Twist of fate Written Update – Tuesday 11 December 2018


Tuesday Update on Twist of Fate 11th December

Purab brings Abhi home. Dadi and Dasi ask Purab where is Pragya and what happened to Abhi. Purab is in shock. Tanu looks on. Doctor checks Abhi and tells Purab that he is in shock, and will be fine. Purab thanks the doctor.

Dadi asks what doctor is saying? Why water is filled up in his stomach. Tanu smirks. Dadi asks if pragya is fine. Purab says I will not tell. Abhi will tell. He says I will check if Abhi gained consciousness.

Dasi asks him to tell. Dadi asks him to tell if Pragya is fine and when she will come. Dasi says Sarla is unwell, and Beeji is worried for her. Taya ji asks him to tell. Just then Beeji’s call comes. Dasi picks the call. Dadi asks Purab to tell where is Pragya?

Purab says she will not return. Everyone is shocked. Beeji also hears on call. Purab says she was shot and died. Purab says she was drowning in water, Abhi tried to save her, but she he couldn’t. Everyone is shell shocked.

Tanu smiles happily. Dadi slaps Purab and says you are lying and says this can’t happen. She says death can’t defeat Pragya, and she is alive and can’t die. Beeji sits in shock. Sarla asks what Purab was saying? Beeji cries and tells her that Pragya was shot and died.

Tanu goes to room and tells Aaliya that she is feeling like fainting and is very happy hearing Pragya’s death. Aaliya says that Pragya is dead now, as Purab told that he saw her drowned in water.. Tanu says Nikhil will fulfill all our wishes.

Aaliya says this is my life’s biggest happiness, now we don’t have to think anything and shall not be afraid of anyone. We shall not worry if Abhi gets his memory. Tanu says how we will handle if Abhi cries. Aaliya says let him cry, but he will return back to you.

She says we will celebrate until when he cries. Abhi gains consciousness and thinks where is Pragya. He thinks Pragya fell in water and thinks he has to save her. Purab comes and asks where you are going. Abhi says Pragya fell in water, I have to go and bring her back.

Purab says you will not go. Abhi says I have to fulfill promise made to Dadi. Purab says you will not go. Abhi asks then who will save her. Purab hugs him.

Purab tells him that Pragya is dead now, she will not return. Abhi slaps him and tells that Pragya is alive and she can’t die. He says she is alive. Purab says I wish this could happen. Purab is searching Pragya’s body. Abhi asks what you are saying and says she can’t leave me.

Abhi cries badly. Purab asks him to let tears flow and then only he will accept that she is dead. Abhi says she promised me that she will not leave me and cries.

Abhi asking Purab, how can Pragya leave him and break the promise. He recalls Pragya telling him that she wants to die suhaagan. He tells Purab that Pragya is alive as he is alive and breathing. He says Pragya will return, and thinks nothing have happened to you, you will return as you know that I can’t live without you.

He says I will never fight with you, and will do whatever you says. Purab thinks to bring her dead body soon. Tanu calls Nikhil and asks if know that Pragya is dead. Nikhil says he knows, but Abhi killed Commando Dushyant in self defense. Tanu says ok and asks him not to get scared of Aaliya. Nikhil asks her to give call to her. Tanu says later and smirks.

Sarla comes to Abhi’s house and tells Dadi that she folded her hands and asked her not to take Pragya, but you rammed my daughter under your grand son’s happiness. She asks where is Tanu and Pragya and says they must be happy now.

Dadi says I can understand your pain and cries. Sarla says you can’t understand. Mitali hears them and goes to inform Aaliya and Tanu. Aaliya and Tanu are celebrating and drinking wine. Mitali tells that Sarla came to make you parade. Tanu says we shall go and kick her out now. Aaliya says you are right, lets go and meet her.

Abhi looks at the pic and recalls his moments with Pragya. He thinks when we got married first, we had separated, then married again and separated. He says I married you twice and fell in love with you twice.

He says you have to return and if you don’t return then I will search and bring you back. Tanu and Aaliya come downstairs. Sarla says you both have killed my daughter. She says Aaliya is a naagin and wanted to kill Pragya since she came here.

She says Tanu is more worst than a naagin and God is repenting to send her on earth. She tells dadi that she asked her not to take Pragya home, and says this time you both have snatched my daughter. She says I will not leave you. Tanu says you can’t blame me, we haven’t done anything.

Sarla tries to slap her. Tanu holds her hand and says Pragya was her enemy and she don’t want to see her with Abhi. She says I am someone’s daughter and asks if my mum came to your house when Abhi left me at the mandap, and asks why do you come here. Dadi asks Tanu to have shame and says her daughter is dead.

Tanu says she is accusing us and asks her to accuse God for giving bad destiny to Pragya. Sarla says why I shall complain God and says you both have killed Pragya. She says your parents would have died seeing your sins.

