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Wednesday update on Twist of fate

Aaliya is in the meeting and thinks of Disha and Purab, she calls off the meeting. Abhi asks Kiara to tell Granny (King’s Aunt) that Superman has eloped with her Mother! Pragya says he is not a Superman! Abhi asks what nonsense! Kiara says he is a Superman and has saved me from goons so many times. Pragya says Kiara won’t say this and asks her to tell that they were talking. Kiara says I will tell her what Superman had said. Abhi hugs her and tells Kiara that he will take her to his house. Kiara says yes, I will come. Pragya thinks of Abhi’s words that he will prove that Kiara is his daughter.

Kiara says she will give him her notes to give Sunny. Abhi asks her to tell King’s Aunt that he always escapes with the things he likes. Pragya says you are crossing your limits! Abhi says I will. Pragya says she is King’s daughter!

Abhi says the more you say that Kiara is King’s daughter, the more I feel she is my daughter, like you are my wife. He says that the Pragya that came to the Police station is my Pragya, for whom I am everything. She says Granny used to call you Savitri. Pragya says but I am not your wife! Abhi says you regard me as your husband. He says if you wanted, you would have won the challenge and filed a FIR against me, but you have fought with the Police Officer and was worried for me!

He asks why didn’t you remember your daughter, and was more worried for me being in there? Why did you forget your challenge that you gave me at the Party? He says I used to think that you are married and won’t cross the boundaries of a married woman, but today, I have seen you crossing your limits, and this only happens if you are not happy with your marriage, or if there is no marriage between you both!

Abhi says you aren’t married to King, you didn’t take any marriage vows with him, else you would have stopped me from touching you, you didn’t slap me, I know you love me, I’m hurt that you lied to me, I’m glad that you didn’t remove me from your life, you stayed away from me, but loved me, you kept fasts for me, you remember how I filled your forehead with colours, I promise I will always apply Colours/Vermilion on you, because my breath and your fate is related to this.

Pragya recalls his words. He says you’ve always remembered me, you and our vows, right? She asks him to leave! He asks her to answer him! She says I don’t want to argue, just leave me, as I don’t want to answer, but want you to just stay away! He says fine, I can’t stop you from staying away, you can’t stop me from coming closer, as I know you love me, and I will prove that Kiara is my daughter, I will take her with me, and once I win this challenge, I will take you home with me as well, I promise! He says like the truth and dare, I remember Karwachauth also, I broke your fast, don’t say it again that you don’t regard me as your husband. Tere naam se… plays… Abhi leaves. Pragya thinks of him.

Aunt calls King and asks when are you coming home? He says he’ll be there in 15 mins, what’s the matter, is Pragya at home or not, who is lying to me? Aunt says no one is lying, come home, and we will talk. He asks why are you sounding like it’s urgent? She thinks to show him the truth. He says I feel restless, just come. She sees Abhi and Pragya’s pics and says these pics will prove me right and Pragya a liar!

She stops Abhi and asks are you leaving? Abhi says no, I will sit back. She asks should I get tea? He calls her thinking very cheap! She scolds him for his cheap doings! She says I have seen love in you and Pragya’s eyes. He asks did you see love for real, then just tell this to Pragya, as she isn’t agreeing to me, maybe she will listen to you, until then, we will have tea together!

Kiara comes and hugs him. She asks him to give her notebook to Sunny. She asks for a kiss. He kisses her. She asks where is Mamma? He says she is waiting for someone. He leaves.

King’s Aunt says Kiara is meeting him like a daughter meets a dad, what if they had blood relations, Pragya loves Abhi as her husband, and what am I thinking, its really Kalyug!

Mitali comes to her husband and asks are you very free today, as your daughter is getting married. She says I have heard Granny Suwarni and Disha talking. He asks are you upset with Neha’s marriage or Pragya coming back? She says everything is clear in my mind, I know I don’t want Neha’s marriage, as I don’t like that guy, he works with his brother, he is useless and dump! He says you already told me this. She asks Raj to think of what Pragya will do after coming back, she will snatch their rights, so they have to stop Abhi and Pragya’s re-union! She says it’s the matter of our future as well. Neha looks on shocked.

Pragya hugs Kiara. Kiara says I was happy hugging Abhi like this. Pragya says it’s fine. Kiara runs to get cookie. Pragya asks why can’t I control my feelings?

Abhi thinks Kiara is my daughter, and Pragya and I love each other, but why is King in between our story?

Pragya thinks Abhi will find out the truth and take away Kiara from me, I have to stay strong, but how?

