Unfortunate love update Saturday 10 December 2022

Unfortunate love 10 December 2022: The Episode starts with Balwinder asking Malishka if she forgot seeing Rishi and Lakshmi and says you had said that I can stay here. Malishka says I didn’t say, I said that you can hide your face here for few days and asks if this is the orphanage or public institute. Balwinder says I am not an orphan and is a father and mother of myself. He says he will stay here for few days and will stay in this room. He rests on the bed. Malishka says she is already tensed. Kiran says you didn’t ask me before letting him stay here. Malishka is stressed. Kiran tells that Neelam will never accept Lakshmi as her bahu, and says you have one way. She says tomorrow is special day and your name will be connected with Rishi’s name, Malishka Rishi Oberoi.

Malishka says yes, thank you Mom, and goes to make preparation. Balwinder thinks what is tomorrow, and rests on the bed to sleep.Rano thinks Balwinder is not giving her money. Shalu comes there and makes Rano eat sweets. Rano asks for what? Shalu tells that Rishi is proved innocent and Balwinder is proven guilty. Rano is shocked and sits. Bani is happy and hugs Shalo. Rano regrets and thinks she should have taken money from Balwinder already.Rishi and Lakshmi are sitting on the bench in the park. Song plays….Lakshmi says we shall go home. Rishi says so soon. Lakshmi says it is late. Rishi says it doesn’t seem like we are here since a long time. He says I wish we would have come here.

Lakshmi says it has become your wish too. He says you are different from others, if some other girl was here, she would have expected other things from me. Lakshmi asks if this is compliment or flaw. Rishi says initially flaws, but this silence and moments are unforgettable, I can’t forget it. He says if I am feeling good, it is because of you. Lakshmi says my heart never wants to go away from you, never. Rishi holds her hand and says even mine. Lakshmi says this moment got attached to my heart for forever. She says lets go home. They start walking. Lakshmi asks if we will go by walk. Rishi says they can go by walk. Lakshmi asks if he can walk. Rishi says he do gym. He says shall I lift you and walk.

Lakshmi says no. They come out of the park. Rishi says where is my bike? Lakshmi says we have to go by walk now. Rishi says bike is parked there.Malishka comes home and thinks if Rishi and Lakshmi are still romancing. Virender comes home and calls Dadi and neelam. Ayush says even I have a good news. Virender says first I will tell. He says Rishi is being praised in our business community. He says their business associates praised them and said that oberois values relation and gives importance to love and that’s why Rishi took his wife blame on himself. He says they praised Lakshmi also and said that she saved her husband as savitri and that they are perfect couple. Dadi says Rishi is proven innocent due to Lakshmi.

Malishka says if I was Rishi’s wife, then People would have praised me and called us perfect excuse. Ayush laughs. Neelam says you are perfect for Rishi and says when you marry him, everyone will call you perfect. She says you all call her perfect, but she is inauspicious in my side. Rishi and Lakshmi come there and hear her. Virender says lets see who wins, wrong understanding or truthful person. Ayush says your goodnews won from my news and says their old visitors are booking again. Dadi says this is happening due to Rishi and Lakshmi. Rishi tells Neelam that Lakshmi is auspicious and not inauspicious. He says if she was inauspicious then I might have died. Lakshmi keeps hand on his mouth to stop him and asks him not to say this. She asks him to spit the wrong thing from his mouth.

She signs him to spit. He pretends to spit. Ayush, dadi and Virender smiles. Lakshmi says they do in her village. Ayush says I understood. Lakshmi asks him not to say that again. Rishi says he can’t bear if someone calls her inauspicious. Dadi says tomorrow is Lakshmi’s second karwachauth. Malishka says she will also keep fast for Rishi.Rano tells Shalu and Bani that she is taking shagun for Lakshmi’s fast. Shalu and bani praise her. Rano asks her to pick them and come. She thinks she is doing this, so that Oberoi family accepts Ayush and Neha’s alliance.

Neelam appreciates Malishka for her love and for her thought to keep fast for Rishi. She says she is so proud of her. Dadi asks what are you saying, lakshmi is Rishi’s wife and he is Lakshmi’s husband. She asks Malishka if Rishi is her husband. Malishka says their engagement had happened and their marriage was about to happen and he is her husband with her heart. Dadi says I can understand your feeling, but nobody shall play with the rituals. She says only married woman has the right to keep fast for their husband, and this right is with Lakshmi and says nobody shall hurdle in her happiness. Malishka makes a crying face.

