Unspoken bond update Tuesday 6 September 2022

Unspoken bond 6 September 2022: The Episode starts with Aatish coming home with lawyers and police. Namrata asks you here. Rajvi says I called him to sign the divorce papers here at home, domestic violence case will start on him tomorrow, lets get to work. Charmy comes. Namrata thinks did anything go wrong. Charmy signs her to come. Darsh messages Nandini. Nandini gets conscious. Some people come to help her. Nandini checks the tab and phone. Rajvi asks Aatish to sign the papers, and never show his face to them again. Shobit says sign on it, we won’t take the case of domestic violence back. Aatish signs the papers. Namrata goes to Charmy and asks where is Nandini.

Charmy tells everything. Namrata asks what, is Nandini alive. Charmy asks her not to shout, if this gets known, then she will expose her truth also.Namrata says don’t threaten all the time, where is the tab. Charmy says Nandini can bring your truth out even now, the tab has got broken. Nandini comes home. She faints. Namrata says she is alive, but she is after my life. Charmy says we will take her to room. They take Nandini from the back window. Namrata says I m scared, she may create a problem. Charmy asks her to go and sign papers, she will drug Nandini and make her sleep for few hours. She asks Nandini is she much hurt, take medicines, pain will get less. She feeds the medicine to Nandini. Namrata signs the papers.

Charmy locks the room and comes there. Rajvi asks the guard to see Aatish. Guard says he is Namrata’s husband. Rajvi says wrong, he isn’t anyone to us, he shouldn’t get an entry in the house. Nandini tries to get up. Parul gives prasad to Aatish. She sees a rat and asks the servant to catch it. Rajvi says rat is auspicious for the house, rat is Ganesh’s vaahan. Darsh says its going towards my room. He goes after the rat. He hears Nandini’s voice. Nandini tries to reach the door. Darsh says who locked the room. He opens the door. Nandini falls in his arms. He asks what happened, how did you get hurt. She cries.

Everyone sees Nandini. Darsh says you see your state, you are being stubborn. Shobit says I will call the doctor. Namrata asks Aatish to leave, papers are signed. Darsh says wait inspector, my wife has got mad, she is saying she wants to show everything the proof against Namrata, I m also frustrated, I m thinking to end this for once and all, we will get the truth out in front of everyone, I m so fed up. He asks Shobit to get his laptop. Rajvi asks what is this, she needs a doctor, Namrata’s chapter is over. Darsh says no, chapter will end now when we see the proof, Namrata will be proved right, and Nandini wrong, lets watch it. He plays the video on the laptop. The family gets shocked. Darsh recalls Nandini asking him to check the mail.

He signs Nandini. Charmy thinks that tab had this video, when did Nandini show this to Darsh. Namrata worries. She says this video is Nandini’s plan. Rajvi slaps her. Darsh says even I want to slap you, what did you do, we all made a mistake, you manipulated all of us. Rajvi says Aatish is innocent, he was in jail for two days, we were sending him to jail, don’t call me mom, we have no relation from now.She scolds Namrata. Darsh apologizes to Aatish. He says inspector, we want to take the case back, we are sorry. Shobit says yes, but this divorce will happen, Nandini doesn’t deserve Aatish. Vipul says you should stay alone all life, Namrata.

Rajvi apologizes to Aatish. Aatish says its okay mom, its not your mistake, I had left hope that truth can come out, but Nandini always trusted me, she fought for the truth and brought it out. He thanks Nandini for the favor. Namrata gets angry. Darsh thanks Nandini. He says we got saved from making this big mistake, I m sorry. She says its okay. Namrata thinks to take revenge for this insult.Rajvi apologizing to Nandini and hugging her. Nandini says its okay. She faints down. Darsh holds her. Nandini says I have pain in my stomach, maybe because of the accident, I will get fine once I take medicines. He says we should go to doctor and get tests done. She says I m fine. Vini comes and scolds Darsh. Rajvi asks did you see who was driving the car that hit you.

Charmy and Namrata come. Nandini says Charmy saw me first when I came home, did I take anyone’s name. Charmy says no, I got you to the room, I don’t know who locked you. She sees Namrata. Rajvi says shame on you Namrata, you would have done this. She says we will be keeping the factory keys in puja, I don’t want Namrata to stay here, Namrata is here just on Dada ji’s saying, so behave yourself Namrata. Vipul asks Nandini to get fine, they will make her do the puja. Namrata gets angry and goes. Charmy says what can I do when family is angry on you. Namrata holds her face and scolds her. Charmy pushes her and says I m not your enemy, Nandini is your enemy, don’t vent her anger on me, I didn’t think that she will defeat you. Namrata says I didn’t lose, I will not lose her.

Parul asks Nandini to take care of herself and give them a good news, start a family with Darsh. Nandini says I m okay. Parul says I will feed you, I feel lucky to adopt a girl like Vini. Vini hears this. Parul says you gave her your values, thanks a lot. Nandini asks Vini to listen. Vini goes away. They run after Vini. Nandini says Parul said she wants a daughter like Vini, I asked her to adopt you, we will stay in the same house, Parul loves you a lot. Vini says you mean I m a toy for you, get away. She cries and scolds Nandini.

Nandini says I love you a lot. Vini asks why are you giving me to Parul, I will not stay with anyone else than you, leave me on a road. Nandini says don’t say that, we will talk calmly, I will explain you. Vini says everyone leaves me, you are also leaving me. She falls into the pool. Nandini jumps in the pool and brings her out. Darsh comes and helps them. Nandini asks Vini to open eyes.Darsh says she is fine, what’s the matter. Nandini asks why did you step back. Vini says I m angry on you. They hug. Parul cries. Darsh asks Vini to come and change clothes, else she will catch cold. Parul asks are you fine Nandini. Nandini says yes, sorry, I m her mum, I can’t see her heart breaking like this, I can’t give Vini to you. Parul cries and hugs her.

Namrata and Charmy meet some goons. Namrata says come in the puja as workers, do something to Nandini’s face that she gets scared to see her face. The goon says leave it to us. Nandini gets ready. Darsh helps her. She says we shall go for puja. Darsh asks is your decision about Vini final. She says yes, she can’t live without me, are you upset. He says no, I m with you in your every decision. She feels stomach ache again. He asks her to sit, don’t ignore the stomach pain.She says I m fine, we shall go for the puja. The goons plan to kidnap Nandini. The goon shows the explosives in coconut. Vini says I want Nandini, no one else. Nandini says promise. Rajvi says Parul is upset, she wanted to adopt Vini, maybe she reacted like this on knowing it suddenly.

Darsh says I agree, its not Nandini’s mistake, she refused to Parul. Rajvi says I will talk to Parul, we have other options, I asked Namrata not to come here. Darsh says its okay. Goons come. Rajvi says Nandini will do the puja. Namrata shows Nandini to the goons. She gets shocked seeing the police coming. Rajvi says I called the commissioner. Goon Raghu say we have to do the work if we have come, commissioner will also go with Nandini. Namrata asks how did commissioner come, goons can’t kidnap Nandini infront of him.

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