Zee World: Twist of Fate Update – Monday 14 January 2019


Disha packs bag for Purab. He asks why she’s doing all that that He’s used to it. But She says he was alone before, but not anymore. Pragya and Abhi come there. Abhi says he could have gone day after. Purab says it’s important. He will be back by evening tomorrow. Pragya says she’ll scold him if he makes Disha wait.

Abhi tells Purab to come before moon comes out. He says he will. Karvachauth preps are going on. Ladies sit to eat before sun comes out. Abhi comes in veil and says this is their secret to fast whole day. They party before sun comes out, so they don’t get hungry rest of the day.

Abhi sits to eat as well. Ladies spot him eating like crazy and laugh. Pragya quietly goes to him and takes off the veil. He says he just came to see preps and now he knows how ladies keep fast. After eating this much, he can keep fast for 10 days.

Dadi tells him keep fast and see. Pragya tells Dadi not to tell him to keep fast. If he doesn’t eat time to time, then gets irritated and then she has to handle him. He woke this early for her, that’s enough. Abhi says so he won’t keep fast for her.

Tanu wakes up to see from where all noise is coming. She sees Abhi and Pragya close and gets jealous. She asks why Aaliya can’t see this. She needs proof, right? She will give her proof today. Abhi teasing Pragya. Dasi scolds him. Abhi says he is motivating her to keep fast. Pragya asks him to fast like her if he is concerned for her. Abhi says he will have food. Pragya says it is a new rasam.

Dasi says all husbands are keeping fast for their wives. Mitali says only this house husbands are not following this ritual. Dadi says we will start this ritual also and asks Tai ji to take popcorn inside. Abhi asks her not to eat it and says you are fasting. Tai ji eats popcorn as she couldn’t resist from eating it. Mitali comes and says you haven’t kept fast. Tai ji says I never kept fast and says Taya ji knows about it. She asks her not to tell anyone.

Mitali says she will not tell anyone and thinks to get jewellery back from Tai ji which she got from her almari.

Aaliya calls Munni to Pragya and says they have heard that she has kept fast for Abhi and have sargi at 4am. Munni says when she gets married then also she will not keep fast for her own husband. She says she is eating food secretly. Aaliya asks her to have sweets. Pragya sits down and pretends to eat, but throws the sweet piece.

Aaliya scolds Tanu and asks her to get psychiatrist treatment done. Chutka and Chutki insist the caretaker at the school to make her talk to Munni Mausi. Warden says from where to get Munni as Aaliya don’t tell anything about her.

Pragya throws the sweets box from the window. Tanu follows her and asks her to tell why did she throw the sweets out from window. Pragya says she has thrown it as the sweets was rotten. Tanu says she has to give test and prove that she has not kept fast.

Tai ji comes to the kitchen to have sweets and sends Robin to store room. Tanu comes to kitchen and keeps the snacks and sweets items in the plate. Pragya thinks to go from there, but Tanu comes and asks where she is going? Pragya says I was searching you and tells that Dadi is calling me.Tanu says time have come to break the fast and asks her to eat samosa, kachori etc. Pragya refuses. Tanu tries to forcefeed laddoo in her mouth. Pragya gets angry and slaps her hard.Tanu falls on sofa.

Tanu force feeding sweets in Pragya’s mouth. Pragya slaps her hard and tells that she has kept fast for Abhi. She tells her that she can’t come in between husband and wife and tells that she is Abhi’s love and will stay all life with her. She asks her not to ruin her life and asks her to leave. She then realizes what she said as Pragya and then talks in Munni accent and tells that until she has mangalsutra and Pragya’s face, Abhi is hers and asks her to leave.

Tanu says you don’t deserve him and tells that Abhi is hers. She goes angrily. Pragya thinks what did I do. Why I couldn’t control myself, how I will protect Chutka and Chutki. Aaliya thinks if that villagers was Disha and Purab, then who told them about the papers. She thinks to search the file.

Tanu comes there and tells that she caught Munni throwing sweets from the window and she gave open challenge to her that Abhi is hers and confessed love for him. She asked me to leave.

Aaliya scolds her and says you forgot that Munni is brought by us and we can kick her out at anytime. Tanu says Munni is changed and will kick us out from us. Aaliya says she has much more important things to do and search her enemies. She asks her to get lost and don’t return to her crying. Tanu says you will cry much. Aaliya asks her to go.

Pragya asks Disha, how is she feeling about first karvachauth. Disha says good, but she is feeling thirsty and waiting for moon to appear. Pragya teases her. Disha says he will come as I told him time. Pragya asks mehendi designer to write Abhi’s name on her hand. Tanu hears her and warns her. Disha asks why she is talking to you like this. Pragya asks her not to be bothered and worries for Munni. Tanu thinks it is enough, I will not listen to Aaliya or tell her anything. She thinks she will not leave Munni, sits in car and goes.

She thinks to push her from stairs and imagines pushing Pragya and making her fall down from the stairs. She imagines Abhi’s concern for Pragya as he takes her to room. She is about to hit the car and gets shocked. She thinks if she shall poison her, then thinks he will become devdas. She then thinks to prove infront of Abhi that Pragya is Munni so that he hates her.. She gets happy.

Raj and Taya ji joke about their wives’ fast. Mitali scolds Raj. Tai ji scolds Taya ji. Abhi thinks why Pragya haven’t come till now. Pragya comes…..Abhi thinks it seems angel is coming from sky whom God has made for me, with whom I can fall in love again and again. Rang De song plays….Dasi teases them.

A woman tells the katha about karvachauth. Abhi looks at Pragya. Pragya also looks at him. Disha asks Pragya to romance later and do puja first. Pragya and Abhi smiles.


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