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The following highlights the last episodes leading to the season finale of Iron Lady. Consequent to these occurence, Indira has gotten her memory back and knows who Rishi and Indu are. She is also revealed to be pregnant and more importantly is the fact that Zara Malik has returned to the Sharmas to cause havoc in their lives.

At this stage of the narrative, Rishi is pretending to be paralyzed and without the ability to realise what’s going on in his environment. Zara, who has managed to disguise herself as the real Indira is taking care of him, albeit suspicious of the authenticity of his health condition.

Season finale Highlights… 


Indira tells Rishi they should continue their drama until they get rid off Zara completely because she is very smart. Zara comes down and Indira puts glasses, fake teeth on. Zara also acts as if she didn’t hear anything. She scolds Indira for coming near Rishi when she said not to and then takes Rishi to his room. (Indira is disguised as another person)

She dries his hair and gives him medicine. Rishi gets unconscious after taking it as it was sleeping pill. Zara then calls police informing them that Zara (who is actually the real Indira) is in Sharma Niwas.

Police come to Sharma Niwas saying they got information that Zara is in this house. Zara acts as if she doesn’t know anything. To make police believe she says I will introduce everyone to you. When it comes to Indira, she says, she just came 2 days ago, I don’t know her much. My mother in law sent her here for work, the Police approach her and take off her glasses and fake teeth.

Zara acts as surprised and shocked that she let Zara stay in the house. Indira, Munna, Indu tell police that she is lying, but police say if she was Zara, then why was she not living as a daughter of this house and why was she in disguise?

Zara asks police to arrest her. Police arrest her and take the real Indira with them. Indu calls Rishi, but Zara tells her he won’t listen because he’s having a deep sleep. Zara goes outside to say good bye to Indira.

Zara comes to the room and gets Rishi ready in groom’s outfit. She also gets ready as a bride and takes their photographs and then says, “made for each other’. She calls Indira on the phone, and Indira tells her that Rishi can never be hers in this life. Zara says, but he will be mine in next lives. Indira is not sure what she means by that. She asks the police to let her go, but they don’t.

They instead lock her up in a cell. Munna and Indu come there with Vanraj. Vanraj asks them to release her, but they don’t listen. Eventually they were able to maneuver the police and have them locked inside. Then they leave for Sharma Niwas.

In the jeep, Indira tells everyone Zara’s intentions are not good. Indu says when police were taking you, she told me Rishi Kumar is having a deep sleep. Indira gets worried and calls Kutumb. While they were discussing, Zara sneaks out with Rishi. Still on call, Indira asks Kutumb for Rishi. Kutumb doesn’t give useful answer and says he would in his room, I don’t know.

Zara puts Rishi in a jeep and takes him somewhere.

Indira, Indu, Munna, Vanraj come to his room and find it fully decorated with Rishi and Zara’s photographs. Vanraj finds sleeping pill bottle there. Indira calls Zara and says, I will do whatever you say.. I will come there and beg you, but please don’t do anything to Rishi. Zara laughs off and disconnects.

Zara tells unconscious Rishi, I loved you so much, but that stupid Indira keep coming between us. And you too can’t forget her. But now you will forget all memories. She takes out her pistol and points at him.

Fortunately when Indira had called Zara, Vanraj had been able to track down where she is. Munna and Indu also want to go, but Indira tells Munna to stay home and take care of Indu. Munna and Vanraj leave.

Rati Pandey as Zara Malik


Next episode: opens at the place where Zara is holding Rishi.

Zara says once her and Rishi die, both will be in different world together. She kisses Rishi’s forehead and is about to kill him first, but she doesn’t want to become widow, so decides to kill herself first. She points the pistol at herself and is about to shoot, but then realizes if she dies first, then who will kill Rishi?

She says sorry to Rishi and says you will have to go first. I will come after you. However Rishi is starting to gain consciousness. She points the pistol at him and pulls the trigger. Indira comes at the last moment and saves Rishi.

The bullet gets fired in the air then Both are fighting to get the piston in their hand but Zara ends up getting it. She points it at Indira and says she will have to die as well. Indira tells her that she will go away from Rishi’s life and requests her not to kill Rishi. Rishi who is now conscious asks Zara to put the pistol down, but she doesn’t. Rishi cannot do anything as he is tied up. Fortunately Vanraj comes with two lady police and arrest her.

Indira releases Rishi and they hug. Zara doesn’t like seeing the two hugging each other. Rishi says to Zara, I got saved from your bad intentions once again because of Indira’s true love for me. True love passes all the tests that it faces.

Zara laugh and says, “Indira’s real test will start now. She is pregnant since 4 and half months, and she returned to Rishi 3 months ago which means it’s not your child.”

