Twist of fate update Wednesday 30 November 2022

Twist of fate 30 November 2022: Rhea telling Prachi that two sisters or two woman can stay in a house, but if one woman is a sautan then the other can’t stay. Prachi asks have you gone mad and asks her to think about her baby, says it is 12 am.

Rhea says I pleaded infront of you taking baby’s name, but you didn’t go. Vikram brings Pallavi to the hall, while blindfolded her. He says I will not leave with the tiger in the jungle. Prachi asks Rhea not to say anything as papa is going to surprise Mummy ji. Vikram signs Dida. Pallavi asks what is happening? Vikram says you will know soon. Ranbir pulls Prachi closer and says if you can’t talk to me lovingly, then atleast can love me. He says if you don’t love me then I will make you love me forcibly.

Vikram keeps the necklace infront of Pallavi and asks her to open her eyes. Pallavi opens her eyes and sees diamond necklace. She gets happy. Dida, Aaliya, Rhea and Ranbir wish her happy birthday. Rhea says you will like everything in the party. Prachi says everything will be of your choice, and whatever you don’t like, will not be there. Dida says Prachi is organizing your birthday.

Pallavi thanks Rhea and Aaliya. She calls everyone for a group hug leaving Prachi and Shahana. Ranbir brings Prachi for the group hug. Rhea looks on upset.

Vikram tells Prachi that tomorrow’s party shall be very good. Prachi says I will try. Vikram asks her to promise. Prachi promises her.

In the morning, Rhea comes to Aaliya and asks her to wake up else she will throw water on her. Aaliya wakes up and says you are always angry. Rhea says she couldn’t sleep all night and tells that Prachi is not like mom. She says she is roaming as an ideal bahu and promised Vikram to make the birthday memorable. She says she is talking everyone lovingly and Dida is talking to her as if she is a new bride. She says Mom melted recently. Aaliya says she wants to sleep. Rhea asks what type of Buji you are? Aaliya says she is her only Buji.

Rhea says ok and shares her plan, says she will show as if Prachi did the decoration to kill her baby. Aaliya says it can be risky for you. Rhea says Prachi has to pay a big price, she must not have seen such an insult, I will cross all limits. Dida comes and asks what limits. Aaliya says Rhea has watched a film in which hero crossed all limits to get the heroine.

Dida questions her and then gives her laddoos, asking her to eat for the baby. Rhea thanks and touches her feet. She tells Aaliya that she don’t want these laddoos and will throw them out of the window. Aaliya stops her. Rhea says it is easy to fool them.

Dida tells Shahana that Rhea and Aaliya are planning against Prachi. She says I made laddoo for Prachi, on the pretext of making it for Rhea. She says when I went there to give her laddoo, she heard them talking about crossing limits. She says they thought me foolish and made an excuse. She says they will do something so that Prachi will leave the house. Shahana says we are with Prachi, and will not let any evil reflection fall on her.

Ranbir comes to the party and admires looking at Prachi. Rhea smiles and tells Aaliya that she will use her baby against Ranbir, to come near him. She says that’s exactly it is happening, and says he is smiling at me. Aaliya sees Ranbir looking at Prachi. Rhea also realizes and gets upset. Shahana and Dida look at them. Dida says when Rhea will realize that Ranbir loves Prachi. She tells Shahana that she has a doubt that Stanley loves Ranbir. Shahana says Ranbir is lovely, everyone loves him. Dida says I am saying what I am seeing. Shahana asks what Dida and goes. Ranbir asks Stanley to say if he knows what to do? Stanley says I have to play song and then I remember. Rhea asks what Ranbir sees in that Prachi, says I swear if I come to know then I will see.

Ranbir asks Prachi to see the juice and says it is bad. He asks her to try. Prachi sips and says it is good. He says I will make someone drink it and ask. Prachi says it is my leftover juice. Ranbir says ok, I will drink. He drinks it and says it is sweet. He says you are cute. Prachi thinks if her baby becomes nautanki like Ranbir, then it will be difficult for her to handle him.

The guest comes and congrats Vikram for the new project. Vikram thanks him. Stanley plays the music. Ranbir starts dancing on the song Radhe Radhe Radhe….with Prachi. Prachi also dances hesitantly. Everyone claps for them. Rhea fumes with anger and goes to side. Aaliya goes to her and says its ok, it was a small dance. Rhea looks at her. The guests praise Ranbir for dancing good. Ranbir says I couldn’t dance well, if I was not having my partner. Prachi says dance partner.

He says first life partner and then dance partner. He leaves her hand and is about to go behind her. Pallavi holds his hand and tells the guests that Ranbir is joking, he will become Papa and Rhea will become Mummy. She says Prachi was his first wife, but she is not anymore. She says Ranbir gets upset hearing old stuff and says today they will talk good things as today is her birthday. Rhea tells Aaliya that she wants Prachi to get out of the house right now. She is loosening the screws and tells Aaliya that she is doing this to make Prachi look as if she wants to kill her baby.

She says we can make this fake wall fall and asks her to loosen the screws, so that the wall falls on her. She says everyone will blame Prachi for trying to kill my baby. Aaliya asks her not to say would be baby, and says I feel that you are pregnant. Rhea says I love my figure and tells that she will never spoil it, she can’t have pregnancy thought in her mind, so can’t keep baby in her tummy. She says she will fall down with her tummy down and then will blame Ranbir for killing my baby before it is born, and says he will not leave me in guilt and Prachi will leave afterall. She says when we execute our plan, you have to loosen it and this wall will fall on the other side. She smirks.

