra comes. Shashi says lockdown is a trouble. Nutan says milk got over, till then curse the virus, you won’t get tea, we have more people in the house now. Batasa comes and says milk got over, I didn’t find milk at any shop. Sonam says we can have black coffee, try it, its comfortable to me to make it. Milky asks Batasa to go to her house and get milk from there. She says I will make the tea. Batasa goes. Sheetal praises Milky. She says its imp to have good compatibility in marriage. Nutan looks on.

Pratap asks Tanu do you like this marriage. Tanu says it doesn’t matter. He says we can stop it, Dhruv’s mom and Bua don’t want the marriage to happen, they are planning it with Milky, just help me. She asks what shall I do. He says I will tell you. Sheetal likes the tea and praises Milky. Sonam gets sad. Dhruv praises Sonam’s black coffee. Sonam smiles and thanks her. Batasa says we will make such arrangements for mehendi, you will just see. Sonam says I hope your ideas are good, I like mehendi designs, we both will get mehendi. Nutan gets angry. Milky says I m just worried seeing all this. Sheetal takes her along. Nutan says I can’t see Sonam in this house, what if your plan fails. Sheetal says trust me and my plan, Pratap and Tanu are with us. Nutan says Shashi will fail us, Subhadra also want Sonam to marry Dhruv. Milky angrily says I will get a snake for Sonam. Nutan says Dhruv will save her, like he saved Subhadra. Subhadra comes to call them. She says Sonam’s friends are coming on video call. Sheetal asks Nutan to go and hide her plans. She says we will fight and win, your son will be yours. Sonam gets mehendi on her hands. Her friends are connected on video call. Nutan comes there. Sheetal applies the same design to Milky.

Sonam coming home and stopping Dhruv’s marriage. He gets shocked. Some time back, everyone likes Sonam’s mehendi. Sheetal applies the same design to Milky by seeing Sonam’s design on the phone. Milky says you are making cheap copy types. Dhruv comes to see Nutan’s mehendi. Diya says Dhruv should stay, he isn’t any man, but the groom. Sonam says you can stay if everyone is saying. Dhruv says I know to control my heart. Nutan warns Ankita. She says don’t revive the saas in me, just sit, let Sheetal come. Sonam looks on. Sneha says you have to keep fast with Sonam tomorrow. Dhruv says I can stay hungry for months for my marriage. Sonam smiles.

Sheetal says Milky, you also don’t eat anything tomorrow. Milky says apply some haldi to me, I also have some wishes. Sheetal says you are right. Milky says I m tensed, how will I tolerate if our plan fail. Sheetal says it won’t happen. Sonam says mehendi today and marriage tomorrow, I will get sindoor of Dhruv’s sindoor. Sheetal says I will decide it, not you Sonam. Nutan sees two women dancing and coming with veils. Dhruv signs her that its Batasa and Hulchul. Nutan asks them to do mu dikhai. She sees Hulchul and Batasa. She beats them. Everyone laughs. Nutan says look at your friends. Sonam thanks them. Amber clicks pics. Sonam shows her mehendi to Dhruv. Pal ek pal…..plays…..Nutan thinks Milky would have got mehendi of Dhruv’s name, Sonam be happy for some time. Sonam shows Dhruv’s name. He smiles. Nutan and Sheetal come to Milky. Nutan shows the haldi. She says I don’t want you to come without haldi, your mum can’t come here, I m also like your mum. Tanu is also with them. She taunts Nutan’s choice. Nutan says you are wrong, Sonam isn’t deserving to come in this house. Sheetal says don’t forget, you both are in the same party, apply the mehendi and do the shagun.

Milky comes to Dhruv and sees him working out. She gets tea for him. She says you forgot our old friendship. He says I remember. He gives the tea from his cup. She says enough. They sit and have tea. Sonam sees them. Milky asks Dhruv to just do what he said, have tea and do it. He drinks the tea. They laugh. Sonam comes to them and asks what fun is going on. He says we were having tea with music. Sonam asks her to have tea. Nutan and Sheetal look on. Milky says she is too classy, she has to be wild like this. Sheetal says Milky separated Sonam from Dhruv. Dhruv takes Sonam to show the bridal dress. Subhadra says your lahenga is ready.

Sonam says its beautiful, who got this, Dhruv, just you can do this. He says I went to shop at night and got the unique lahenga for you, how did you like it. She says its lovely, what are you wearing in the marriage. He says leave it. Shashi gets sherwani for Dhruv. He says he can wear this one, try it. Sonam says thanks, you are the world’s best sasur, I was in tension, if his sherwani doesn’t match, it will be imperfect, thanks. She hugs Shashi. Dheeraj asks Shashi to talk to pandit once. They go. Dhruv and Sonam show their clothes and smile. Pandit talks to everyone. Sheetal says it should look like bride and groom stay in different houses.
Subhadra says Pratap don’t know this, you can make Sonam’s arrangements upstairs. Pratap smiles. Tanu signs Milky. Sheetal thinks Sonam will go upstairs, she won’t reach the mandap.

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