Wedding planners update Thursday 16 December 2021

Wedding planners 16 December 2021: The Episode starts with principal coming home. Preeti says you met Arjun’s mom, can you tell me, who had come to meet you. Principal says Arjun’s real mother is Nandini, she had told me about Arjun’s allergy in details, who is she actually, I didn’t see her/Chanda, why is Preeti asking this. FB shows Nandini coming to the principal. She says you would remember the result of having enmity with me, don’t think of telling my secret to KT and Preeti. She asks how do you know them. She says I m KT’s ex wife and Arjun’s real mum. He says you are still cheating people, you didn’t change. She says person’s nature can’t change, you know what I can do, so shut up your mouth. FB ends. Nandini thinks I m planning this revenge since 17 years, now KT can’t get saved. She says Preeti, the truth is out, what did I do that I have to answer these questions. Kushala says people will laugh on us. KT says really sorry Sir, we wasted your time by involving you in family matters. Principal says its okay, take care. He goes.

Kushala scolds Chanda and asks her to get out. Chanda leaves. Preeti says forgive me, but I m saying the truth, Chanda told me everything. He asks her to stop it, Nandini cheated him, but she is a good mother. He says I didn’t expect this from you, you have made fun of our relations today, I feel I made a big mistake by marrying you. He goes. Nandini smiles. KT comes out of the house. He says thanks for coming to meet me like this, we could have spoken at home, none should know what’s in our heart, are you understanding. She says don’t worry, I won’t let you lose. He says great, when you called me and told the truth, I was shocked, then you told the plan. FB shows Preeti saying Nandini sent Chanda as Arjun’s mum, we have to bring her truth out, I m bringing principal home, we will expose her lie. He says done, I m with you. FB ends.

Preeti says Chanda told the truth, why did principal lie. He says its Nandini’s old habit, she plays the game well, I was with her for two years, I couldn’t understand her games, she came back after 17 years, she would have a big plan. She says I felt she loves you. He says no, she is Nandini, she can just love herself, not anyone else. She says I thought you, Arjun and Nandini are one family… He says I thought that Arjun, you and me will be one family. She says I felt you also love Nandini, I thought to unite you both and leave from your life forever. He holds her and asks how did you think that you will leave from my life forever, you didn’t think how will I live without you. It starts thundering. He says you are my wife, my responsibility.

She asks is Nandini your love. He says I promised you that I will always support you, my promise and responsibility matters the most to me, nothing else, I don’t break my relations, I know the pain when someone breaks relation and promise, I won’t let you go through the same pain, its you who had always supported me, you stood with me in all the weak moments. She cries. He says it was not madness that I married you, it was foolishness, even then you stood by me, you knew I would have shattered, you are standing with me even today, how did you think that I will let you go, and live with Nandini. He says I know I have tied you in this relation, but now we are together, you can give any name to it, promise me you will never think of leaving me. Adha ishq….plays….

He asks her to promise. She promises. He makes her wear a promise ring. He says our relation is strange, no engagement or wedding ring, but this promise ring made by grass straw, you have to be with me. She smiles. It starts raining. Jalte diye….plays… He lifts her and takes her. They enjoy the rains. They play with the rain. He gets a call. He asks what, Nandini….. Preeti looks at him. Arjun asks Nandini not to go. She says no, I always get punished, no need to stop me now. FB shows Preeti asking KT the plan, we can’t let Nandini leave without knowing her truth. FB ends. KT thinks to stop Nandini some how. Nandini saying Preeti has insulted me, I can’t stay here, Preeti will always keep you away from family, she is your stepmum, she will keep insulting me, I can’t tolerate this. Preeti enters her room from the window. Arjun says I will also go with you. Kushala says you won’t go Arjun. KT looks on. Nandini says Arjun will come with me. Kushala cries and says don’t leave us Arjun.

Preeti whistles and signs what. Kushala asks what’s this misbehavior. Preeti says I was sleeping, Nandini broke my sleep by this drama, now I won’t let anyone sleep, is she running away that the matter was true. Nandini asks KT to see Preeti is still blaming her. KT says stop it, you won’t blame Nandini further. KT starts acting and scolds Preeti. He says this time you are wrong, I m fed up seeing you always against Nandini.He says I married you just to take revenge on Nandini. Shivraj asks what are you saying. KT says yes, I can’t lose my son at any price. Kushala says I didn’t understand this marriage, now you understand it, what’s the use to tolerate Preeti here, make her out of the house, if she stays here, then she will make KT away from his son. Kushala takes Preeti with her. KT looks on. Preeti says enough. She refuses to go. She says I m KT’s legal wife, you can’t throw me out like this. She sits on the sofa and relaxes. She says since I got married, you all didn’t let me breathe in peace, I m tired, I did a lot to win your heart, I did a lot for this house, I got Nandini here and tried to unite KT and Arjun, you are calling my goodness as foolishness, I tolerated a bit, you all are dancing on my head, this cheater Nandini became true for you, I became a liar, now I will not tolerate, I m not going anywhere, one who should go will go away.

Shivraj asks what’s all this. Kushala says this is her real truth, she got greedy, KT doesn’t love her, she has no respect, still she is here. Preeti says what did I say, I will stay here, do anything. Kushala says I m not your Saas. Preeti hugs her and says you are my Saas, if anyone tries to trouble me, then I will remind my rights by calling the police, then your family respect will be ruined. Kushala asks what is she saying. Preeti says I m feeling sleepy, you all also sleep. KT sees Preeti. Preeti goes. KT says let her go, we have to tolerate her, its a mistake. KT and Preeti recall their plan to have a big fight. KT says I hate Nandini.

Preeti says we have to be careful, we can’t lose Arjun, she is Arjun’s mum, we have to bring out the truth carefully. FB ends. KT says sorry Nandini, whatever is happening with you, it shouldn’t happen, I made a mistake in understanding Preeti, I thought she is a good woman, but clearly its a mistake, I m sorry, this won’t happen, I promise, you won’t get any trouble here. Arjun hugs KT. Kushala gets happy. She says we should celebrate this moment, we will have a photoshoot tomorrow, family will be there, Nandini will also be there as Arjun’s mum, but Preeti won’t be there. KT says no way, she won’t be there in family pic. He goes. Arjun says dad got on our side, just like you wanted. Nandini thinks I find it fishy, how did they get separated so soon.

KT comes to room and laughs. He says you did a good drama. She asks really. He asks her to whistle and show. She says everyone would be sleeping. He says Nandini would be pinching herself to know. Nandini checks the cctv camera to clear her doubt. She says I had fixed the camera much time before, I have to see if they are planning anything against me. She checks for Preeti. Preeti pulls KT to the bathroom. KT says what are you doing, I m not that type of man. She asks him to get serious. She says we will meet here for planning. He asks bathroom, secretly, I didn’t know bathroom inspires you. She says Nandini is smart, maybe she had fit cctv camera in our room, she will check the footage, she will not believe our distance, if she catches our mistake, then we can’t find her truth.

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