Twist of Fate written update – Monday 24 December 2018


Tanu is irritated and Aaliya tries to make her understand that they can’t make a move for her and Abhi till Munni is successful in developing hatred for Pragya. Tanu says Abhi is not going to hate Pragya and she (Aliya) isn’t thinking about her at all right now as she is just dreaming about herself and Purab, Tanu angrily leaves. Aaliya thinks she is right as she is now just concentrating on Purab and she actually doesn’t care about Tanu right now.

Meanwhile, Purab wears Sangram Singh’s clothes. Sangram Singh’s goons knock at the door. Purab thinks he should hide Sangram Singh till he get married to Disha but since they were constantly knocking at the door he opens the door and the goons ask him to go downstairs as the priest is nagging about the wedding rituals. Purab sits on the mandap and wonders how he will inform Disha that he is sitting at the mandap as she should know that she is marrying him.

The priest asks them to put forward their hands and asks Disha to put hers on his hand. Disha doesn’t do that and her aunt angrily holds her hand and puts it on Purab’s hand, Disha remembers Sangram Singh’s hand was tough and wonders how it get this soft all of the sudden.

Sangram Singh regains consciousness and thinks of beating Purab after his marriage. He then falls down again and gets unconscious. On the other hand, Aaliya reminisces her and Purab’s dating days. While Abhi is in his room thinking why Purab agreed for the contract to sing for a horror movie song.

Aaliya knocks on Abhi’s door and Abhi thinks it is Pragya and says she need not knock. Abhi opens the door after constant knocking and asks why Aliyah came to his room. Aaliya tells Abhi that she came there to meet Pragya and Abhi asks her to tell him what she wanted to talk to her about. Aliya calls Abhi his brother but Abhi asks her to not call him brother. Aaliya puts up a drama that she doesn’t know what else to say and finally tells Abhi that she actually wanted to talk to him through Pragya. Abhi asks her to go straight to the point. Aaliya asks Abhi to get her married to Purab.

She further added that he also loves Pragya and he must know how important love is in one’s life and her life will be sorted once she gets the love of her life. Abhi tells her that Purab is not there for her to play with like she plays with others. Aaliya in tears tells Abhi that she has changed and she wants to make everything alright and also change herself and that can happen when Purab will be in her life. Abhi asks if she thinks Purab will agree or she thinks that she deserves him.

Aaliya tells Abhi that if he gets her married to Purab then she is ready to do anything. She emotionally blackmails him by mentioning Pragya’s name. Abhi falls in her trap. Aaliya finally succeeds in convincing Abhi to get her married to Purab and Abhi tells her that he will talk to Purab. After leaving the room, Aaliya feels happy that her plan was successful as now Abhi will talk to Purab and he won’t be able to say no to him. As the wedding rituals was still ongoing, Disha feels that the person sitting beside her is not Sangram Singh but she wonders who it could be.

The priest asks them to stand for the seven rounds and Disha gets a glimpse of Purab. She asks Purab why he is marrying her and Purab asks her to be quite as this isn’t the time to think about the deeds but about the results. The priest asks them to start the nuptial vows but they stop midway and Disha says to Purab that she can’t marry him because he loves Bulbul. Purab convinces her that Bulbul and her inner voice has asked him to take this step and they should hurry up or else Sangram Singh would be there any moment.

Meanwhile Buaji goes to check the food arrangements and enters the store room where Sangram Singh is lying unconscious. She stumbles over him and switches on the lights. When Purab and Disha are about to start the next nuptial vows, Buaji comes there along with Sangram Singh and Sangram Singh shouts at them to stop.

At the Mehra house, Abhi is watching some horror movie and Munni asks him what is there to be so scared of. He asks her to watch it herself but Munni says she won’t watch it alone so she is going to sleep. On the other hand, Sangram tells everyone that Disha and Purab already had an affair and it was their plan to first break Pradeep and her alliance and then get married. He also tells everyone that Disha’s pleading was fake. Buaji says Disha isn’t at fault as she had no clue that Purab is marrying her in Sangram Singh’s clothes.

