Wedding planners update Monday 25 October 2021

Wedding Planners 25 October 2021: The Episode starts with Maa defending KT and sending away Chanda. She cries seeing KT. KT leaves. Kusum meets Rati and Tarun. Tarun complains about Preeti. He says I knew how long can you keep her, she is stupid and reached your house. Rati says explain her not to stay in girl’s house, she can tolerate us, I did a lot to convince her, send her back, I don’t like to stay without her, look at the house, there is no shine. Kusum says I understand, you look pale, you are a newly wed bride, you had dream to get a clean house and food cooked on time, your dream broke. She scolds Rati.

She says I didn’t come to see your fake tears, I have come to take Preeti’s stuff, she is happy there. Tarun and Rati get shocked. Kusum says Preeti is sitting in my house with much peace and respect, spend some money and get a maid, Saas is like Maa, Preeti taught thisto Juhi.Juhi and Sumedh come back home. They find Preeti happy. Juhi says I know your smile, what’s happening. Sumedh asks where is mum. Kusum says I went to get Laddoo gopal. She gets the idol and Preeti’s stuff. Everyone gets surprised. Juhi says you would have met Tarun and Rati, what did you talk. Kusum says I have scolded them, I have taught them a lesson. Juhi thanks her. She says I m lucky to get two mothers’ love and support. She hugs Kusum. Kusum says don’t hug me. She asks Sumedh not to please any one between Maa and Saas, else he will be in trouble. Everyone smiles. Preeti takes her bag.

KT recalls his wife’s words and gets sad. Preeti comes there talking to Juhi. She says I just have one box left. She sees KT sitting there and goes to keep the box. KT ignores his mom’s calls. She doesn’t see his face. She comes home. Kusum prepares the pack of cards. Preeti asks shall we play. Kusum says I used to play cards with my husband, we used to spend time after children sleep, then I had no one to play with me, I got you now. Preeti says I had different identities in every role, mum, wife, bahu, but I didn’t had any friend, I feel young today. Kusum says I m always young. Maa messages KT and asks him to pick the call. She calls him. He answers. She asks him to come home. He says don’t worry for me, I want to go away and stay alone. He gets the laddoo box and reads Preeti’s cheerful note.

He says don’t know who are you, you connected with me, how do you know laddoo are my fav. he eats the laddoo and smiles. He says you are the one who has give a new hope to life, thanks for this hope. Kusum and Preeti playing. Preeit says we will go and sleep now. Kusum says you have become my friend, I can share my room with you. She insists and takes Preeti to her room. She instructs Preeti. She asks her to listen to her heart sometimes. She says you named the house to your son and he cheated you, you could have saved for yourself, think, listen to your heart, enjoy your life, get your stuff. Preeti nods and smiles. She goes to get her things. She thinks of helping KT. Maa is sad and thinks of KT. KT comes home with gifts. He looks happy. He hugs Maa. He says your plans are cancelled, I will reserve a table for us, we will celebrate mothers’ day. He gets a cake. He asks Maa and aunt to cut the cake. Maa asks him to stop it.

She says you will be more hurt if you hide your pain. KT says I m not sad, I didn’t feel bad of Chanda’s words, I m proud of my family, who loves me a lot and supports me so much, you are my biggest strength, forget Chanda, let her say anything. He sings. He says I m very happy with you all, close my marriage matter, smile. Maa asks how did you come back. KT says some stranger’s words touched my heart, I got a new hope to live. Preeti and Kusum buy the vegetables. Kusum makes a video. Rati comes there and sees them. Preeti thinks Rati is buying spoiled vegetables. Kusum stops her from helping. Rati buys karela. Preeti says Tarun doesn’t like karela. Rati taunts her.

Kusum taunts Rati back. She says we have to go and celebrate mother’s day with our children. She goes. Rati asks Preeti why is she acting if she can’t tolerate few things in her son’s house. She says you can just be a guest in Kusum’s house, you are showing attitude, we will see how long you do this. Preeti thinks.Kusum and Preeti come home. They get a warm welcome. They laugh, dance, enjoy the party. The children give them world’s best mom title. They wear the crowns. Preeti and Kusum cut the cake. Everyone eats the cake. Sumedh says ask any gift, you will get what you want of your choice. Kusum says I will ask something great. Sumedh says you trust me, I will give whatever you ask. Kusum says you think I won’t ask anything, I will think well. She asks Preeti to say. Preeti says this time, I want something at any cost.

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