Prachi thinking about Ranbir’s words that he couldn’t dance if he didn’t have his life partner and then dance partner. Ranbir comes to her room and looks at her. Prachi takes out the baby bedding set from the cupboard, and says it is good and soft for small baby. She asks the baby if he will have brother or sister, even she got confused so brought one for girl and one for boy. She says she is talking about his/her maasi’s baby. She says your Maasi is arrogant, but good at heart. She says you shall love your cousin and shall live happily with her/him.

She says I want you to love him very much, it was not good between your Maasi and me, but I want you to love your cousin. Ranbir silently leaves. He thinks our baby will get our love, and I am going to do what is important for it.

Pallavi tells Vikram that it is not fair as everyone is wishing him. Vikram says it is very special as our son worked on it, and says all the wishes are needed. Ranbir hears him and takes Stanley to side, says it is time for my dad. He says everyone is congratulating dad, but we shall lie to Dad. He says I will him about the goof up and he will throw me out.

Stanley says you will be thrown out of company only and not from home. Ranbir says I know my Papa and says first he will throw me out of company and home, and later he will know that they have profit with his goof up after 2 months. He says until then I will be happy with Prachi for 2 months. He asks him to send Vikram to room. Stanley comes to Vikram and says Ranbir sir called you.

Vikram says I will come. Pallavi thinks he might be calling me and goes with him. Ranbir thinks to do good acting and shall say seriously that he did a mistake and his dream project has scattered like cards. He thinks to say it simple and thinks then I will be thrown out and my life will be happy with Prachi. He thinks on which side of cheeks, he shall get slap. Pallavi and Vikram come there.

Pallavi says I thought you want to give me gift. Ranbir says I have done a goof up, did a mistake and you will know it in sometime. Vikram asks what are you saying? Ranbir says your village city project couldn’t be made. Vikram asks what are you saying? Ranbir says I did a small mistake, due to which nobody can make it, your project is scattered like cards.

Vikram says shut up and slaps Ranbir hard. He says you said it casually and says I don’t want to see your face. Ranbir says sorry Dad. Vikram says nothing will happen with your sorry. Ranbir says that’s why I am saying you sorry now. Vikram asks if you are drunk? Ranbir says I was drunk when I was working on the project, I have so much stress, has two wives and that’s why did a mistake. Pallavi asks have you lost it and asks him to leave from here. Ranbir asks why are you over reacting, you shall make Papa understand. They ask him to leave. Ranbir turns to go and smiles.

Prachi comes out and looks for Rhea. Shahana asks what is she doing? Prachi says she wants to give gift for Rhea’s baby, may be we were not here then? She says the baby will get his first gift from his Maasi. Ranbir thinks we will be together with our baby and looks at Prachi. He collides with Stanley. Stanley asks how did you fall in love so deeply? Ranbir says it happens slowly, it is a process. Stanley says even I want to fall in love. Ranbir says it just happens, not when we decide. Stanley asks did you talk to your Dad. Ranbir holds his cheeks and tells that he was badly slapped by Papa.

Vikram is sad and says my dream project shelved before start. He says sorry to Pallavi for his behavior and says everything was good till yesterday and today. He says sorry. Pallavi says I know it is your dream project and would be started at any moment, but. Vikram asks her not to spoil her mood and says we shall go and enjoy the party. Pallavi says I can’t act to enjoy the party. Vikram says don’t think about it now, today is special day for you and I don’t want it to ruin due to Ranbir’s foolishness.

He asks her not to think and says I am shattered but knows to handle my emotions, knows to be happy keeping it aside. She says we can’t upset our guests and says we shall enjoy your party. Pallavi asks are you sure? He asks her to ignore, whatever is happening. He says if Sid was here, then he would have helped me surely, I am missing him today. Pallavi looks on stunned.

Aaliya tells Rhea that Prachi is coming that way. She says she wants a mantra to make her go. Rhea says there is a mantra. Prachi calls Rhea. Rhea says Buji and I are talking. Prachi says sorry and tells that she is going in the morning, and gives her gift for her baby. She asks her to see. Rhea says I will see, when I don’t see you. Aaliya says it must be your trick. Rhea says you stayed back for Mom’s birthday and says you are trying to impress Mom so that she stops you when you leave. She says I had told Buji to make you go. She goes. Prachi says I know the reason for your anger and says she will go from here. She tells her baby that his Maasi has mood swings. She says it is your Maa’s love for your Maasi’s baby. She keeps the gift and goes.

Stanley collides with Shahana. She scolds him for colliding with her. Stanley asks her to be his friend. She says a girl and a boy can’t be friends. She says she knows his intentions. He says I am not interested in you. Shahana asks him to say. He points finger at the lady and Dida thinks Stanley is pointing at Ranbir. She takes Ranbir and Prachi to Stanley and says they love each other. Stanley says I know. Dida says he was teasing Shahana. Stanley says you are thinking wrong. Prachi says your fight is cute. Dida says Ranbir and Prachi’s fight is cute, and Vikram and Pallavi have a fight too, but it was not cute. Stanley says Ranbir is my sir. Ranbir goes from there worried. Prachi thinks why is he worried?

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