Unfortunate love update Thursday 4 January 2024

Unfortunate love 4 January 2024: The Episode starts with Malishka coming behind Rishi and offers to drop him. Rishi says its ok, I will go by walk. Malishka says you didn’t step out of car till now. Rishi says I will walk on the road to reach my destination Lakshmi. Malishka says I will not drop you daily, let me drop you today. She asks him to sit and says please. Rishi sits in her car. Bani and Shalu set Lakshmi’s new home. Lakshmi sets up the temple and thanks Shalu and Bani. Shalu asks her to thank Ayush, as he has bought everything. Lakshmi says they are lucky to get Ayush like brother in law, brother and friend. Bani says we have to go home and make food.

They ask her to enjoy in the new house with Jiju and leave. Lakshmi thinks Rishi shall like the house, and thinks she can’t give him luxuries like his house, but will make sure that he doesn’t have any problem. Malishka takes Rishi to his house. She sneezes and asks if he stays here. She says it is very untidy here. Rishi says I get peace here, it doesn’t matter how is the place. Malishka asks did you see your room? Rishi says lets go home. A girl collides with Malishka and runs. Malishka says a mannerless people stays here. They come home. Malishka says if you had told me then I would have get a house for you. Lakshmi asks Malishka to sit. Malishka says no, my clothes will get dirty. Rishi goes to kitchen and smells the food. He tells her that the poor person is the one who has money, but no peace and asks her to live her for a day and see. Malishka says Lakshmi can stay here, but not me. She says I really feel sorry for you, you used to live like King and now you are making food like nobody. Lakshmi says home is set with love, emotions and family.

Malishka says she don’t want to hear, and tells that I wish that you would have stayed in the palace like house. Rishi says you can come here at any time and says my wish is fulfilled. Malishka leaves. Rishi tells Lakshmi that they shall have food.

Karishma tells Neelam that Rishi didn’t come when Virender called him, but came to invite them for his marriage. She says it is not Rishi’s mistake, but Lakshmi’s mistake, first she didn’t let her come. She says first Lakshmi didn’t let him come here, and then sent him here to insult us and to show that they have so much power. She says now she understood that people say that they lose from their children. She says Lakshmi has played a big game. Neelam says Lakshmi agreed to marry Rishi, just as she went from here. He says now everyone knows her truth.

Rishi tells Lakshmi that he had gone to their house. Lakshmi says you met Mummy ji and asks if she had food and asks if she is okay. Rishi says he went for official work. Lakshmi says you don’t need to give clarification, and can meet malishka also. Neelam says Lakshmi refused first and then agreed. Karishma says Rishi went just a day before and Lakshmi is showing her colors, and says Rishi came here with attitude and insulted us and you also. She asks if you understood what I want to say. Neelam asks her to say. Karishma says Lakshmi had kept him in her control when she was here, and we have kept Lakshmi somewhat in our control, but now we are not with Rishi, and this means Lakshmi has controlled him fully. Neelam asks what do you think that I left food for Malishka or my pain. Rishi asks Lakshmi if she is not jealous? Lakshmi asks if you want to have food now or later after meeting client. Rishi says after talking to client, they will have food.

Neelam says Rishi has increased my worry, and says if gets married to Lakshmi then he will be my Servant. She says I will not let Lakshmi elipse Rishi’s life. Karishma says Kiran and I thought that when Oberoi surname removed from his name then he can’t handle it and can’t handle poverty also, but Rishi shocked us as he came here as employee and told about his marriage.

Dadi tells Virender that Rishi didn’t tell that Lakshmi has agreed for marriage, and says how did she agree suddenly. Neelam says Lakshmi has become great by agreeing to marry him when he is poor, and later she will prove him to ask his share from Oberoi properties. She says she will not let her succeed. Karishma says she played a big game. Neelam tells that they have to do something big and will not let him marry Lakshmi. She says she will not let Lakshmi’s intentions to be fulfilled.

Dadi says may be Rishi thought that Lakshmi will agree and that’s why he said that he will marry soon. She says we shall make Lakshmi realize her love for Rishi. Virender says and we shall get them married at the earliest.

