Twist of fate Written update Saturday 23rd March 2019


King comes and asks Tarun what is he doing here? Tarun says fight and asks King not to go there. Abhi says you have made fun of marriage and my belief! Pragya asks him to stop it! Abhi says you are asking me to stop it and says you have betrayed me. He says I thought you were right and was feeling guilty of accusing you. He says I waited for you every day, but you don’t care even if I die.

Pragya says enough! Abhi says you gave me pain which will never heal. He says I had seen you in Police station, how you were pleading for your husband. He says your marriage is 7 years old with him and says maybe true love. He says you told that you loved me truly and asks did you ever loved me? Pragya says when I said that I love you, I meant it. When I said that we will never separate, I meant it. When I said that our fate will always be connected, I meant it!

King hears her. Pragya says but what have you done? King sees a couple hugging each other and asks them to just leave. He thinks Tarun is a kid, and couldn’t handle the matter.

Pragya says I didn’t feel bad that you called me inauspicious, I felt bad that you had separated me from you. Abhi says I asked you to go in anger and you left! Pragya says where would I have gone, you were my world. Abhi asks why did you remarry? Pragya says you also got remarried.

Sunny says I heard Aunt (Tanu) and your Conversation. Kiara says you had sent her to talk to me? Granny calls her. Kiara talks nicely with Granny and she gets happy. Kiara asks where is Raj Uncle, Tau ji and others? She says she has won and she should get a prize. Disha brings tea and gives it to everyone. She gives strawberry milkshake to Kiara. Kiara says she needs clap from all the family members.

Tai ji says the third question is still left. Kiara says Sunny’s Aunt (Tanu) has asked her the third question. Sunny says I didn’t send her. Mitali says we don’t know if you have won or not? Disha says she will ask the third question and asks Kiara to tell if she likes the milkshake or not? Kiara drinks the milkshake and tells that she loves it! Sunny says she said everything right, it means she lost! Kiara says I have won.

She tells that all mothers’ handmade things are lovely. Disha hugs her and asks who teaches you lovely talks? Kiara says from my Mamma. Disha asks her to tell her Mamma that she wants to meet her. Kiara promises to do so. Granny says her Mum must be good too? Kiara says my mum is sweet! She leaves. Disha thinks Kiara’s smile reminds her of Pragya.

Pragya says when you got remarried, then why are you questioning me? She asks him to think of who is responsible for this situation? Abhi says you should have come. Pragya says you should have waited for me. Abhi says you shouldn’t have taken a big decision.

Pragya says you shouldn’t have taken a big step. She says you couldn’t understand me. Abhi says how did you know if I am happy or not with my second marriage, but you are happy with the second marriage. Pragya gets upset.

Pragya tells Abhi that he couldn’t understand her, he kicked her out and married someone else! Abhi says how did you know that I am happy with my remarriage or not, but you are happy. Pragya says you have moved on and asks why does her marriage affects him? Abhi says some things doesn’t change, but now, he will never believe his heart and will think from his mind. Pragya says you are talking as if you were waiting for me? She says we had misunderstandings, but everything came to an end with love.

Abhi says I was waiting for you even till now. She says you made marriage a business. Abhi says you married that joker for your advantage and future. Pragya asks him not to say anything wrong about King and says he did what you should have done! She says I have great respect for you. Abhi
says I hate him so much! Pragya says he understands me.

Abhi says so I don’t understand you? Pragya says it is different to interpret my words. She says Mr. King must be waiting for her and says she cares for Mr. King. She tells him to care for his wife as well.

King comes there and knocks on the door of her room asking her if she is tired? Pragya doesn’t open the door. Abhi says if she thinks that he will doubt her thinking she is a betrayal? He asks her to open the door and tell him that he is her husband! He says you told Dadi that you are going to meet Simonika that day.

Pragya says I don’t need to ask you what I should do or not! She opens the door. Abhi says I am her husband. Pragya says ex-husband. They don’t see King there.
King asks Tarun to bring Pragya if he sees her, and that’s only if she isn’t tired. He asks did you see them in the room? Tarun says yes. King says it will become normal for you once you have a girlfriend.

Pragya closes the door and asks Abhi to think twice before saying anything and says your decision affects others. Abhi asks Pragya to listen to him and says you can’t go until you hear me!

Tarun comes and knocks on Pragya’s door. Abhi and Pragya cry. Abhi says my marriage is not a marriage, but a compromise which happened because of you! Pragya comes out of the room. Tarun says King is waiting for the cutting of the Cake. Kiara is still at Sunny’s place.

Sunny tells that he heard Tanu speaking to her and says she scolds everyone and she’s very bad. Kiara says she will call her chichi. Sunny says I will not get scared of her now, and says she scolds my Mum as well. Kiara says you shouldn’t listen if she scolds your Mum and asks where is your chichi’s room?

She says we should go to her room and teach her ABC! They see Tanu sleeping on the bed after heavy drinking. Kiara says she’s in a deep sleep. She makes a moustache on Tanu’s face and darken her eyebrows. Sunny says I will get scolded. Kiara asks him to promise that he is innocent if someone question him. Tanu wakes up. Kiara says Mrs Universe 2018 is… Tanu thinks it is a dream and sleeps again. Kiara and Sunny leaves from there.

Pragya comes to King. King says I’ve been waiting for you since. Mr. wick asks King and Pragya to come on stage and cut the cake. Abhi comes there and gets upset seeing Pragya cutting the cake with him. Tere liye song plays… Everyone claps… Abhi walks out of there.

Purab asks Disha if Granny is saying the truth and tells that Sunny and that girl were at loggerheads before. Disha says yes and tells that they have become good friends. Purab tells them that Kiara had pacified Abhi in the lift when they got stuck in a lift, and Abhi saved her in a terrorist attack. Granny says she sees Pragya’s reflection in her. Purab says we miss her a lot.

Twist of fate March teasers 

Mr. Wick tells King that it seems your professional wife is not here. King says I will handle it all alone and asks Pragya to cut three pieces. He makes Pragya eat the cake. Pragya is tensed. Abhi comes out of King’s house and recalls Pragya’s words. Sau dard hai plays……He sits in his car.



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