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An older woman in the bank is facing trouble in her transactions and Pragya offers to help her. She helps her with the transaction and the old woman gets relieved. Seeing Pragya from a distance, Abhi is proud that she has grown to be such a good human being. Purab and Disha are romancing in their bedroom.

Twist of fate March teasers

Aaliya barges into Purab’s room and sees him getting close to Disha, which makes her jealous. Disha gets angry at Aaliya and says that she should have knocked before entering. Aliya asks Purab to come with her outside to check the mails. The old woman asks Pragya to address her as Dadi. Pragya gets emotional and remembers Abhi’s grandmother. The lady asks her if she had a fight with her husband. Pragya says yes.

When the lady asks Pragya about her husband’s name, Pragya mentions Abhishek Mehra. She then realizing her mistake and she quickly corrects herself and mentions ‘King Singh’. Abhi overhears this and gets emotional. Recalling their separation, Pragya wishes to talk to Abhi once and resolve things with him. Alia keeps Purab stuck onto his work so that he cannot go back to his room and romance with Disha. On the other hand, Disha understands that Aaliya is trying to take Purab from her.

Disha comes to give Purab his tea and she taunts Alia in the process. Alia asks Purab to concentrate on his work. Some robbers sneak into the bank. Aaliya comes to Disha and asks her if she felt bad that she took Purab with her. Disha says Purab will always be her responsible and that’s why he went with Aliah to do the work. Aaliya laughs at Disha that she is good in the kitchen and that will always be her place. Disha warns her not to place an eye on people’s husband and she should search for a life partner for herself. Aaliya remarks that she doesn’t want to be a housewife like Disha. Aliya later says that she does not have any feelings for Purab anymore. She also asks Disha to beware otherwise she will do something which will render Disha with nothing to fall back on. Abhi comes over and asks Pragya if she had a fight with King. He also calls King a joker. When Pragya replies that things are fine between them, Abhi says that he heard her talking to the old lady. He starts taunting Pragya. The old woman comes and mistakes Abhi for Pragya’s husband. The old woman does not listen to her as she feels that Pragya is just angry. She asks Pragya to reconcile with him as they are married to each other and have no other way to mend things. Pragya and Abhi start fighting again. The old woman asks Abhi to take care of Pragya as she is his wife.

Pragya tries telling the old woman that Abhi was not her husband whereas Abhi takes advantage of the situation and says that Pragya doesn’t want to talk to him. The old lady tells them that they just had a lover’s spat and they should go home and apologise to each other. Abhi tells the woman that they no longer love each other. She doesn’t listen to them and asks them to promise her that they will resolve the issues that they are facing as a couple. Meanwhile, the robbers walk past them. Disha comes to display her authority over Purab to make Aliyah jealous. Aliyah asks Purab to concentrate on his work before he goes out to eat. She also asks Purab to send a mail and call Hemant. Purab says he doesn’t have the number. Aaliya informs him that she will bring the number. Disha also excuses herself. The old lady blesses Abhi and Pragya and she asks them not to fight. They both remember Dadi’s words whenever they used to argue in the past. Pragya chooses to walk away from there. Abhi and Pragya forget their phones on the couch and the old lady sees it. She hands over the phones to the lady working at the bank. M ona tells herself that there’s something fishy going on between Abhi and Pragya. Meanwhile, Disha confronts Aaliya and tells her that her jealousy was proof that she still has feelings for Purab. Disha warns her not to go any further else she would be forced to do something bad which could hamper their relation. Pragya remembers Dadi and starts crying in the bank. Abhi follows her and tells her the truth, confessing that he still had feelings for her. He says that he loves her and accepts his mistake. Pragya turns around and starts crying. Abhi asks her why did she feel sad and asks if she was happy staying with King.The robbers come in front of the cash counters and demand for something. The manager threatens them and asks them to behave. Abhi confronts Pragya and asks her whether if he did not give her any happiness and whether King gives her all of it. Pragya asks him to leave her as it is of no use now. The old woman sees someone struggling to get out from the backseat of the car. She tries to help him but the goon comes and catches hold of her. The robber holds her captive and threatens to shoot her. The lady gets scared.

Abhi apologizes to Pragya for hurting her in the past. They both hear a couple arguing in the back and recall moments from the past. Pragya looks on teary eyed. Kiara takes care of King as he is down with high fever. She asks him to get some rest. She brings in Tarun’s mom to show her that King is still running a high fever. Tarun’s mother decides to call Pragya and inform her about it. The bank manager pretends to have forgotten where he has kept the keys of the locker. The robbers warn him not to act over smart. The manager tries to ring the safety bell but gets caught. The robbers hold him captive and force him to follow their instructions. They bring the old lady inside the bank and ask all the people to gather in the lobby. The goons shoot in the air and Pragya gets scared. She falls on Abhi. Abhi peeks outside and notices that something wrong is going on in the bank. One of the robbers heard the sound when Abhi and Pragya felt down. Abhi tells Pragya that there is something wrong happening in the bank and he spotted someone holding a gun in his hand. Abhi tells Pragya about the robbery at the bank. The thugs tell the people to surrender their phones as they do not want anybody acting smart and calling the police. Pragya and Abhi realise that they have left their phones with the old lady.


The robbers ask Mona if there was any famous customer there in the bank. Mona tells them about Abhi being there. The robbers ask Mona to bring him to their notice. The robbers kill Mona and threaten the others if they insist to go out. Everyone looks scared. Abhi tells Pragya that he has to do something. The other robber tells their head goon that there is someone upstairs. The boss sends the robber and asks him to bring the persons downstairs immediately. A doctor visits King to checkup on him. He tells Tarun’s mom that King will be fine. He adds that King overworked himself. Kaira tells King to take some rest. Kiara tries calling Pragya again, but she does not pick the call.

One of the robbers comes to the room and takes another couple from there. Abhi and Pragya are hiding there. Abhi tries to go after the goon but Pragya stops him. Another robber who is named Ronnie tries to kill the man, but his wife pleads in front of him not to kill him. Their head goon stops him from killing the married man. Ronnie informs their boss that the manager has escaped with the keys to unlock the safe.

Twist of fate March teasers

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