Vani Rani update Thursday 18 April 2024

Vani Rani 18 April 2024: Scene 1Sid is eating. his friends tease him that Nandani made this food? When are you going on honeymoon? he says we haven’t decided yet. His friend says go for it. This is the time.nandani says to Prabha these Rani and Vani are so clever.

Prabha says I tried a lot but nothing happens. Their roots are very strong. Prabha says we need to keep trying. Nandani says right. We have to target their stems which is their kids. Sartak is not happy with the environment. He is always angry. Prabha says right we have to play with his anger. Nandani says we have to fill his head with hate.

Sartak comes to Anjali and says did you find the matter of this topic? Anjali says lets talk about something interesting. He says you can talk to Adi about that. You want to talk about him go and talk to him. Anjali he is your brother to you. That is why i don’t hide anything from you. I am madly and deeply in love with him. I want to tell the whole world.

Prabha says Sartak really cares for his mom. We need to make Sartak go against everyone so Rani stands on his side opposite to Vani.Anjali says I am so lucky my friend is my live. I want to marry him. Will you help me in that?Sartak is upset and mad. He runs out of college. He goes out and cries. He recalls his moments with anjali and her saying that she really loves Adi. he sits down and cries.

Scene 2Sid brings Nandani flowers. She says thanks. Sid holds her hand. Nandani is scared. Nandani says what happened? He says I brought you something else too. She opens it. Its her family’s photo. Nandani says thank you so much. He says you miss them I know that.

Sartak comes home. Rani says why are you so upset? He cries and says everything is over. Why I always come after Adi. He cries. He says Adi gets everything i want. Why he takes all my happiness. Why God never sees me. Rani hugs him. She says tell me clearly. I am with you. Nandani and Prabha overhear this. Nandani says we can burn their house.

Sartak is standing upset. Nandani says sartak take his chocolate shake. He says thanks bhabhi.Nandani tells Prabha. Nandani says to Sartak you are so good in studies. Sid talks so much about you. He said he is very close to you. Sartak says we are all close. Nandani says of course. You can consider me a friend like your other siblings. Sartak says yes i will remember this.Nandani says to Prabha he is very simple. Prabha talked to adi. She saw him seeing Anajli’s photos. adi said dadi you? Dadi says are you in love? Adi said no dadi. Prabha says I am sure she must be very pretty. I know your choice. Please take care of your love. Keep her away from other people and make her yours.Nandani says that girl is Anjali. They both love her. Prabha says they will fight for love. Nandani says we will make it a war.

 Kaviya and Mishti are listening stories from Rani. Nandani comes there. Kaviya says ma was telling me stories. Nandani says I am sure Vani mama would always tell what to do and Rani would do this. Vani says Nandani come to my room I wanna discuss something. She goes to her room. Nandani says sorry Rani ma I have to go she asked me to come. She is my real mother in law.

Everyone is college is saying we want a picnic. Principal says calm down. This is not a picnic trip. brilliant students like Anjali and Sartak will only go to this trip.Nandani says to Sartak so you and Anjali are one team? i am sure you both would win. Nandani says is there something? I know you keep it in your heart. Always tell whats in your heart. Not everyone can read your heart and tell you how much they love you. I mean generally. Look at Adi he tells everything to everyone. You are way more talented so you shouldn’t be on backseat.Rani comes and says Sartak are you okay? he says yes mom. I will show from this competition who deserves what. Rani says good luck.

Scene 2Sartak packs for trip. Nandani says to Rani let me work. Rani says no you don’t let me work. Nandani says in a few days I will start going back to office then I wont be able to work in house.Nandani comes to Kaviya’s room and sees her photoshoots. She says madam wants to be model and hides it from her house. Nice.

Sartak says I and Anjali have to go for trip. We need to prepare. He asks Nita where is Anjali? She says she was in library. Sartak goes there. Ajali is sitting and studying there. Sartak says I think we should prepare better. She shows him everything she has studied so far. Sartak dreams of being close to her. Anjali says Sartak are you listening? He says yes.

Scene 3Sid says to Nandani are you okay? he says yes went for a walk. He says take me with you too. Sid says I want to talk to you. She says sure. He says close your eyes. Sid shows her honeymoon packages. He says we will go to one of these place. She says I will look at these tomorrow. He says okay I will wait till tomorrow.

Anjali texts Sartak dont’ be late today. He gets ready for trip. Rani says good luck. he says won’t lose anymore. I am very happy today. I have a chance to prove myself. People who wait for me to lose will only wait and I will win both hearts and this competition.

Sartak comes to bus. Anjali says Sartak sit here. She shows him notes. Sartak looks at her and smiles.

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