Zee World: This is Fate Update – Thursday 17 January 2019


Preeta and Karan share a cute moment. She then apologises to Karan. Preeta asks him as to what has happened, he looks into Preeta’s eyes and says that he fears something would soon happen. They were cautiously passing by when Rakhi comes there.

Rakhi comes and and tells Preeta that Karan actually had to help her mother. Preeta thinks that Karan came to mock her instead. Karan thinks he didn’t share with Rakhi about the proposal as he wasn’t sure it will get fixed so soon. Rakhi asks what they were thinking about. Both exclaim together saying ‘nothing’.

Rakhi pulls Karan’s ear and mentions about his marriage in front of Preeta. Rakhi asks Preeta to convince Karan for marriage just like Rishabh. She says that she was happy with Sherlyn fasting for Rishabh although she was unwell.

On the other hand, Karan spots Sherlyn cautiously going towards the kitchen. He says that this was a golden chance to get a proof against her. He heads towards the kitchen but Rakhi pulls him back. Karan signals to Preeta that it’s really important for him to go. Rakhi senses something. Preeta tells Rakhi that Karan has selected a girl.

Karan turns around in shock. Rakhi hugs Preeta out of excitement. Preeta signals him to leave but he doesn’t move. Preeta takes Rakhi with her as Karan is so shy. Karan wasn’t ready to go as he would want to hear what Preeta will say to his mother. Rakhi was excited to know about the girl. Karan pushes her to tell her now. Preeta says the girl is Sofia.

Karan shouts at Preeta for saying this. He turns to go to towards the kitchen as Sherlyn too is there. Preeta follows him. Sherlin’s mouth waters as she watches chocolate cake in the kitchen. She is about to eat a cake and breaking her fast when Kareena interrupts. Preeta asks what was Sherlyn doing in the kitchen on the day of her big fast.

Sherlyn makes up a story that she couldn’t help herself resist the cake. Kareena says it’s her mistake as she had request the cake for herself. Rakhi understands and blames Kareena. Kareena thinks Preeta had come to degrade Sherlyn. She was determined not to let Preeta harm Sherlin. Kareena says that she is with Sherlin right now. Shrishti wakes up with her head banging

She slaps her face and recalls what was going on earlier in their house, she looks around for Preeta and Karan and thinks about her intimacy. Kratika speaks to Akshay that she feels excited about her first fast. She asks Akshay if he will also fast for her.

Akshay asks why he would. He adds that he isn’t any fool to fast only for impressing his girlfriend. Kritika tells him that many handsome guys also do so. Akshay was furious at this and cuts the call. Kratika was worried as to what has happens to her soon to be husband, she then takes the blame on herself.

Shrishti comes outside the hall and asks what she did when she got drunk
Sarla was furious and asks Beeji to tell her. Beeji jokes, Sarla was angry and turns to leave. Shrishti hugs Sarla and insists on her to sit with them. She asks where Karan and Preeta are. Beeji replies that they have left already. Shrishti agrees to Janki being absolutely right. Beeji doesn’t understand.

Shrishti points out why they allowed Karan and Preeta leave home together on Karwachot. She asks if they discussed about their marriage proposal and announces that Karan proposed to Preeta and she accepted it.



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