Rishi and Indira think it’s just nonsense and she is trying to create problem in their lives before leaving. Police take Zara but Indira is still remembering Zara’s words and quietly leaves from there. Rishi turns and doesn’t find her there.

Indira is on the road, still saying herself that Zara is lying and she can prove it in a minute. She comes to a clinic to prove Zara wrong, but the doctor informs her that she is pregnant since 4 and half months. Indira is completely shocked and cannot believe it. She asks for the date when this happened. The doctor says, I don’t know exact date, but gives her estimated date.

Rishi returns home and finds house decorated. Taoji is there with gifts that Ammu sent here. He tells him, I heard Zara has finally gone from your life and now there is no danger for you. Come back to Jwala Niwas, Ammu’s house, we all are waiting for your child to born.

There is a challenge between me and Ammu. I said Tarkeshwar (rishi’s child) will be like you and Ammu said he will be like Indira. Taoji doesn’t see Indira there and so asks about her. Right then Rishi receives a call from Indira’s number. It’s the clinic nurse. She tells Rishi that Indira came for the checkup and forgot her phone. Rishi asks if Indira said anything about where she was going. Nurse says, no.. but she was very upset and kept asking when she got pregnant.

Zara gets 14 years in jail from the court. She is in the jail and is waiting for Indira. Indira comes. Zara says, so you did all the tests and doctor proved me right, right? Indira grabs her hair and asks how she knew about this. Zara says leave my hair and I will tell you the truth.

Indira leaves her hair. Zara then says, the day when you were transferred to Delhi mental hospital, someone took advantage of you. Zara tells her when Indira sent her to the asylum she met with the rapist who thought Zara as Indira and wanted to take advantage of her, but she runed his bad intentions as she’s Zara.

Indira gets lost in thoughts. Zara says, your doubt is true. You were raped. But who did it.. that you will have to find it. You’re hitler didi and fight for others, right? So now find out who did this with you.

Zara tells Indira to keep Rishi out of this secret… as a man can accept everything except for his wife carrying someone else child.

She once again asks Indira to release Rishi to her and everyone’s life will be perfectly set. Indira replies that she is not hiding anything from Rishi because it is the better way to find a solution for any problem Zara laughs and says no man will accept any such reality.

Rishi arrives and asks Zara what was she saying to Indira. Zara tells Indira to tell the truth to her hubby herself. Indira is quiet and Rishi says he believes her more than anyone else he will not get swayed again in the plan of anyone it is enough now. He goes to kiss Indira making Zara jealous. Indira once again thinks she was raped and at what Zara said and so she runs away.

Zara tells Rishi laughingly that his Hitler didi has ran away, Rishi holds Zara by her throat and threatens to kill her for whatever she did. He asks her why was she laughing and what she was saying to Indira.

Indira arrives at home and Munna begins to sing as they have organise a baby shower ceremony for her. Kutumbh show her all the gifts which arrived from her in law. Tauji says loudly that he brought everything and then he takes some money and passes it on Indira head and throws it. Munna and Kutumbh begin to collect the money.

Indira asks Munna and Kutumbh at least to respect Tauji who’s feeling awkward seeing Kutumbh and Munna fight for the money. Munna and Kutumbh later return back the money.

Tauji gives Indira some token he brought and asks her to get ready for Jhanjar where her baby shower ceremony will be celebrated. Kutumbh and Munna also want to go.

Indira has a vision then where Rishi comes and throws away the veil and token from her hands. Indira comes to reality after seeing that Rishi slaps her saying she’s not carrying Chandila heir.

Tauji asks Indira what’s going on and why she is lost in thought, but she can’t tell him everything as he’s like a father to her. Indira lies her head on his chest and says that she was raped and not carrying Chandila heir. Everyone is shocked.

Back in the prison, Zara tells the same story to Rishi and begins to touch him affectionately, he snatches the gun of a constable and asks Zara to say the truth. Rishi tells Zara that he thought her to be Indira and loved her what was his fault.

When Vanraj comes to stop Rishi from doing any damage with the gun, Zara snatches Rishi’s gun as he was distracted and then asks Vanraj to give her his gun else she kills Rishi, although Rishi is saying no Vanraj hands her the gun.

Zara then asks the constable to open the jail and asks everyone to go inside. The constable closes the jail and Zara says bye to Rishi that she will meet him later and there’s no such jail that can keep her.