Sangram Singh orders his goons to set Purab on fire and Disha pleads to Buaji and her father to stop him but all the guests at the wedding start talking bad about Purab that city people should be punished so that they don’t dare to even look at their daughters the next time.

Sangram Singh suggests that Purab should be killed right away. Disha asks them to stop but her aunt asks her to keep quiet. Sangram asks his goons to set Purab on fire and orders them to add kerosene too so that he dies instantly. They try to put his head in the wedding fire whiles Disha gets shocked.

Sangram’s men is about to put Purab’s head in the fire. Disha picks the firewood and threatens to kill Sangram. She tells everything to everyone that Purab has saved her when Sangram tried to molest her. She tells her father that he trusted Sangram, but not her. Sangram hits her hand and the firewood fall. Purab pushes them and asks Disha to come with him. Abhi is scared after watching a horror film.

Munni, who is not getting any sleep decides to wake Abhi up by scaring him. She makes sounds and also makes shadows scaring Abhi. Abhi wakes up petrified and he calls out to Pragya, he says that he heard sounds but she says it is just the windows due to the rains. She gets up to close it and Abhi also helps her.

They come close and Munni escapes suddenly confusing Abhi. Abhi remembers their old times together. Sangram orders his goons to find Purab and Disha as they have eloped from the wedding venue. Sangram Singh yells at them that he needs Purab dead and wants the girl alive as he’ will make her his wife and then treat her like his slave. Disha’s father overhears this and grabs Sangram Singh’s collar and says how dare he say that. Sangram Singh slaps him and pushes him on the floor.

He orders his goons to search for them at every railway station and bus stop as they would definitely try to elope to the city. Buaji comes and asks Sangram to get Disha safely as she is innocent but Sangram Singh ignores her. When Sangram Singh leaves in his jeep along with his goons, Purab tells Disha that her idea was very good as they are searching everywhere but not at the rooftop.

Buaji comes there and asks someone if he has seen Purab and Disha but he says no. Purab tells Disha that they must leave the place as by now Sangram Singh would’ve searched the railway station and bus stop and he would know that they are not there. Disha says she knows a path which would lead them to the city but no city around them is safe and neither the state as Sangram Singh is a powerful man.

Purab suggest that they will go to Mumbai and his brother Abhi is a very powerful man over there. Purab also further added that Sangram Singh won’t be able to harm them there. Abhi wakes Munni up and says he is hearing some frightening noise and Munni says it’s monsoon and it must be from outside the window. Munni reaches out to close the window and Abhi helps her. Sangram searches in the bus and then thinks they must have escaped by the other road. Disha and Purab enjoy their journey back to Mumbai together. Sangram Singh gets a call from his goons who tells him that he couldn’t find them at the railway station too and Sangram Singh asks him to meet him at the “Kachha Rasta”.

Munni tries on a salwar kurta and gets glad as she thinks she had seen these clothes in films and had never thought that she would get to wear them. Meanwhile, Abhi is lovingly staring at her from the door.

Abhi is worried about the weird way Pragya is behaving, he talks to his grandmother who also feel Pragya is being weird and they ask Abhi to talk and convince Pragya to behave like a married woman and dress up like one. They ask him to make her his wife and also make her realise the importance of the symbols of marriage. Abhi now stands at the door watching Pragya and walks up to her with the box of vermilion. Munni gets worried as she senses he is about to apply that on her forehead. Abhi says he would apply it on her forehead.

Munni asks him to give it to her but he refuses to divulge and is stubborn. Munni tells Abhi she has allergy with vermilion. Abhi is in no mood to listen to her and forces her to apply. He picks some of the vermilion and proceeds to apply.

Munni jerks his hand and spills the vermilion. Abhi is shocked as Munni rushes out and into the temple crying. She prays about the situation she is in. She asks God to return Pragya to Abhi and also return her Chutka and Chutki to her. She also asks God to prove Abhi’s faith right and let Pragya come back to him.


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