More reactions trail death of Late Corper as Senate, hospital management throw blame

Contrary to the rumour going round that the Garki Hospital where Miss Linda Igwetu was rushed to failed to attend to her because of a lack of police report; the hospitals spokesman debunked such rumours, insisting that all had been done to save her life.

He responded to falz earlier statement about the non challant attitude hospital’s treat emergency case patients.

Dr.  Etin-osa Imagbenikaro who is taking up the case, has given update on the Lady, and according to him, the Hospital actually Attended to Linda Igwetu immiediately she was brought in, and there was no demand of Police reports because the police officers were also present at the hospital.

And there was no delay in Treating her, But the problem was that she had already bled way too much, and had a low heart rate.

When all efforts proved abortive, at about 3am a Consultant was called to resuscitate her, but it was too late, as her pulse wasn’t responding anymore.

Find excerpt of the tweet below:

The Nigeria senate has also lent their voice to the matter, blaming the hospital for their inability to move fast enough to save her life. Even though the hospital debunked such rumours.

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