Sonal comes and sees Malishka angry. Malishka says she went to Rishi’s house to convince him to return, but he didn’t care. She says Rishi gave the invitation of his marriage, and says she wants to kill Lakshmi for this. Sonal asks if you are mad to go to jail. Malishka says no and tells that Neelam aunty will not let Rishi and Lakshmi marry at any cost.

Rishi comes back after the meeting and tells Lakshmi that he will freshen up and then they will eat food. He comes back after freshen up. Lakshmi says we have to eat food this way. Rishi says we have to change our perspective and has to eat food without the family, and has to learn to live life. Lakshmi says you don’t need to live alone, and can return to your house. Rishi says time has come to give you capsule, which I brought from the market. He says I will not go back without you, and says you are present in my identity and part of my identity, infact I want to make a new family with you. He takes the food and makes her eat it.

Ayush calls Shalu. Shalu picks the call and says we have decorated and set Di-jiju’s house. Ayush says you are the best, and says you are second best after you. Shalu says Ayush. Ayush says the best. He says I am relieved that they are together and happy. Shalu says she is happy to see them as free bird. Ayush says I talked to Mama and he told that Rishi Bhai went home for official work and then gave invitation of his marriage. Shalu says but di didn’t tell anything. Ayush says yes, Mama was telling the same. Shalu says we will get them married as soon as possible as many people wants to separate them. Ayush says their destiny will unite them and asks her not to worry. Shalu is happy.

Rishi takes the bedsheet to place on the floor. Lakshmi says she will do it. Rishi says he has done hotel management course from London and UK. He says he can do. Lakshmi says when I am here, I will do. Rishi says he has learnt from abroad and tries to keep the bedsheet. Lakshmi offers help. Rishi says marriage mahurat need to be taken out. Lakshmi leaves the bedsheet.

Rishi telling Lakshmi that they have to get marriage mahurat. Lakshmi leaves the bedsheet and it falls on his face. He says I want to wear sehra and not bedsheet. Lakshmi says sorry and asks what he said. Rishi says our marriage mahurat, I invited everyone at home for our marriage. Lakshmi says I didn’t agree yet, then why did you invite everyone. Rishi says we have to marry some day. Lakshmi asks him to go and sleep. He says it is 8:30 pm. Lakshmi asks him to go and sleep. Rishi asks her to say good night. Lakshmi says good night and rests to sleep. Rishi wonders when she will agree to marry him, and tells that they will not get sleep at 8:30 pm, so shall switch off the light. He switches off the light to sleep.

Malishka asks Mukesh if prasad is ready. Mukesh gives

her prasad. Malishka takes the bowl and goes to the temple. Mukesh thinks Lakshmi Bhabhi used to make prasad with devotion. Malishka thinks she can’t do this puja paath, and thinks she is doing this drama just to be good in Neelam’s sight, and once she marries Rishi, she will not do this.

Lakshmi calls Rishi and tells that they have to change the rice, it is small grain. They see a guy colliding with a girl and then scolding her. The girl says sorry. The guy is about to slap her. Lakshmi interferes and asks why you are raising hand on the girl. The lady says this girl (Lakshmi) came to stay here recently and doesn’t know Kapil. Kapil asks Lakshmi why is she interfering. Rishi asks Kapil to talk to her with manners. Kapil says this is my manners and asks him to keep his manners to himself. Rishi asks him to apologize to her. Lakshmi asks Kapil to go. Kapil says you are asking me to go and asks them to go. Lakshmi asks Rishi to go to office and says this thing happens here daily. Rishi asks her to go home and he goes. Lakshmi hears the ladies talking that Kapil will take revenge.

Malishka comes to the room and says until when I will do this, wale up early morning to do puja. She says if I don’t do this then Neelam aunty will get upset and says I am here because of her. She says I have hope that Rishi will return as I am here. She thinks to sleep for sometime and rests on the bed. Karishma comes there and sees Malishka sleeping. She says she slept again. Malishka gets up and says aunty you are here? Karishma says if you are fine? Malishka says yes. She says she is afraid thinking she will marry Rishi. She says Rishi used to shout and says that he loves me. She tells that she had gone to drop Rishi, and tells that he is living in a place where there are just walls. Karishma says Rishi will return soon and reminds Neelam’s words. Malishka says yes aunty. Karishma asks her to call her Bua.

