Young Love update Tuesday 12 January 2021

Young Love 12 January 2021: Starts with Kundan stopping Nandini from going and asks how did you feel when I pushed Karuna. Nandini says how can you stoop so low, and reminds him that Karuna is his wife. Kundan says he has done this because of her, else she would have told everything to Krish. Nandini says mum loves you so much and you….Kundan asks her to stop lecturing him and says if you try to tell anything to Krish then I will kill your sasumaa. He keeps pistol on her forehead. Nandini is shocked. He says he is going to get medicine for Karuna and goes. Nandini recalls his threat and gets worried.

Shivam is waiting for Sudha and having tea…tea seller says nothing will happen..Shivam says I don’t need your suggestion and asks him to make tea. He waits for Sudha and says he has been waiting since 3 hours.Sudha comes out calling Premal and thinks he didn’t come till now. Shivam thinks this girl is innocent and her family are cunning and bad people. He thinks I will save you being prince. Krish checks Karuna and says Nandini was right, your BP was shot up. He asks he not to worry. Karuna says I don’t need to worry as Abhayram takes my stress. She says I couldn’t bear when anyone misunderstands him.

I want to see a strong bond between you both. Kundan/Abhayram smiles. He comes to her and asks Krish to give medicine to her mum. Krish makes Karuna take the tablets, and says I will be with you all night. Karuna says Abhayram ji is with me. Krish says I want to be with you. He gets a call from hospital asking him to come, as there is an emergency. Karuna asks him to go. Nandini hears him and says I can check BP atleast. Triveni says I have faith on you, and you don’t need to take his permission. She asks her to stay with Karuna and take care of her. She tells Abhayram that Nandini haven’t forget what she has learnt. Nandini says yes. Krish smiles.

Shivam is still waiting and thinks even tea stall is closed now. He thinks he has to get her in this birth only. Drunkard Premal comes in auto and argues with the auto driver for giving money. Shivam thinks I was right about him. He starts counting the money. Auto driver gets irked and goes without taking money. Premal thinks it is good that he left without taking money. Shivam thinks to teach him a lesson. He covers him with blanket and beats him badly. Premal thinks auto driver is beating him.

Abhayram comes to Karuna’s room. Karuna asks Nandini to give water. Nandini gives water. Abhayram holds her hand and says he will give water. He asks why you have kept light on and closes it. Nandini gets tensed. Once Karuna sleeps, Abhayram eyes Nandini and goes out. He eyes her from the window and takes out injection from his pocket. He thinks you couldn’t sleep this night and will be under this drug influence. He says you will think that I am krish and that will happen which haven’t happen since 15 years.

He says everyone will spit on you, a bahu has spend night with her sasur. He says you will sleep with me tonight. He is going towards her. Just then Krish comes there and switches on the light. He asks how is mum now. Nandini is relieved and says it is good that you came. Abhayram throws injection and says Nandini is worrying unnecessary. Krish says Dr. Amit send me back home. Krish asks Nandini to go and rest, else she will get tired as she has to make arrangement of Karuna’s birthday. Abhayram thinks I couldn’t take advantage of Karuna’s illness, but will take advantage of her birthday and will make her kick out of house.

Nandini talking to Dr. Amit and asks him to come and check Karuna, as Krish is a junior doctor and have less experienced. Krish comes. Triveni scolds him and says your wife don’t respect you. Nandini says I respect him. Triveni says just now she said that you are junior doctor and couldn’t do anything. Nandini says I didn’t mean that. Krish says yes, I am a junior doctor, what is the problem. Triveni says you will become big doctor one day. Abhayram suggests jagrata for Karuna’s birthday. Triveni likes the idea and asks Nandini to call Jagrata women, and says she has no enmity with her. She also asks her to cook food for all guests. Abhayram tells Nandini that 60-70 people will come and asks her to make food, else she doesn’t know what will happen to her. Nandini goes.

Abhayram thinks he has called some ladies today, to move floor under her feet.
Sudha tells her inlaws that Premal didn’t return home since night and asks if they know where is he? Premal’s mum tells that he is not a kid and will come. Shivam changes his get up and wears moustache. He says I can do anything for you..Sudha. He brings Premal home and tells that someone had beaten him and also stolen his money.

Sudha brings first aid box. He asks Sudha to get a glass of water and says he is in need of work. Premal’s mum asks about his profession. He says he is a cook. Premal asks him to leave and talks rudely. Shivam says he works for just 1000 Rs. Premal’s mum gets happy and hires him. Shivam gets happy and says he will make tasty food. Sudha asks Premal to come inside and rest. Shivam also asks him to rest. He thinks I have step in the kitchen today and very soon will step in your heart also.

Nandini washes the house and wipes it with broom. Dr. Amit comes there and is shocked to see her cleaning the house work. He looks at her wounded hand and asks what happened? Nandini says nothing. Dr. Amit says why they have made you servant and says you are doctor even now. Nandini says I like to do house work. Just then Triveni comes there and asks her to take Dr. Amit to check Karuna, and then make food till evening. Nandini says she will do all the work. Dr. Amit is shocked at her attitude. Shivam is making food in the kitchen.

Sudha comes there and recalls seeing him before. She asks what is your name? Shivam says Shankar. Sudha says I know are the one who has saved me from goons. Shivam gets tensed. Sudha asks him not to worry and says she will not tell anybody. She says you will get any good job, then why did you take up this job of cook. Shivam says I have no reason to come here and says my destiny brought me here. He asks her to go and says he will bring food for her.

Abhayram comes out from bathroom and tells that ants have bitten him. Triveni asks from where did it come? Abhayram says it is in the towel. Nandini recalls Harki having itching when ants bite her. Karuna asks her to check and give medicine to Nandini. Nandini says I am not doctor anymore and says she will call Krish and asks him to treat him. She goes. Abhayram understands that it is Nandini’s trick and decides to take revenge. Dr. Amit talks to someone and says Nandini may hate me all life, but this is needed. He thinks he understands her pain even though she doesn’t share with him.

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