Young Love Update Monday 11 January 2021


Young Love 11 January 2021: Starts with Nandini getting Dr. Amit’s call. He says thank god, I am speaking to you. He says I sent many messages to you and even talked to Krish. Nandini says may be he didn’t want to make me sad. Dr. Amit says Sudha refused to take back the case and asks her to talk to Sudha. He says he is coming there and will take her to Sudha’s home. Nandini says she can’t go with him as she has some personal problems and asks him not to worry about her. She gets Thapki’s call. Thapki gives her strength and asks her to continue doing what she is doing.

Triveni and Nandini are in the kitchen. Triveni asks Nandini to tell that she don’t know how to make mirchi achaar. Nandini says I will learn if you teaches me. Triveni says I can’t digest this fact and something is going on in your
clever mind.

She says you will do something and says I have to be careful. She asks Nandini to grind the spices and not to put her hand in it. She goes. Nandini puts dried chillies in the jar. Abhayram comes and keeps hand on her shoulder. Nandini asks him to go. Abhayram opens the lid of the jar and asks her to show anger in room also. He goes.

Nandini switches on the grinder and the chillies fall in Nandini’s eyes. Triveni comes and chilli gets in her eyes also. They shout.
Nandini tries to open the tap, but there is no water. Krish and Karuna come there. Abhayram also comes.

Krish washes Nandini’s face. He asks Triveni who called Nandini to work in kitchen. Triveni scolds him and says you can just see your wife pain, but not mine. She says your wife doesn’t know how to close the lid. Nandini says I closed it, but. She recalls Abhayram opening it. Triveni scolds her and says I am sure that you have taken life of your sister’s baby. She says you don’t have a heart and how you will understand mother’s love. Krish gets angry and says you don’t know her. Triveni scolds Nandini. Krish asks Nandini to come and says he will check her eyes.


Triveni says I will not leave you.
Krish puts eye drops on Nandini’s eyes and does bandage to her wound. Nandini thinks she should tell him as Badi Nani was right.
Krish says he has given his viva well because she taught him. Nandini thinks she should tell Krish about Kundan and is about to tell him. Krish asks what is bothering you. Don’t tell Kundan is troubling you. Why don’t he realized that it was past. Just then Triveni comes there and asks Krish to come.

Krish says he is talking something important to Nandini. Triveni says Karuna is unconscious downstairs. Krish and Nandini run there. Karuna tells Krish that she felt as if someone pushed her.
Nandini looks at Abhayram. She says we were in room and only Abhayram and Triveni are here. Nandini says she will check her and give medicine.

Abhi refuses to get Karuna treated by her, and blames her for killing Sudha’s baby. Krish says he can’t expect this from him and says Sudha is alive because of Nandini only. Karuna scolds Krish for talking loudly with Abhayram and says she never thought that her son will insult her husband.

Abhayram asks Triveni to take Karuna inside room. Triveni says she knows and cares her sister. Abhayram tells Krish that tomorrow is Karuna’s birthday and he kept party. Krish says he forgot about it and goes to talk to Karuna. Once Krish leaves, Abhayram asks Nandini how did she feel when he pushed Karuna and made her fall. Nandini is shocked



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