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Thursday update on Twist of fate

Abhi searches for proofs of Kiara’s birth truth in Pragya’s room. He looks at her pic and thinks you forced me to do this, you made me a thief, first in school and then at your home! He says he is excited about the result and thinks you are trying to make me busy, but I will not come in your talks. You can just see me, but not stop me! He sees her pic and thinks if she is hypnotizing him, and thinks he will win eventually! He thinks from where to start the search? He suddenly hears someone coming there and thinks if King has returned?

The Man puts his hand on his shoulder and he’s none other than Purab! Abhi shouts and says he got scared! Purab says the thieves are brothers and tells that he came to help him. Abhi says Pragya stopped him through her pic on the room. Purab says your love for her will never end and asks where did you search? Abhi says that room. Purab says just a room. Abhi asks him to search for it quickly! They search in the other room, but couldn’t get it. Purab asks him to fold the clothes and keep it in the Wardrobe. Abhi says he doesn’t know how to fold clothes.

Purab asks why do you want to give Pragya a chance to doubt that someone came to ransack their house! Abhi asks him to fold the stuff and keep it. Purab asks who needs a daughter and asks him to fold the clothes. Abhi tells that it is of less hardwork and asks him to fold the clothes instead. He goes. Purab folds the clothes and keeps it. Abhi sees a suitcase on the cupboard and recalls Pragya keeping it once.

He thinks she might have kept all the important documents in the suitcase. He opens it and finds his pic inside. He gets happy seeing it and gets emotional.
Pragya also thinks of Abhi.
Abhi checks the album and finds Kiara’s pics right from her birth. He gets emotional. Tu jo Mila… plays…

Pragya thinks if he is near Kiara?
Abhi then checks the file and gets Pragya’s passport in which her name is Pragya Abhishek Mehra.
Pragya thinks why does she has a mixed reaction?

Abhi is surprised and thinks Pragya didn’t change her name and thanks her. He finds the birth certificate file and keeps it in the suitcase back leaving the album down on the bed. He calls Purab and goes out of thr room.
Varun tells King that Kiara fell down while running. Kiara cries and tells King that she wants to go home. King tells the organizer that his daughter fell down and that’s why they want to go. Pragya comes there. Kiara asks him not to tell her the truth. King makes an excuse. Pragya asks him to say the truth. King tells that Kiara wants to go home. They leave.

Abhi tells Purab that he got Kiara’s birth certificate. Purab asks him to show it. Abhi says I will show it directly to Pragya and says your brother has done it! He says we will go home and celebrate! Purab says he will call Disha and takes Abhi’s phone. Disha asks if the work is done? Abhi tells that he found the birth certificate with great difficulty! Purab says I was with him. They argue. Disha asks him to show her the certificate. Abhi says I will prove it with this certificate that Kiara is my daughter!

He looks at the certificate. Abhi says my name is not there as her father’s name, and says how will I prove it now that she is my daughter? He gets sad. Disha asks him to check if King’s name is written as the father? Abhi and Purab says no. Disha says this means that when Kiara was born, King was not around and that means she is your daughter. Abhi says you are a wonder and praises Disha. Purab says you got sad. Abhi says my sister is not like you! Purab comes out to talk to Disha.

Disha tells that Sunny saw a bad dream. Sunny says he saw ghost holding him. Purab says I am coming there and thinks to talk to Abhi and calls him. He thinks to call Abhi on the landline then, but Abhi thinks who is calling again and again? He thinks to change his voice and tells that there is nobody at home. He tells that there is nobody at home! Purab asks him to come out and tells that he is waiting outside. Abhi asks do you want to show off that you saw a bad dream? Abhi asks him to go and says I will come later. He says I will search for Kiara’s passport and then come. Purab says don’t take such risk! Abhi says I will not come without getting it and asks him to go for Sunny. Purab gives him a phone kiss on Sunny’s behalf. Purab goes.

King, Pragya and Kiara comes home. King asks Kiara if she is feeling better now? Kiara says she is feeling pain in her throat. King asks what did you eat at the party? Tarun says she had icecream. Kiara says you don’t know how to keep secrets! They ring the bell when Pragya couldn’t find the keys. She says the Servant must be inside.

Abhi thinks Purab came and comes to open the door. He hears Kiara coughing and thinks how did they come so fast?
King’s Aunt tells Pragya that the key is near your feet. Pragya picks the keys and opens the door. Abhi thinks he can’t take any risk like before, and thinks to wait till everyone sleeps, then he will go.
King asks Pragya to check the door and tells that it seems Kiara opened the door and then closes it, although she didn’t go out. He asks her to check the door. Pragya says she will lock the door.