Kiran thinks Malishka is roaming freely and left Balwinder with me. She locks the locker and turns to see Balwinder standing with knife in his hand.Dadi asks Ayush to remember what to do tomorrow. Ayush says you are saying as if someone is coming for me. Shalu comes there. Ayush says shagun came for Bhabhi. Rano comes there with Bani and takes Dadi’s blessings. She says they have brought shagun for Lakshmi and asks where is Neelam? Dadi says she has gone out and asks Mukesh to bring tea for them. Kiran asks Balwinder if he came to steal. Balwinder looks at her.

dadi asking Mukesh to keep the stuff inside and bring juice and tea/coffee. Rano says she wants juice. Dadi asks him to bring sweets. Ayush says last thing is cancelled. Lakshmi comes there and takes Rano’s blessings. Rano blesses her. Lakshmi says Shalu told me that you are coming here. Ayush says I need help. Dadi says Mukesh will help me. Ayush says I want someone to help me in the decoration, if had learnt it. Bani says Shalu can do. Ayush asks Shalu to come tomorrow, with Rano’s permission. Rano thinks if Ayush and Shalu’s alliance get fixed then what Neha will do. She tells Ayush that Shalu is busy with her tomorrow, and says she will send Neha to help him. Ayush says no, I will handle the work. Rano says Rishi is proved innocent. Dadi says Lakshmi has done it, and brought Rishi back.

Rano praises herself and Neha. Mukesh brings snacks. Rano asks for juice. Dadi asks where is my sweets? Lakshmi says you will not get it and asks her to drink juice. Dadi says she gets scolded even after becoming Dadi. Rano praises Lakshmi.Kiran asks Balwinder if he wants to steal in the house. Balwinder says once his beard is cut, he will look as the hero. He says I was hungry and had gone to kitchen, there was just one apple, I had it. Kiran asks why did you come out of room. Balwinder says I was hungry. Kiran asks him to go today itself. Balwinder asks her to give food to him and calls her Mummy ji. Kiran gets angry and asks him to leave. She thinks if anyone sees him here, then I will get trapped too.

Malishka thinks of Dadi’s words. Rishi comes behind her and asks why are you upset. Malishka asks didn’t you see what Dadi told me, and says only Lakshmi shall get upset, shall I become of stone. She says you didn’t say when Dadi told so much. Rishi says when dadi talks, nobody says, not even Mom. Malishka asks why you are with Lakshmi, your one year of marriage is over, you shall be with me and not with Lakshmi, you love me. She asks him to go and tell Lakshmi that she can’t keep fast for him, and only Malishka will keep fast for you. She says I let you marry Lakshmi so that you stays fine and I can get back you. She asks him to go and tell Lakshmi that she can’t keep fast for him. Rishi says I can’t tell her.

Dadi gives sweets and chocolates to Rano and others. Rano says you gave so much, we will walk now. Dadi says you can walk. Rano says your English is weak and says walking me, we will go. Dadi says my English is weak. She asks Ayush to keep stuff in the car. He asks Shalu and Bani to come. Rano blesses Lakshmi and goes.Ayush drops his phone while taking the stuff in his hand. Shalu comes and picks it. Bani says she will keep the stuff. Ayush asks Shalu about the fast. Shalu says only married girl keeps the fast. He says Malishka had kept the fast last time, but can’t this time. Rano thinks she can’t let Shalu and Ayush marry, and it such thing happens, then I will puncture him.

Rishi tells Malishka that she will not keep fast for him and reminds that she had eaten cake last time. Malishka says she will keep the fast as she has bear so much. Rishi says he don’t want her to suffer and this is Karwachauth, just for husband and wife and not for others.Dadi comes to Lakshmi and gives her clothes and jewellery from Neelam’s side. Lakshmi says it was not needed. Dadi says all bahus wait to get such stuff. Lakshmi says it is good. Dadi says Rishi will keep staring at you. She says for Virender and me, you are Rishi’s wife and your love will bind him to you, nobody can separate Rishi from you.

Lakshmi says you are really good, when I have come here, I got connected with you. Lakshmi says when I saw you, I felt this is my house’s Lakshmi. She asks her to sleep early. Lakshmi says she is happy that Rishi returned. Dadi says it happened because of you.Malishka asks Rishi if he loves her eve now and asks if she is right that he doesn’t love her. He says he is old Rishi. Malishka asks if you love me like before. She asks him to say yes or no, and hugs him. Rishi finds himself in a complicated situation and says some questions are complicated and the answers are more complicated. He sees Lakshmi coming and trying to go from there. He holds her hand, while Malishka is still hugging him.

Dadi sees Malishka hugging Rishi and he is holding Lakshmi’s hand. She asks what is happening here? She asks them to sleep. Lakshmi asks Rishi to drop Malishka to her house, and then asks her to stay back here. Malishka refuses and goes. Rishi goes behind her. Dadi asks Lakshmi why did you send Rishi with her. Lakshmi says Malishka is hurt, and she can feel that and moreover she trusts Rishi, he is her husband.Malishka and Rishi are in the car. Malishka asks Rishi if he wouldn’t have come to drop her if Lakshmi had not asked. Rishi is silent. Malishka says she has many questions for which he has no answers. She shouts asking him to stop the car. Rishi says accident will happen.

He stops the car at the side of road. Malishka gets down and start walking. Rishi gets worried.


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