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Sherlin panics as her cell phone goes missing. She turns to observe preeta, she shares with kareena that preeta became round her. they turn to preeta with an irritated scare. karan wonders what he must do to save preeta.

He crashes into preeta and snatches away the cellphone. sherlin tells karan that preeta stole her telephone. preeta indicates her hand and it’s miles only her personal phone in her hand. karan then replaces the telephone at the couch and tells sherlin he discovered it there. sherlin nonetheless insists that preeta is able to stealing.

Preeta says she turned into apprehensive because they kept investigating her like she became a thief. akshay arrives on the luthra’s residence. mr. luthra calls kritika and asks her to touch his toes. akshay denies. akshay turned into irritated at kritika but she apologizes. he forbids her to understand some other man in front of him again. karan asks preeta all of the questions about sherlin’s ex. preeta says there was nothing in sherlin’s telephone as her lover was texting with a private variety. she says the person is coming in 15 minutes and he had addressed sherlin as janu or sweeto. karan teases how preeta can comprehend it’s either from a boyfriend. preeta tells him to concentrate on sherlin’s case.

Sarla and srishti are surprised to peer the amount of decorations at luthra house. dadi tells srishti that kareena herself did the decorations as it turned into only a small characteristic. srishti and sarla are faced by kareena who asks them why they are there.

Sarla and Srishti taunt her saying she will soon have to get used to seeing them in the house and welcome them with a smile too. Srishti goes on to find Karan and Preeta. Karan follows Preeta and he teases her. He tells Preeta that she is so dumb as there isn’t anyone in this word with the name “Janu”. Preeta says no one ever called her with this and now Karan must concentrate on his work. Karan is relieved, and takes her concentration to the door. Preeta asks about Sherlin and asks where she is. Karan says they must focus on Sherlin when she takes the next step. Karan adds that they will find out when her lover get to the house.

They spot Sherlin coming downstairs and hide themselves to keep an eye over her. Sherlin reads the text on her phone, she then wonders how the message didn’t flash. She ignores and worries how her ex husband would enter the house.

The guy arrives at Luthra’s house. He thinks he will be caught if someone recognizes him. He tells himself that today is his biggest adventure and the danger ahead has filled him with excitement. He goes inside.Rakhi comes to Sarla and greets her, Sarla compliments her.

Sarla says Karwachot is a festival for every married woman and its Rakhi’s right to appear good today. Rakhi asks Sarla what she had to say about Karan and Preeta. Sarla says Karan and Preeta have come really close to each other in a while. Sarla is about to tell Rakhi about them being in a relationship when some band people arrive. Preeta and Karan talk about the message on Sherlin’s phone.

Karan is confused when Preeta tells him that she is sure it was Sherlin’s boyfriend as nobody else would say such words as sweetu and jaanu. Karan wants to know if Preeta was ever called by that name from any man.

Preeta says she never was and asks him to concentrate on Sherlin’s case. Sherlin awaits at the entrance and wonders where her husband is. She sees him and texts him as the band too comes in. Preeta and Karan do not see the man and Karan goes off to have food whiles Preeta sees her mother and wonders what she is doing there in the Luthra house. Karan teases her that Sarla must have brought their marriage proposal. Preeta was shocked. Meanwhile, they both missed Sherlin as they got entangled in their conversation.

Sarla tries to speak to Rakhi about Karan and Preeta’s proposal but she wasn’t getting the chance to do so. Rakhi sends Kritika to check on the moon. Srishti bumps into Sameer and taunts him about gyming in the traditional Indian wear. She challenges Sameer to hold her, Shrishti dances in his arms to test his macho ability but Sameer drops her.

They gets into an argument when Rishabh interrupts and sends Sameer off to check on the moon. Srishti follows him to the terrace and tells him that soon they will have a situation like Madhuri and Salman in Hum Apke hae kaun. Sameer feels that Srishti has some other plans and gets high hopes but Srishti shatters them again. Kritika walks in and joins them. They are excited to see the moon out. Kritika searches for Sherlin and goes down to tell the other women. Sherlin was excited to read the text of her ex, that he is at the door.

Rishab watches her take him inside. He goes to check who Sherlin was with, he then opens the door. Rishabh barges in and finds no one. Meanwhile, Sherlin was shocked to see Rishab and she hides her ex husband. Rishab asks who was there inside as no one was there. Sherlin diverts the topic and tells Rishabh that his father is calling him. Rishab apologizes for being suspicious and he goes away.

Sherlin’s ex husband appears from behind the curtain. Preeta and Karan meet Kritika who tells them that Srishti is in the house. Preeta is surprised. Karan avoids fighting with her as he tells her that they should search for Sherlin again. Downstairs, everyone was in a rush as the moon had sighted. Sarla decides not to leave without talking to Rakhi about Preeta and Karan’s proposal. Preeta wondered why Sarla was there.