Aaliya asks Sarla to leave from her house. Sarla says I will open your deeds infront of Abhi. Aaliya stops her and says I will do whatever I can. Dadi ask her to stop it. Aaliya feels pity on Dadi and Sarla and says nobody can do anything as Abhi lost his memory and they can’t do anything against her, but she can do so much. She threatens to send Dadi to old age home. Dadi cries. Aaliya asks Sarla to go before she gets angry.

Sarla says no, I will not go until I expose your crimes. She says Pragya stopped me from telling the truth. She says now Pragya and her fear is not here, now I will expose your both. Aaliya threatens her and asks her to leave silently. She says your daughter is dead and your relation with this house is over, and asks her to leave silently. Tanu smirks and tries to kick Sarla out. Sarla shouts and calls Abhi.

Abhi comes and sees Tanu trying to kick Sarla out. He warns Tanu not to dare to tell anything to Sarla. Dadi tells him that they were kicking Sarla out. Tanu says she was accusing us and we asked her to go. Aaliya says she was accusing you and everyone and we asked her to go. Abhi asks her to shut up. Tanu says why we shall shut up, Pragya was your secretary and she is her mum. Aaliya asks Abhi to asks Sarla to go else kick her out.

Abhi slaps Aaliya hard on her face. Aaliya is shocked. Dadi and Dasi smiles while crying. Abhi then turns to Tanu and says you both shall be kicked out from here, as the lies curtains is moved from you both. He says I got my memory back,

I have recalled everything and the more you lie, the more I will get angry. He says I remember Pragya’s pain and remember your crimes. He asks Aaliya if she is not happy. He says he recalled everything. Dadi hugs Abhi.

Abhi says nothing wrong will happen with anyone in the house. He says when Pragya tries to get closer to me, you both tried to kill her. He says you both tried to kill Pragya, and I sat in that car and lost memory in that accident. Aaliya says we haven’t done anything with Pragya.

Abhi asks them to stop it and says he will not hear any more lies, and if they lie again then he will forget that they are women. He says he understands Tanu’s enmity towards Pragya as she wants to get me. He asks Aaliya why she became Pragya’s enemy and breaks his relation with her. Aaliya tells that she loves him. Abhi doesn’t believe her. He says we will start with Tanu.

Abhi turns to Tanu and says what you said that you loves me. He says you can’t stand infront of me carrying someone else child and says you are not in my life. He asks them to leave from his house. Aaliya says I can be bad, but you can’t be bad.

Abhi says I have done so much for you and you have snatched my only happiness from me. He says I am more angry on you than on Tanu. He asks them to leave. Tanu asks him not to do this with her atleast. Abhi says if you really loves me then you would have understood my love for Pragya.

He says I brought you in this house, but now I am kicking you out from here. He shouts get out. Tanu and Aaliya take their luggage and leave from the house.

Abhi turns to Sarla and tells her that nothing happened to Pragya. He will bring Pragya back, and says I am nothing without her, and promises to bring her back. Sarla says Purab said that she is shot and drowned in water.

Abhi says Pragya is alive, I am telling you all that she is alive. He says until my love is alive, my fuggi is alive and I will bring her back. Sarla hugs him and cries.

Aaliya and Tanu are standing outside Mehra house. Tanu tells that she didn’t get taxi. Aaliya blames Tanu for giving order to kill pragya and seeing this day. Tanu argues with her. They ask each other to stay away from each other.

After 1 month and 2 days later………….

Abhi is sleeping and Pragya tries to wake him up using pigeon feather. Abhi asks her to let him sleep. He teases her and it turns to be his imagination. He realizes Pragya is not there. Dadi brings coffee for Abhi. Abhi drinks coffee.

Dadi asks about his dream. Abhi says coffee is good. Dadi asks why he dreams same thing. Abhi says she shall be happy that he is dreaming about his bahu. He says Purab promised us that he will bring Pragya and asks her to trust him.

He asks how can she forget the day. Dadi asks what? Abhi says today is 7th July, pragya’s birthday and says he will celebrate her birthday today, and after her return, he will celebrate his birthday with her birthday, as it will be new birth for him when she returns.

Dadi tells Dasi that Abhi wants to celebrate Pragya’s birthday and kept party at home. Dasi says we shall be sure that Pragya is no more. Dadi says we shall not make him believe this, we have to be hopeful. May be Pragya is alive and will return home. Dasi says she will do.

Dadi says they will celebrate Pragya’s birthday like never before. Mitali hears them and calls Aaliya. Aaliya asks her how they can let him keep Pragya’s birthday. Mitali says what we would have done. Aaliya says you forgot that I am in this city and threatens her. Mitali says I will end the call, if I am kicked out of house, then I have to stay in Nikhil’s house.

Tanu gives tea to Aaliya. Aaliya asks her to open the door. Tanu says we have to do our work, there is no servant here. Police comes there. Inspector asks won’t you welcome us. Aaliya asks with whom you want to meet.

Inspector asks whose house is this? Aaliya says they are Nikhil’s friends and came to stay in his house. Tanu and Aaliya introduce themselves. Inspector says all three suspects at one place.



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