Gangaa Zee World: See full casts, real names and pictures


Ruhana Khanna as Child Gangaa

Gangaa is a new series that premiered on Zee World Africa mid October, it is a story that tells of a widowed and orphaned child, Gangaa, who had to deal with traditions and superstitions regardless of her age.

The show has three seasons in all. The season one explore Gangaa’s life as an orphan child living with the Chaturvedi amidst discriminations and backlash. She forms a strong bond with Sagar and together they go throw childhood with fondness for one another

The season two sees her all grown up and in love with her childhood friend Sagar despite oppositions from his family.

In the season three she finds a new love interest in Shiv Jha,  after the death of Sagar. She draws consolation from him and works her way to a happy ending.

Below is the full casts list for all the seasons, their pictures and real names.

Main casts

  • Aditi Sharma as Gangaa Sagar Chaturvedi / Gangaa Shiv Jha (née Shukla), Sagar’s second wife/widow, Shiv’s wife, Krishna’s mother

Aditi Sharma as Older Ganga

  • Vishal Vashishtha as Sagar Niranjan Chaturvedi, Gangaa’s first husband, Krishna’s father.

as Older Sagar

  • Ruhana Khanna as Child Ganga Shukla / also returned as  Krishna Sagar Chaturvedi (Gangaa and Sagar’s Daughter)



  • Rizwana Shaikh as Mehri

  • Divyangana Jain as Ragini

Divyangana Jain

Young Sagar

  • Pooja Sethi as Drishti

  • Mukul Nag as Kanta’s husband, Sagar’s Dadaji, Niranjan’s father

  • Raj Singh Verma as Ganga’s father

  • Sushmita Mukherjee as Kanta Chaturvedi / Ammaji, Sagar’s grandma, Niranjan’s mother.

  • Abhishek Tiwari as Pulkit Niranjan Chaturvedi, Sagar’s brother (adult)

  • Panchi Bora as Jhanvi Sagar Chaturvedi, Sagar’s first wife

Others include:


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  1. Emmanuel musonda says:

    I like zee world series a lot
    But one thing I couldn’t understand, why all series a the same ,
    Course the problem a spear on the movies , atleast you change something so that people may stay and watch zee world series.

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