Zara’s Nikah update Wednesday 6 January 2021

Zara’s Nikah 6 January 2021: Fashion show starts. Zara is worried about models. She calls agent. Agent says we cant come to your show, we got advance from other project, she ends call. Ruksaar smirks and gives money to agent.

Zara is worried. Kabir comes there and asks what happened? Manager asks Zara where are her models? Zara tells Kabir that my models are not coming. She says I dont know what to do, manager says this will be a loss for her, you cant arrange models in an hour. Kabir says give us some time. Manager says if Zara cant manage it in an hour then we will disqualify her. He leaves. Zara is sad and starts taking her things. Kabir says you trust God? I will try to arrange models, I am going, dont worry and dont lose hope, dont stop working. Zara thanks him. Kabir says this passion cant die at any cost, Zara nods. Kabir leaves

Irfan and Salma are ready. Salma says you are a city priest so its fine for you to go there? Irfan says I know my daughter wont do anything wrong.

Zara comes to some models and asks if they will become her models? Model says we need full payment in advance, can you do it? She smirks and leaves.

Kabir comes to Ambreen’s friend and tells her about model issue, she says I dont know anyone here. Ambreen comes there and bring her friends. She brings Sabina too.

Zara tries to convince Salma, Sabina and Ayesha to become her models. Flashback shows how Kabir called her and Zara told him about using her mothers.

Shahbaz says to Ruksaar that this fashion show cant happen, stop it at any cost.

Scene 2
Fhasion show starts, all young models come on ramp and showcase clothes.
Kabir comes back stage and see some extremists try to break things. He hides and plays police siren. Goons start leaving but they hear his phone ringing and try to beat him. Kabir locks them in room and thinks to keep thing under control.

Zara gets Ayesha, Salma and Sabina ready for show. They pray for success. Shahbaz and Ruksaar comes there too. Goons come to Irfan. Shahbaz smirks and says my men are here. Zara comes on stage and greet everyone, she says our religion allows us to work and also do extra-curricular activities, we can wear clothes that make us look good. Kabir smiles but sees goons near Irfan, he is worried.

Zara tells everyone that her dresses are sophisticated and not against islamic teachings. Ayesha, Salma and Sabina comes on stage wearing burqas of style. Zara comes wearing one as well. All are pleasantly surprised and clap for them. Extremists tell Shahbaz that Zara has made us proud and can never do anything wrong, they leave from there. Host gives prize to other winners but Zara wins competition. Kabir smiles and claps for her. Zara says to people that thank you, I have realized that mother and daughter relation is above everything, Salma, Ayesha and Sabina were with me. She calls them on stage and says my friend and supporter should be here as well as he has made this possible. Kabir comes on stage, he shares trophy with her.

Shahbaz comes home with Kabir and Ayesha. He says I was so ashamed to see Ayesha on stage. Ayesha says I did everything to help my friend and I dont regret it. Kabir says lets have dinner. Shahbaz leaves. Kashan says to Kabir that I got inspector’s call and they have sketch of goon who attacked you. Shahbaz is worried. Kabir looks at sketch and recalls man beating him. He says they are correct, they attacked me. Kashan says I will ask inspector to find them. Kabir leaves. Ruksaar comes to Shahbaz, Shahbaz says to Ruksaar that you handle police, I will handle Kabir and Zara.

Scene 2
Kabir gets Zara’s call and greets her. He says now you are a boss and winner, how was your day? Zara says this day passsed fast. Kabir says I would bring that time when you were happy. Flashback shows how Zara gave her winning amount 5 lacs to Irfan. How proud they were. Zara says my parents were so happy, thank you. Kabir says dont say thank you as then you will nag about it. Zara says I didnt do any mistake, they start arguing again.
Salma calls Sabina and says I am scared about Kabir and Zara’s friendship, what if they start loving again? Sabina says we force people to form a relation but now they are free and making a strong relation that is friendship.

Kabir and Zara meets Sabina. Sabina says wedding venue is not booked. Shahbaz comes there. Kabir asks him if he has any marriage hall? Shahbaz says our house can be used, Ambreen is like my daughter, Ayesha says yes.

Zara is on call and thanks person, she says I cant do it and I cant take debt as my father is already in debt, you have to pay in advance to get orders from me. Kabir recalls Irfan talking about taking debt for Zara’s treatment, he thinks Irfan took that debt for my wife and she is struggling to pay it back, this is not right.

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