Abhi is hiding behind the sofa. Pragya takes the keys and tells that she will lock it now.
Tanu thinks of Abhi telling her that Kiara is his daughter and this is the truth! Tanu keeps her hand on the candle and says I hate you Pragya! She says Abhi went to Pragya’s home to find out if Kiara is his daughter, but I know that she’s not his daughter, else Pragya and Abhi would have been united! She thinks Abhi should love and respect her, and tells herself that she is more beautiful than Pragya, and loves Abhi more! She says Pragya left him and went away, but I was with him, and I’m faithful to him! She acts crazy and tells that she will love Abhi till she gets him! She thinks she’s really a nice girl and loves Abhi truly. She thinks Granny will welcome Pragya if she comes to know about Kiara! She calls Abhi, but he doesn’t answer her calls. She throws her mobile away in anger and shouts…!
Pragya tells King that she has locked the door and will keep the keys. Tarun says he will keep the keys. Pragya asks him to go and sleep. She tells that Tarun is a child. King says he is going to get married soon. Pragya refers to King as a Kid too
Kiara asks are you a kid? King says yes, mamma will drop us at School. He asks if his bed is ready?

Abhi thinks how can Pragya talk to King like his family and gets angry! Pragya says your bed is ready. King says okay. Abhi recalls, and a fb is shown, he asks Pragya if someone will love her like he does, and asks her to assume if she goes away from him, then I will curse myself and will think that why didn’t I stop you? He says my love will always get deeper. Pragya says we will always be together. Fb ends.

King says good night. Pragya takes Kiara to her room. King’s Aunt comes. King tells that Pragya took Kiara to her room to sleep. King’s Aunt asks him to make her drink Kada. Abhi thinks this is Pragya’s family, she is sharing her bed with someone, and thinks she’s not his, but of someone else! He thinks he came to get his family, but…
King comes and asks Kiara to have Kada.
Abhi thinks to question Pragya and thinks what if King sees me? Pragya asks her to drink Kada for the cough. Kiara says she dislikes its smell. King says She’s not habituated and says good night to them.

He asks them to knock on his door if they want anything. Pragya says she will take it. King goes to sleep in the other room. Abhi thinks King doesn’t share bed with Pragya and thinks Pragya has a family, but she has no such relationship with King that she had with me. He thinks if Pragya is mine?
Disha is restless at home.

Aaliya keeps an eye on her. Purab comes and asks where is Sunny? Disha says he slept and tells that he saw himself becoming a Monster and was scared. Purab says he will be fine. Disha asks about Abhi? Purab says he will come in sometime and kisses Disha’s hand and thanks her for understanding his family. He says Abhi sees childhood Aaliya in you. Aaliya hears them and thinks she will fight for her right and will snatch what belongs to her! She thinks she will make Purab hers!

Abhi looks at Pragya from outside the room and thinks of Pragya’s promise that only his name will be on her marriage/vermilion. Allah wariyan plays… He thinks I was feeling wrong about you, and says you can break my heart, but you can’t break the promise. He thinks even though she loves him, then why doesn’t she return to him? Pragya gets up in the night and finds the album on the floor. She thinks if someone took the album out and thinks Kiara might have taken it out. She goes out.

Abhi admires Kiara as she is sleeping. Abhi thinks why did Pragya keeps King’s surname with her if they are not married, he thinks what to do, if he should prove that Kiara is his daughter or if he should question Pragya! Pragya senses someone is standing outside her room and walks towards Abhi. Abhi thinks if she sees me, then she will get angry at me! She will ask him if he came to her room to spy ?

King’s Aunt comes there and asks Pragya if she hasn’t slept yet? Pragya says she came to get water. King’s Aunt says even I came to get water. Pragya comes near the wall and thinks maybe due to the air, the curtain shade appeared like that and I took it for someone. She comes back to her room and picks Kiara’s album. She says Abhi kicked her out of his life and recalls Abhi throwing her out of his life.

Abhi comes to the room and sees Pragya sleeping. Tera yaar hun main
plays… Abhi covers her with a blanket and thinks I am not in your family, but I should be with you. I will take you to my world and will make my own family with you, Allah wariyan plays…Abhi kisses Pragya’s forehead calling her fuggi/fatso. Allah wariyan plays still. He goes.

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