Abhi says Kiara is living with Pragya, just Pragya has her birth documents, Pragya loves me, but doesn’t pity me. Purab and Disha smile. Disha says we wanted to say this before. Abhi says it’s not completely true, Pragya loves me a lot, but I don’t know what sacrifice she is making that she is keeping Kiara away from me, I will win this challenge and prove that Kiara is my daughter, and I will get Pragya home! Disha asks him to talk with love. Abhi says she is asking me to prove it, what should I do? Purab says we can enter Pragya’s house and get Kiara’s documents. Disha says we asked you to steal yesterday. Purab says no, this is less dangerous, we can do this work while visiting them. Abhi asks how can we steal when everyone is around?

Disha says we don’t know about the papers. Abhi says there is always someone, that Aunt is the CCTV camera, King’s Uncle is also coming back, maybe his conference has wind up. Purab says we can have a party and send King’s family instead of you. Abhi asks how can I party, and Disha why did you marry this guy? Purab explains his idea. Abhi laughs and says leave the theft work on me, I’m the thief! Disha says once we get the proof, Kiara and Pragya will come home! Abhi says our family will be made. He asks will you feel bad if I hug Disha? Purab says no, you may. Abhi hugs Disha and says I’m very excited. They all hug.

King comes home and asks his Aunt to tell why she called him? His Aunt says you should have come a bit earlier. King says I came as you said that you are unwell. King’s Aunt says Pragya freed Abhi in the morning from lock up and asks him where did he go from the lock up? King says he might have gone home. His Aunt says he came here straightaway and talked to Pragya for a hour. She says nobody knows what they spoke about and asks King to try and understand. king goes. His Aunt thinks even King is feeling the same and seeing what I want to show him. She thinks to show Pragya and Abhi’s pics to King.

Kiara comes and hugs King. King says I was tired, but all my strength has returned. Kiara says she is feeling good to see him. His Aunt asks him to check her phone and says it is hanging. King takes her phone.
Kiara tells King that she got good marks in class and everyone including Sunny took notes from her.

Tarun comes there and asks King to check the presentation made by Pragya. King’s Aunt asks King to check her phone. Kiara says she will check it and snatches the phone from King and it falls in the water. King’s Aunt scolds Kiara and says now, her phone won’t work! King gets a call and asks pragya if some party invitation came for kids album launch? Tarun says no invite came. King says I couldn’t refuse when the organizer invited Kiara and me. King’s Aunt thinks King doesn’t know that Pragya and Kiara are not his family and loves Abhi a lot.
Abhi asks Tanu what does she want! Tanu asks why can’t we stay as normal husband and wife? Abhi asks why she wants the rights of a Wife? Tanu says she wants to be his real wife and wants respect and love, and says it is my rights. Abhi says this can’t happen! Tanu says I was getting tears with your behaviour. Abhi says your love seems to be fake to me.

Tanu says Kiara is not your daughter. Abhi says she is my daughter! Tanu says Pragya got everything from King, so can’t she give a child to King? She asks him to forget her! Abhi says I don’t want to listen and asks her to stop! Tanu says you are blimdly believing in Pragya, but Kiara is not your daughter. Abhi says you are making me angry now. Tanu says Kiara is not your daughter! Abhi says when I prove this, then it will be a big slap on your face! He goes. Tanu shouts Abhi!!

Abhi comes to King’s house and thinks they haven’t gone to the function till now? Kiara and Tarun comes out. Tarun takes her. Abhi gets down from his car and hides seeing Pragya. Pragya asks Kiara to sit in the Car and senses Abhi’s presence. She comes near his Car. Jab tum hote ho plays…
King’s Aunt thinks where is Pragya going? King calls Pragya.

Pragya goes towards King’s Car. King asks where did you go? Pragya says something left. Abhi thinks I am still yours and you are mine! Pragya hurts her finger while closing the Car door. King cares for her and blows on her finger. Pragya thanks him. They leave. Abhi thinks I can’t bear it anymore and will go inside! He sees the lock and tries to open it, and asks the lock to open for his daughter!

He thinks and a flashback is shown, Abhi, Disha and Purab comes home late. Disha takes out the keys from the vase and says even Pragya does the same thing. Abhi searches fod the keys and gets it. He thinks Pragya always helps him and wants him to take Kiara with him. He gets inside the house.

King and his family comes to the function. Kiara asks should I have something? Tarun goes with Kiara. A woman compliments the Couple (Pragya and King). King says we are ths best! Pragya gets uncomfortable.
King’s Aunt thinks to show the real face of Pragya to King, and thinks I don’t know why he doesn’t listen to anything said against Pragya!

King brings juice for Pragya. Pragya says what was the need? King says he just brought it and thinks how to ask her why she went to free Abhi from the lock up? He thinks he is getting jealous.

The host of the party asks King to cut the cake. Pragya asks King to go. She thinks of Abhi and his words and thinks why do I think of just him? She thinks she is getting the feeling that Abhi wants her back in his life. King cuts the cake. Pragya thinks of Abhi’s challenge

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