Unspoken Bond update Monday 29 August 2022

Unspoken Bond 29 August 2022: The Episode starts with Naveen scolding Shobit for never giving love to Gunjan. He says its my mistake to get Gunjan married in this house. He slaps himself. He curses Nandini. He says Lord will snatch your child from you the way you snatched Gunjan. He leaves. Bansuri and Nandini cry. Bansuri leaves. Darsh holds Nandini. He says you are blaming yourself. Nandini says we will not lose hope, we will try to find Gunjan. He says of course. Charmy looks at them. Vipul calls out Darsh. Rajvi comes home. She says Darsh can never forgive me. Darsh says you have hurt me a lot, how can you expect me to forgive you. Rajvi cries.

He says I had thought this, but my broken heart can join by your love, I can’t stay upset with you for long, I can’t live without you, I know you did everything for my betterment. She says I m sorry and hugs him. Darsh says I m really sorry. Charmy says I m not able to forgive myself for the misbehavior, can you forgive me, its my mistake. Rajvi says don’t say this, maybe we all have to forgive each other to move on. She hugs Shobit.Shobit says I have always given you sorrow, really sorry. She says you got punished for it, its not your mistake about Charmy’s matter, you were keeping your relation with Gunjan, I m not upset with Gunjan, Gunjan would have got much insecure. She hugs her sons. She says I m upset that my Nandini is still upset with me. Nandini lies in her lap and cries. Rajvi says I want Darsh to fill Nandini’s maang again.

She says for the baby’s sake, Charmy and Shobit should unite. Shobit says police is finding Gunjan. Charmy says yes, how can I take Gunjan’s place, I don’t want Naveen’s curse to get on my baby. Rajvi says police said clearly that its impossible to find Gunjan, what about your baby. Charmy says this baby is of Rawal baby, I m not going anywhere, if you all are fine with it. Nandini says you don’t go anywhere, we will be glad if you stay back. Darsh says Nandini is right.Charmy gets the sindoor and asks Darsh to fill the maang. Everyone gets shocked. She says Nandini’s. Everyone smiles. Darsh fills Nandini’s maang. Rajvi blesses them. Charmy thinks Nandini won’t be able to stay happy for long. Charmy makes Darsh drop the sindoor box. She says sorry. Rajvi says its okay. Dada ji says we should take rest, pray that we find Gunjan. Everyone goes. Charmy picks the fallen sindoor. She applies it and says Darsh is mine, I won’t let anyone come between us. She recalls Darsh.

She says I didn’t think that Darsh is made for me, I didn’t know when I fell for him, I can’t love anyone else, now when Gunjan isn’t alive, Rajvi wants Shobit to marry me, I won’t sacrifice my love, I used to stay here as Nandini, I will not compromise, Darsh is mine, he will be mine, just one thing is left, Nandini has to leave from my way. Its morning, Charmy wakes up Darsh and Nandini and gets tea for them. She says sorry, I have a habit to wake up Darsh, he needs tea early morning. She gives tea to Darsh. She says I just made two cups as per habit, you can take my tea. Darsh says no, Nandini and I will share it. Nandini says its okay, I will make tea for myself. She asks did you find about Gunjan. Darsh says no. Nandini says we should not leave hope. He nods. Rajvi saying I asked her to adjust with her husband, what wrong did I say, she got upset. Vipul says Namrata was travelling.

She says she could have come home and tie rakhi to her brothers. He says she is coming home to meet her brothers. She asks really, is she coming. He says yes, I thought to arrange celebrations. Charmy says right, leave it to me, I will decorate the house, I will make Namrata feel special, Darsh will meet her after a long time. Chetan says Shobit will also meet. She says yes, both.Rajvi says Namrata is coming after a long time. Chetan says Parul and I were thinking to adopt a child, if you can permit. Rajvi says no, why not, you don’t need our permission, we all are happy, congrats Parul. Parul hugs her and thanks. Nandini comes. Charmy tells her the good news. Nandini smiles. Charmy asks Rajvi and Parul to help her. She says don’t worry Nandini, I will manage everything. Vini asks why is everyone calling you Nandini, your name is Ishani, right. Shobit cries and thinks of Charmy. Charmy sees him crying and ignores. He stops her. He asks her to listen. She goes. He says I won’t let anything wrong happen with you and my baby. Nandini says I told you about Kanha’s two mums.

She says I didn’t give you birth, but I love you a lot, you will always be my daughter. Vini smiles and says you are my mumma. She hugs Nandini. Nandini kisses her. Vini goes to get a chocolate for her. She says I gave you Nandini, be happy. She gives the chocolate and goes. Darsh says she is right, sharing is caring. He goes close to Nandini to have a chocolate bite. Charmy gets angry seeing them. She breaks glass. They go to see. They see Charmy down. Nandini says I will pick the glass. Charmy cleans the chocolate from Darsh’s lips. She says chocolate was there. Nandini looks on. Darsh thanks her. Vini gets chocolate. She asks Charmy to give the mangalsutra to Nandini. Darsh says Nandini is already wearing it, see. Charmy thinks Vini is also coming between Darsh and me. Shobit says you said you aren’t fine, have this juice and go to take rest. She asks why are you loving me now, don’t forget that Gunjan passed away a day ago, did you move on, it means you didn’t love Gunjan, sorry I don’t have this talent.

He apologizes to her. She says sorry, I m always scared, I will be left alone, you didn’t talk to me, you don’t feel any attachment with the baby. Shobit cries. He says I will fix everything, I promise, you won’t be alone. Everyone talks to Vini. Rajvi says Darsh and Nandini can give you a brother. Darsh asks when will Namrata come. Rajvi says in a day or two. Darsh goes. Vini says even Nandini doesn’t have a brother to tie the rakhi. Nandini recalls tying the rakhi to Bansuri. Parul takes Vini. Vini says I will be get sad meeting the maths teacher. Parul says I will help you study, come. They go. Rajvi says you have to go to Bansuri, I know Naveen doesn’t want to see your face, but Bansuri is your sister, go and tie rakhi to her. Nandini nods.

Bansuri asks did you get Gunjan’s news. Naveen cries. She says it wasn’t Nandini’s mistake. He says your relations with Nandini is over, if you want to be with her, then end this marriage, decide it now. He breaks her mangalsutra. She says she didn’t know that Gunjan had attacked Rajvi. He asks her to get out of the house. Nandini comes there. She holds Bansuri. She says I pray for you before myself, I got this rakhi for you. Naveen shuts the door. Nandini cries. Darsh goes to wash his face. The water doesn’t come in taps. Charmy thinks I have closed the valve to get this chance. He calls out Nandini. She says I got habitual to respond to Nandini’s name, do you want something. She says I wanted money. She says I will get it. She gets water. Nandini comes and stops Charmy from holding him.

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