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JimWedding planners 30 November 2021: The Episode starts with Rati saying we have to run away from here, we can’t show our face to anyone now. Tarun says no, mum will not get remarried. Kusum says Preeti, your dad decided for you in childhood, then your husband after your marriage and now your son, will you not decide for your own life, accept KT, this sindoor has the colour of his love, you decide in KT’s favor, don’t refuse. Tarun says enough, I m taking my mum. He takes Preeti. Kusum cries. Nandini says I can’t believe that you love Preeti, like I did a ghunghat drama, you are doing this sindoor drama, filling maang doesn’t mean marriage, we are made for each other, come. Arjun says I m KT’s son, why am I getting punished, explain him, I want my family. Nandini says come, our bright future is waiting. KT shouts don’t you understand, I have told you that everything is over between us, there is nothing, I love Preeti, I m going to marry her, you understand. Nandini says its a lie. Arjun cries.

Nandini says listen to your heart KT, you love me, else you would have married Preeti, but she left, where is she, your life partner, so sad, when you get anyone close, the person leaves you and you get lonely. Preeti recalls everything. KT calls her out. Preeti stops. KT says I want to talk to you in private. Tarun says its limit, since you came in my mum’s life, you have spoiled her life and mind also.Kusum stops Tarun. She asks KT to talk to Preeti. She takes Tarun with her. Neelima says ask KT to get Arjun, Arjun is my grandson. KT’s dad asks how can you forgive Nandini. Neelima says once Arjun comes in KT’s life, KT will live happily. He says you are forgetting KT’s pain for Arjun’s love, Nandini had hurt KT’s soul, KT is still trying to lessen the pain, Nandini cheated him, how can you push KT towards her. She says I don’t care for Nandini, I care for Arjun, KT’s son. He asks what’s the guarantee, Nandini always cheated KT, how can you believe that Arjun is KT’s son, Nandini can’t be trusted. She gets shocked.

KT says it was unexpected, you maybe scared, I didn’t know what am I doing and why, Nandini came after 17 years, she had disturbed me, I was feeling something is wrong, my past is pulling me back, she came in front of me suddenly, you were saying that you will leave the company, its our last project, I knew I will not see you again, I was feeling like I m losing something, I wanted to stop you. She sits crying.He says don’t worry, whatever happened, I did all this, pressure isn’t on you, I know I have put you in a strange situation today, I know that you don’t want to accept our marriage, marriage is a big decision, fine, we both know better about marriage, we get others married in Shaadi mubarak, please don’t worry about me, everything is fine, do what should happen, you may not accept this marriage, don’t think about me and my defamation, Nandini will get another chance to make fun of me, or I will fall lonely, don’t think this, let her do anything, I will handle everything, there is a difference between old KT and now, when she left me, I was in depression for 3 years, but now I m different, I m strong, I m standing like a rock, I can stand alone, I m not afraid, this time, I can’t break down, don’t think that I can’t face the family or media, media will forget it in few days, don’t worry, you just decide what you want, without caring for me, I will respect your decision as I respect you, I will go, if I have hurt you, then forgive me, I can’t hurt you. He goes.

Ik tara….plays…. Preeti recalls Kusum’s words.KT comes back. The people make videos and joke on KT who doesn’t have marital bliss, this lady has run from the mandap, his fate is bad. Tarun hears them talking. Pandit asks will the marriage happen here or not. KT says marriage won’t happen. He pushes the decorative pot pillars. Tarun says he did right to end the drama. Rati asks what’s happening. KT says I m alone and will always be alone. He stumbles. Preeti comes and holds his hand. Kusum smiles. Everyone looks on. Preeti recalls her own words that she will always support KT in every decision. She cries. KT looks at her.Preeti coming and holding KT’s hand. Everyone look on. Kusum says you both should start a new life on the right time. KT looks at Preeti. Preeti nods to KT and cries. Tarun says lets go. Kusum says stop Tarun, your mum took a big decision, be a part of her happiness, the credit goes to you to make her strong, you have hurt her a lot and she took this decision, pray for her happiness like a good son. He stays back. Preeti and KT sit in the mandap. Neelima is angry. Pandit asks for gathbandhan. KT’s dad says I will do it. He does the gathbandhan. Neelima doesn’t look happy. Everyone smiles. Pandit asks who will do kanyadaan. Kusum says my relation with Preeti is amazing, we were Samdhan and then we became friends, I will become her sister and do her kanyadaan. Arjun looks on crying. Kusum gives Preeti’s hand in KT’s hand. Pandit asks KT to fill sindoor in bride’s maang. KT fills Preeti’s maang. Kusum blesses Preeti. Preeti recalls KT’s words.

Priyanka and Neil see each other. He smiles. Pandit says now make the bride wear mangalsutra. KT makes Preeti wear the mangalsutra. Pandit asks them to take wedding rounds. KT and Preeti take the wounds. Nandini and Arjun leave. Pandit says now bride will walk ahead in last three wounds. Preeti comes ahead. Mangalam….plays…Kusum recalls asking Preeti her decision. She says KT loves you a lot. Preeti says no, there is no love, but he has a lot of pain in his heart, he is a nice man, you know what he was saying that he will handle himself, but I think he is scared like a kid, he knows that he can’t handle anything this time, I know he can’t face his family or Nandini, this partnership which started with company will also be in our life, I forgot what is love, but I was lacking respect in my life, no man gave me respect in life, just KT gave me respect, he always supported me, he also taught me to respect myself, he always stood for me when my character was questioned. Kusum nods. Preeti says he has always supported me, I can’t leave him today, I can’t let him lose, I will marry him. Kusum smiles. FB ends. Preeti promises to always support and respect KT. Ik tara….plays… Pandit says you are husband and wife now. Preeti thinks my happiness lies in KT’s happiness.

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