Preeta meets Sarla who tells her that she is there to speak to Rakhi about Preeta’s marriage. Preeta gets surprised and tells Karan that Sarla came there to speak to Rakhi about her wedding with Prithvi. Karan gets irritated to hear Prithvi’s name. Sherlin put her head on her ex husband’s lap. He assures Sherlin that the moon is soon to be sighted. Kritika comes in to call her and finds Sherlin really tensed.

Sherlin assures Kritika to be there after fixing her hair. She stops Kritika from turning around and hugs her thankfully in order to let her ex hide. Afterwards, she asks her ex to come in front as even the moon has sighted. It is revealed that Sherlins lover is none other than Prithvi himself. He insists on breaking her fast infront of everyone. Sherlin decides to break her fast from the window.

Prithvi promises Sherlin to let her break her fast with complete rituals. He assures her that he will feed her the first sip of water as he has greater right over her than Rishab. On the roof, the ladies were waiting for the moon to be sight. Kareena jokes that Kritika must be assuming the moon out of hunger but Shrishti assures Kareena that she also saw the moon.

Karan and Preeta wait for Sherlin. Upstairs, Kritika tells everyone that Sherlin will be joining them in two minutes. Sherlin comes upstairs. Rakhi tells her that she must wait for two minutes as the moon is playing hide and seek with them. Later, Preeta dances with some dancers and Karan gets jealous as he walks in and takes her hand. Karan pulls Preeta for a dance and they get lost in each other eyes. Rakhi cheerfully says the moon has sighted. The entire family joins in celebrate as well.

Karan and Preeta discuss that Sherlin’s lover isn’t there yet but Preeta was sure he will come. Kareena caught them whispering. She smirks and says that she smells something fishy. Kareena separates the two and asks Karan to talk to Rishabh. Preeta keeps her eyes intact on Sherlin while Karan looks distracted as Rishabh tries to talk to him.

Rishabh asks his brother where he has been as he rarely gets to see him these days. Karan’s father teases him that he does know why he is always busy and Rishabh tries to make Karan speak. Karan manages to escape them. Kareena instructs the caterers to serve the food well. Prithvi takes the attire of the waiters and comes upstairs.The caterer incharge recognizes that he wasn’t from his staff but Prithvi gets a chance to leave with the tray.

Srishti sees her sister staring at Sherlin and asks her why she is loking at Sherlin when her focus should be on Karan. Srishti notices Karan watching Sherlin too and asks herself as to what is going on. Preeta inquires what Shrishti is doing there, but Shrishti leaves her side.

Prithvi who has disguises himself as one of the waiters reaches the terrace. He signals Sherlin who is happy to see him as the moon has come out. Later, as he was taking the tray to serve, he comes across Sarla and she recognizes Prithvi’s voice. Karan and Preeta notice Sherlin starting with her fast break even when Rishabh is no where around. Karan and Preeta notice her looking through the strain to a waiter and they realise that he is the lover and now in disguise. They run to catch him and Preeta slips to fall. Rishabh panics as he sees Preeta fall and runs to help her and so does Karan. Sherlin faints at the exact moment and her lover ( Prithvi ) makes her drink water.

Preeta notices this and pushes the men aside to run to catch Prithvi but Rishabh restrains her asking her to slow down as she is hurt. Karan shouts at Preeta for falling at the wrong time and he gets admonished by Rishabh for being rude to Preeta. They see the waiter escape and run behind him but Prithvi escapes leaving behind his disguise. Upstairs, Rishab wish Preeta was there in place of Sherlin. Sherlin also tells herself that Rishab is looking for Preeta instead of her. Sherlin fumes in anger and says she has the right over Rishab.

She is boastful about her victory against Preeta’s plans. Kareena comes to take her to break her fast. Preeta and Karan find the fake moustache. Preeta was worried they would not recognize the man anymore. They plan to check in the parking lot for any new faces. Kareena brings Rishab, Sherlin, Kritika and Akshay to a center announcing they are rightful to break the fast before others. Rishab signals Rakhi about him not interested to do so but Rakhi nods at him.

Sherlin tells herself that Rishab is such an idiot while Rishab felt bad for Sherlin as he had still been thinking about Preeta. Everyone clap as the couples break their fast. Sarla tells Shrishti she is tension free for Preeta now. She believe they will keep her really happy, as the Luthra household is a nice family. Rakhi breaks her fast.

Sameer and Shrishti indulge in an argument. Sameer says Shrishti likes him. Shrishti calls him cute and says that Sameer really likes her. Rakhi finds them together and wonders if something is going on between them. Preeta and Karan were shocked to see Prithvi in the packing lot. Prithvi tells them he came to know from her grandmother that they all are here. He says he came to give Preeta the bangle from his mother but Preeta was reluctant to accept the gift whiles Karan watches them in anger.


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