Wedding planners update Saturday 11 December 2021

Wedding planners 11 December 2021: The Episode starts with Rati and Nandini talking at some cafe. Rati says Preeti will cheat you, she won’t leave any rich family. Nandini says I don’t think Preeti will cheat. Rati says I know her well. Preeti calls Nandini. Rati hides. Preeti says KT agreed to go with you. Nandini thanks her. She ends call and says I know Preeti better than you. Juhi comes home. Neelima scolds her for being careless. She asks Juhi to keep the phone, she bought it for Arjun and then gave it to servant Gopal. She says you can use this phone. Juhi goes. Neelima says Preeti gave bad values to her daughter. Juhi comes back and says I found the market value of this phone. She pays the money for the phone, I heard your words about my mum, she has lived with self esteem, and gave same values to me, I also like to work by my capability and talents. KT comes to room and gets scared seeing a lizard. Preeti laughs. He says don’t make it away.

She takes the lizard away. She laughs on him and says you got scared by a small lizard, what will any fan think seeing you like this. He says you complimented me. She says you think its a compliment. He shouts lizard is on your shoulder. She asks where, remove it. He laughs. Nandini comes. She says sorry to disturb you. Preeti says I have called you, you both have to go and meet the principal for Arjun’s admission, behave like good parents. Nandini says don’t worry for me, I will support him. Preeti asks KT will you support her. She requests KT to promise. KT says Preeti promise. Preeti asks them to mock the interview for Arjun’s sake.

KT and Nandini mock the interview. KT gets angry about Nandini. Preeti says you can’t talk this like. He says I will get admission in other college, Nandini can’t get your place. Preeti says I will convince him. She goes after KT and asks will you break Preeti promise. He says I can never break it, I will do this for your sake. She thanks him. Nandini looks on. Preeti takes KT back. She asks KT and Nandini to write down Arjun’s likes and dislikes. She asks KT to help Nandini, principal will note down their tuning. She asks them to see each other and talk.KT says I can’t do this. Nandini says you are a fine actor, you can do this. He says I have real emotions in heart, I can’t act in real life, you do this. Preeti asks him to please agree. He agrees. Nandini thinks Preeti did magic on him. KT and Nandini act. Preeti thinks very soon this drama will be his truth. She claps and says very good, you both have to do this tomorrow. KT says fine, its done, Nandini you may leave now, I want to spend time with my wife. Nandini goes. He asks what was the need to do all this. Preeti says it was fine. Nandini gets angry and asks how do they have so much understanding, he runs away from me. She says I think Preeti can try hard, but KT won’t leave her, I have to separate them by bringing misunderstandings between them.

KT and Arjun have a photoshoot done by Neil. Everyone smiles. Nandini thinks now this will help me in ruining your and Preeti’s bond. Preeti sends Gopal for work. KT asks Gopal to get a towel. Preeti goes to give it. She knocks the door. KT asks Gopal to come in and give the towel. She says I got stuck. Preeti giving the towel to KT and coming out of the bathroom. He asks Gopal to give the shirt. Preeti says he didn’t take anything before going for bath. She takes the shirt for him. KT holds her hand and pulls her. She falls in his arms. They get under the shower. Dekho na…plays…. They have a moment. Gopal calls her out to ask for laundry clothes. She says its kept near the sofa, take the packet. Gopal goes. Nandini gets KT’s tshirt from the laundry bag. She sees Preeti’s pink saree. She puts some pink colour on the white tshirt.

Priyanka says my boss told me that I have to go to UK for 6 month training. Neil asks what did you think. She says I can’t live far from you. Neil says even I can’t live without you, but its your decision, talk to your family. She says I just discussed this with you. He says I will always be with you in your every decision. She smiles. KT asks Preeti to tie the seat belt. She says I forgot. It gets stuck. KT helps her. Nandini looks on. She messages Preeti to leave them alone, if KT wants to take her to principal, then it will be a problem. Preeti reads her message. She says drop me here, I have a client meeting. KT says Sheena didn’t tell me. She says its with Agarwal, its imp, you guys go to college, I will go for meeting. KT drops her and says all the best. Nandini comes to the front seat. She asks KT to tie the seat belt. He refuses. He says I can pay any fine, but not come close to you. Preeti says please. KT ties the seat belt. Nandini smiles. They leave. Preeti thinks I can’t fall weak, KT has to stay happy. KT sees Preeti in the mirror.

Nandini thinks what’s happening to KT. Kusum calls out Priyanka. Priyanka ends call with Neil. Kusum asks don’t I have a right to know it. Priyanka says sorry, I couldn’t tell you. Kusum says I m so happy for you, you are going abroad, its your hardwork, I will tell everyone.KT and Nandini come to the college and wait for the principal. Nandini asks are you nervous that you are spending time with me. KT says I m focussing on Arjun’s admission. She reminds the old times. He says I forgot the old things. She asks why this pretence, I know you love me a lot, I love your anger. He says I hate you. She says its sweet, the more the hatred, the more the affection. She sees the principal coming. She gets tensed. She says my game will be over if he sees me. She calls Preeti. Preeti comes to the college. She asks KT to come. KT asks why am I seeing Preeti in Nandini. She says I m Preeti. He says you had a meeting, Nandini disappeared, she left. Preeti says she said she is unwell so she has sent me here. He says she was taunting me and then left, I feel scared, she may do anything. She asks him to come.He says I was restless before, now I feel like a baby, comfortable, I know you will handle everything. They go. Nandini thinks I got saved..

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