Lakshmi comes home and asks why Rishi fought with that guy. She says that guy had done mistake and was fighting. She says they shall not fight with anyone here. Shalu calls Lakshmi and asks if anything is missing. Lakshmi says yes. Shalu asks her what she needs and asks her to say? Lakshmi says she is missing her sisters and tells that she is alone. She says she used to be with Oberoi family, but now…She says she is thinking to go for job tomorrow.

Dadi is in the car and asks driver if he knows the way. Driver says he went with bade Saheb and don’t forget ways. Dadi says you said right. She thinks Rishi said that he will marry soon and says if Lakshmi agreed then it is ok, else I have to make her understand. Mukesh asks Malishka, what to make in dinner. Malishka asks him to ask Neelam. Mukesh says she asked me to ask you. Malishka thinks what to do, if I shall be happy that I am getting this importance. She says I will say and asks him to go. Ayush comes there and tells Malishka that he will drop her home. Malishka asks really? Ayush says now Rishi and Lakshmi are marrying now then what is your need here. Malishka asks what was Lakshmi’s need here, when Rishi and I were marrying, even she was staying here. She asks did you ask her, or did you misbehave with her also? Ayush asks who told you that you was getting married to Rishi. He says Rishi bhai and your destinies are not related. He says when Rishi bhai gets married to Lakshmi then I will dance and you shall also dance. Malishka says if he was not Karishma’s son then she would have pulled his tongue.

Neelam thinks of Rishi’s words. Karishma asks did you think what to do? Neelam says she has thought and says Rishi will never marry Lakshmi, as I will throw her very far from here. She says I will do anything for this and has given swear to Malishka also. Karishma asks what plan you have made? Neelam says I will give what Lakshmi wants? Karishma says Lakshmi wants Rishi and asks what is your plan. Malishka says your plan to dance will never be fulfilled as Rishi and Lakshmi will never marry. Ayush says I will dance and will make you dance too. Malishka reminds him of Neelam’s words and says she is the bahu of the house. Ayush asks her to call her as aunty. Malishka challenges him and says only time will say, who will become his bhabhi. He says I will make you dance on my tune, when I marry Rishi. Ayush says it is good to see dreams. He dances thinking of Rishi and Lakshmi’s marriage.

Dadi comes to Lakshmi’s locality with the driver. The ladies gossip that they might be from a rich house and that’s why people in big cars come here.

Virender calls Rishi. Rishi calls him Sir and gets inside. Virender says he will slap him if he calls him Sir. Rishi says you call slap me, but my mom is not here to save me. Virender says you had come home and…Rishi says Mom might be hurt. Virender asks if Lakshmi agreed for marriage.

Lakshmi gets happy to see Dadi and hugs her. Dadi looks at her. Lakshmi says she missed her. Dadi says she missed her more and asks how is she? Lakshmi asks Dadi to sit and says they don’t have much household stuff. Dadi says what is here, doesn’t have anywhere, peace, happiness and Lakshmi. Dadi looks at the house and thinks Lakshmi made this place as her home so soon. Lakshmi gives her water. Dadi thanks her and drinks water. Lakshmi asks Dadi to say. Dadi asks her to agree to her sayings and says she is Dadagiri wali Dadi. Lakshmi says Rishi went on you, he is big nautanki. She says I am not telling you. Dadi says he is my grand son and will be like me. She says I want my name to be Dadi Saas and asks when you are making me Dadi saas. She says Rishi had come and said that he will soon marry, and says if you have agreed then don’t delay. She asks if she didn’t agree yet.

Virender tells Rishi that Dadi feels that Lakshmi didn’t agree yet. Rishi says he felt that Lakshmi will agree. Virender tells him that both Lakshmi and Neelam are stubborn. Lakshmi says I will make tea and breakfast for you. Dadi says don’t change talks, I understood that you didn’t agree yet. She says Rishi left his house and mother too, for you as he loves you and wants to marry you. She says life is waiting for your new start and asks her to marry him soon. She says I know that you love him too, and asks him to realize his love and marry him. She says you both shall unite soon and says we want you to marry and unite soon. She asks Lakshmi and Rishi to marry.

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