She also says sorry that she lied to Indira about her pregnancy and that he’s the father of the baby. She also says she did everything to build a bridge in their relationship. She’s sure that Indira will take a step to ruin everything and will kill the baby. Rishi is shocked and quiet while Zara runaway


The Episode starts with Indira telling the Sharmas and Taoji that the being breathing in her womb is not a Chandilla heir rather an inhuman person who took advantage of her helplessness.

Taoji leaves, Indira spots a lamp and removes its glass and breaks and says that she will end its life. She is about to stab herself but Indu runs to her and hugs her pleading for her not to kill Chiku (the name they gave to the baby) but Indira push her from her and says that no one is going to stop her.

Kutumb calls her but she doesn’t stop. Fortunately Rishi comes and stops Indira. He hugs her tightly and sobs, Indira looks at him, then he asks her what was she trying to do, Indira tells him that she was trying to eliminate this obstacle in their relationship. But he informs her that this was Zara’s ploy because she wanted to create more problems in their relationship. Everyone is relieved. Rishi hugs Indira tightly, Indu joins too.

At night in the kitchen, Meher is putting some kheer in a bowl and she is relieved that she is going to eat a good meal at last. Vanraj enters Sharma Niwas and informs Rishi that Zara ran away from jail. He tells him to close the doors of the house because they couldn’t spot her. Rishi agrees.

Meher sees a silhouette and assembles her sleeping mat and pretends that she was fast asleep. When she looks up she calls up Indira’s name but thinks it is Zara, Zara tries to plot another plan but Meher backs out of it and she strangles her. Meher jerks her and sees the forehead mark and realizes it is Indira.

Rishi comes and sweetly talks to a sobbing Indira asking her not to cry because of Zara. He turns to Meher, she apologizes and is forgiven by Indira but she is asked to leave the house. Rishi threthens her with a spatula and she runs.

Indira now bends to touch Rishi’s legs, but he stops her and carries Indira to their room, Indira feeds RK and he reciprocates. He sleeps and Indira caresses his hair and forehead, she lays her head on him and this makes him wakeup . He dries Indira ‘s tears and they hug

Final episode 

The last episode starts with Munna returning back home all frustrated and he tells his wife that he failed in seeking clients for his new job as they prefer to believe in others rather than believe him because his reputation is ruined.

His wife says it seems that she’s not destined to see her hubby earnings. Indu who was witnessing everything just console her aunt saying not to worry everything will be alright. Vanraj tells Indu nothing will be alright she just need to prepare herself to leave for Jhanjhar but Indu has a new idea.

Indur is dreaming about Jhumpa and he gets and walks towards his shop. He talks and kisses the close shutters. Indu follows him and sees his gesture and love for his shop and recalls Indira words. Kutumbh comes to see the garland of money and tries it.

Indu snatches it from him putting in it place she says to Kutumbh “no one won it yet”. Kutumbh replies that it must be hers as Indur shows no interest in her anymore and she’s old and can’t earn.

Indu gives her the idea of helping Indur in his shop, she tells her if she would have helped from the very beginning Jhumpa would not come in Indur life. Kutumbh gives a thought to the idea which Indu tells her.

The show take a 5 month leap….

After a leap of 5 months Indu cuts the ribbon and says surprise to Indur, it is his new shop. Indur is overwhelmed seeing his shop again. He kisses Indu forhead for realising his dream again.

Indira asks Indu from where she got the money and Kutumbh says it was Indu’s idea to open her kathak class again. Vanraj helps her as the advance level teacher and she’s teaching the basic level. She took some advance and re-opened the shop.

Indur feels really indebted to her and asks for forgiveness, as she has proved herself to be a loyal wife. Kutumbh says he shouldn’t ask for forgiveness and Indur says he’ll try his best to regain the trust of his wife.He says that Kutumbh is his true life companion.

He praises Indu saying he must have done something good to have her as his grandchild, Kutumbh also agrees. Indu tells everyone to stop getting emotional and to follow her as she has one another surprise for them.

They enter Sharma Niwas and sees all the sketches of Rishi in the hall. Indu tells Rishi that Ishaan has already uploaded all of these on internet to be sold. Indu gives Rishi the money and says all the pictures are sold out except for one.

Rishi can’t believe his ears, Indu suggests that he should follow his dream as everyone claims that he’s a good cartoonist. Rishi is proud seeing his daughter recognise him.

Indur and Vanraj are laughing and Indu asks why they are laughing, Indur says Rishi really depicted Munna well in the sketch as everywhere he’s with his bottle of liquor and Munna feels embarrased.

Indu says that that was why a liquor shop bought all the sketches of Munna. Indira notices Munna changed face and says he must feel proud, Munna says that that is what he’s good for. Munna leaves and Indu shows them the picture which is not sold and it is of Rishi and his family with Chiku in Indira’s arm.

Indira suddenly goes in labour pain, and Kutumbh says it is time for her delivery. Chiku is born and everyone is happy.They keep on kissing him. Indira tells Indu now she’s so happy Chiku is born, Indu says Chikoo is so cute.

Indira tells Indu now they must leave for Jhanjhar as Munna failed to get a job, Indu says Munna is the one who’ll earn more than everyone, he’s the new bar tender. Indu says now they will not leave Chandni Chowk.

Indira praises Indu for realising the dreams of everyone and says she’s proud to be her mom. Munna asks Chiku if he’s proud to have him as his uncle? He shows him a feeding bottle saying he’ll prepare milk for him everytimes he visits his bar.

Indu says finally everything is running smoothly in Sharma Niwas, Indira says it is not yet the end as she’s still jobless. Indu says she has a job for Indira… Indu has taken the place of Indira she’s running the court of Hitler and Rishi says till Hitler is present in Chandi Chowk no one else can rule.

Indira also says that Indu will rule SN and CC from now.The title song of HD is heard in the Back ground with some flashbacks of Indu and Indira. Kutumbh seizes the opportunity to ask who won the garland of money?

Everyone tries to snatch the garland and Indu runs away saying fight as much as you want as all the notes are fake. Indu rushes outside kisses the name board and says that they are going but if ever time give a chance they will be back again as the story is not complete and some dreams are still yet to be realise.

She throws a letter which she has written and this goes on the face of a guy(Same first scene of Indira and Rishi) the guy reads the letter and calls Indu as Hitler Didi, and in Sharma Niwas once again Indira Rishi and the whole family gather to give a sweet smile to everyone.

Iron Lady comes to an end.

The casts of Iron lady

~**~THE END~**~



Share your thoughts, who are you going to miss and how did you enjoy or not enjoy the series? ☺


  1. This is the worst story ever!
    I hate rishi #1
    The story was so interesting before they made Indira’s so called illness, the shwater thing,Zara,….what was all that?!
    I thought the story would really mean something when kabir entered but oh no! It was just the beginning of a useless story…iron lady my foot! I think the writer or director could have been more realistic than this…iron Lady was all about touching the worst and folding arms so rudely,crazy family,parents with immoral actions and a crazy useless sister inlaw; nothing more than this….
    And please don’t try bringing this type of movie to zeeworld Africa…and please remove twist of fate and that twin serie of twist of fate “twisted love” these movies are useless, and worst our subscription money..we don’t watch your movies for free…so try bringing good movies and not exaggerated kind of stories!

    • I’m sorry you feel that way. But some other people do enjoy the series, that’s why they are still being showed. You can check their fan pages to air your view…

      Starlife channel does show Bollywood series too, maybe you will be more interested.

      • Admin for real even if u direct us to go to star life, it was better for me to watch my golden home than watching that thing called fate….. We do enjoy your channel but please there a lot of movies outhere choose the one preferably for most to enjoy .

    • Am with you on this dear ……They are da worst series ever especially twist of fate 2 instead they would have returned king of hearts 1
      #brendananyanga from uganda in east africa

  2. I support chama chulu iron lady is the worst story. I thought Zara is Indira twin that Kabir mistook for Indira please give us value for money

  3. I support chama chulu iron lady is the most foolish movie zee world ought not to show at all…..
    Why waisting our subscription on movies that doesn’t have meaning?..
    Begusarai, twist of faith & its Cole and iron lady must be eliminated from zee world and also every other movies of such shouldn’t be played in zee world….THANKS

  4. My thought exactly, why make every other person bad because they are not the sharmas family, Zara should have been kabir Wife and a mother to his daughter. The sharma family are so useless and yet at the end they turn out to be good people so what about Zara and her lost memory nothing was said about that again. Seriously, the series is nonsense.

  5. So much of crying.mothers dawters dawters in law all crying from start to end omg we dwal with issues in everyday life n den watch dem on tv no story has a theme to make u smile so damn depressing

  6. it’s so touchy . I just can’t believe it.
    in someparts of the world you need to give up your smile just to ensure that discipline prevails. i have learnt a lot from this soap.it has made me realize that i need to be strong and strict.An amazing thing is i practiced her moves and guess what it worked 95%.
    seriously zee world you rock . Make sure to quit showing those two fate series its so exaggerated .when ever my mom sees it she gets annoyed

  7. Zee world you are the best. I enjoy your series because they are carefully chosen and are all good. I personally enjoyed iron lady. It was unpredictable and thats good.
    Twist of fate and this is fate it was a good idea having both of them run concurrently. It makes sense to me. Who ever thought about that… its so cool….


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